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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Guys, As you may have seen, DOF R2 is out since yesterday, it has been prepared in coordination with the extension of the Config Tool that can use new functionalities of DOF R2, with a lot of changes, some visible for end users, a lot of for admins to manage a lot of key elements used in the tool, and a redesign of the data model. Basically, the new Config Tool is multi controller based, you can currently have a maximum of 16 Ledwiz 1 Pacdrive 4 Pacled 4 Ledstrip board (made by Swisslizard) for adressable ledstrips (these have a lot of new effects around, check the DOF manual for details) 10 SainSmart 16 Artnet controllers configurable in the same time on the tool, and manageable by DOF as well. To be able to do that, in DOF and configtool we have defined numbers of devices so DOF can easily know what device is used Like Ledwiz can have directoutput.ini from 1 to 16 Pacdrive is ini 19 Sainwmart from 40 to 49 Artnet is from 100 to 116 We can add as many as controllers thanks to the controller management tools by admin. Let's have a review of all the current and new functionalities of the tool. HOME at the home page, you can find the latest DOF, latest B2S.Server and a DOF package ready which can be useful for newcomers ***these files will be updated tonight MY ACCOUNT 1* The API Key, for those who don't know what is the usage, this is used by the excellent tool of Zarquon, which allows you to download latest ini files without the need to log into the website, essential! check here : http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/332-ledwiz-configtool-downloader/ you can put the bat file at the start of Windows in your cab for example 2* You can define the number of the devices you have, most of you will have one ledwiz but who knows in 6 months 3* An option to define the brightness of the flashers (only), on request by users that have their flashers too bright, we can now diminish the intensity, without altering the colorr, FF is the more bright, 00 is off, you need to be near 00 to see a big difference 4* Allows you to not generate nofeedback files, when you download ini files you have directoutputconfig.ini and directouptutconfignofeedback.ini this nofeedback shuts down the noisy toys that you defined on your setup, there are not used as such, because we will need an update from the frontend and dof to use them, so they can deactivated (they are by default) 5* You need to define Directoutput framework to benefit for all the DOF options and config files, or you will be stuck with legacy configs, outdated, not optimized, missing a LOT of tables, i know that quite some users are still in Legacy... PORT ASSIGNMENT 1* So, you will see all your devices on the device frame, with the ini file that will be generated, and the number associated 2* Devices have a custom range of outputs, from 1 to 512, depending on how the admins have defined the controller of the tool, but don't worry, if you can see 512 outputs for Artnet, the ini files will only create the necessary outputs based on the higher output number configured for your device. In this example, the directoutputconfig 100 ini will have only 11 outputs on each rom lines, like bighit,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 3* That is not new but you can define the shaker min and max intensity, so if you define I36 as max and I12 as min, I8 in the files will become I12 and I48 will become I36 4* Same as 3* but remove the fadings, which is very cool to not stop the fan brutally, if your hardware setup can handle it 5* This option can define the effect of contactors when they are triggered for a target or a drop target, like i set up my latest configs at s** 300 I32 for targets and s** 150 I40 for drop targets, you can now define the settings yourself, if you don't want any cange of intensity or duration, leave it to 60 and 48 for both. My recommandation is 300 32 for target and 180 40 for drop target it will appear like this in your ini files at the top [Variables DOF] t = 180 I40 dt = 300 I32 *** Database needs to be adapted tonight, no config is using these variables for the moment, and it will be only valid for the configs stamped DOF Revision 1.7 TABLE CONFIG 1* the table details have additional info, the history of the table configs 2* table variables are available, this is useful for DOF specialists, it allows you to define a table variable that can be replaced when the ini file is used by DOF this is visible like this in the ini file on top of the script [TableVariables] simpprtf,Test=(S48=1)/Test2={(S46=1/S22 <> 0)} twenty4,test3=(S21=1) antar2,test3=(S21=1) Bottom of the table config the table colors, to easily see how the color looks and by clicking on a color, it will paste the color name where the cursor was, if you were on a output line on the left, quite useful imho And you can see in the new ini files that all these color are hexadecimal [Colors DOF] White=#FFFFFFFF Red=#FF0000FF Lime=#00FF00FF Blue=#0000FFFF Yellow=#FFFF00FF Cyan=#00FFFFFF Magenta=#FF00FFFF Silver=#C0C0C0FF Gray=#808080FF Brown=#800000FF Olive=#808080FF Green=#008000FF Purple=#800080FF Teal=#008080FF Navy=#000080FF Dark_red=#8B0000FF Black=#000000FF Firebrick=#B22222FF Crimson=#DC143CFF Tomato=#FF6347FF Coral=#FFFFEFFF Indian_red=#CD5C5CFF Light_coral=#F08080FF Dark_salmon=#E9967AFF Salmon=#FA8072FF Light_salmon=#FFA07AFF Orange_red=#FF4500FF Dark_orange=#FF8C00FF Orange=#FFA500FF Gold=#FFD700FF Dark_golden_rod=#B8860BFF Golden_rod=#DAA520FF Pale_golden_rod=#EEE8AAFF Dark_khaki=#BDB76BFF Khaki=#F0E68CFF Yellow_green=#9ACD32FF Dark_olive_green=#556B2FFF Olive_drab=#6B8E23FF Lawn_green=#7CFC00FF Chart_reuse=#7FFF00FF Green_yellow=#ADFF2FFF Dark_green=#006400FF Forest_green=#228B22FF Lime_green=#32CD32FF Light_green=#90EE90FF Pale_green=#98FB98FF Dark_sea_green=#8FBC8FFF Medium_spring_green=#00FA9AFF Spring_green=#00FF7FFF Sea_green=#2E8B57FF Medium_aqua_marine=#66CDAAFF Medium_sea_green=#3CB371FF Light_sea_green=#20B2AAFF Dark_slate_gray=#2F4F4FFF Dark_cyan=#008B8BFF Aqua=#00FFFFFF Light_cyan=#E0FFFFFF Dark_turquoise=#00CED1FF Turquoise=#40E0D0FF Medium_turquoise=#48D1CCFF Pale_turquoise=#AFEEEEFF Aqua_marine=#7FFFD4FF Powder_blue=#B0E0E6FF Cadet_blue=#5F9EA0FF Steel_blue=#4682B4FF Corn_flower_blue=#6495EDFF Deep_sky_blue=#00BFFFFF Dodger_blue=#1E90FFFF Light_blue=#ADD8E6FF Sky_blue=#87CEEBFF Light_sky_blue=#87CEFAFF Midnight_blue=#191970FF Dark_blue=#00008BFF Medium_blue=#0000CDFF Royal_blue=#4169E1FF Blue_violet=#8A2BE2FF Indigo=#4B0082FF Dark_slate_blue=#483D8BFF Slate_blue=#6A5ACDFF Medium_slate_blue=#7B68EEFF Medium_purple=#9370DBFF Dark_magenta=#8B008BFF Dark_violet=#9400D3FF Dark_orchid=#9932CCFF Medium_orchid=#BA55D3FF Thistle=#D8BFD8FF Plum=#DDA0DDFF Violet=#EE82EEFF Orchid=#DA70D6FF Medium_violet_red=#C71585FF Pale_violet_red=#DB7094FF Deep_pink=#FF1493FF Light_pink=#FFB6C1FF Pink=#FFC0CBFF Antique_white=#FAEBD7FF Beige=#F5F5DCFF Bisque=#FFE4C4FF Corn_silk=#FFF8DCFF Lemon_chiffon=#FFFACDFF Light_golden_rod=#FAFAD2FF Light_yellow=#FFFFE0FF Saddle_brown=#8B4513FF Sienna=#A0522DFF Chocolate=#D2691EFF Peru=#CD853FFF Sandy_brown=#F4A460FF Burly_wood=#DEB887FF Tan=#D2B48CFF Rosy_brown=#BC8F8FFF Moccasin=#FFE4B5FF Navajo_white=#FFDEADFF Peach_puff=#FFDAB9FF Misty_rose=#FFE4E1FF Lavender_blush=#FFF0F5FF Linen=#FAF0E6FF Papaya_whip=#FFEFD5FF Slate_gray=#708090FF Light_slate_gray=#778899FF Light_steel_blue=#B0C4DEFF Lavender=#E6E6FAFF Dim_gray=#696969FF Dark_gray=#A9A9A9FF STATS you want to know if a toy is used a lot? for which tables? i made it for you I think I didn't forgot anything, just that the moment you generate new files with the DOF Config Tool, you MUST have DOF R2 installed, or it won't work good and you will have a big popup on your backglass screen saying you need to update your DOF Enjoy
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