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  1. Daveytron

    Pin2DMD working with ultraDMD

    I'm having the same problem. I have put Xdmd into the ultradmd directory and the dmddevice.dll aswell now vpx cant find the ultra dmd and i also put the files into my pinballX directory and it wont start now.
  2. Hi looking for a williams wide body Lock down bar for my pincab Doe's anyone have plans for making one as I know some who could make me one here in Australia
  3. Daveytron

    Road Kings (Williams 1986)

    Looks good
  4. Daveytron

    The Rolling Stones (Stern 2011)

    This back glass looks awesome.
  5. Daveytron

    Stern's Rolling Stones

    Hi I just got rolling stones working. when you launch the ball there are 2 balls one silver one white. also I couldn't get the table to work with rsn_110h unless i renamed the zip to rsn_110 I'm using version 10 final revision 2461
  6. Hi Is this full screen.if so I can't get it work in my cab. any idea's would be welcomed.