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  1. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    Just wanted to thank you for your patience and SUPER help. I went ahead and started from scratch and got it all sorted out reviewing the info you guys gave me in SUPER detail. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! Thalamus, I owe you a beer. Let me know when I can ever return the favor!
  2. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    Update: Ok, so I got the error sorted out, but the final part is that now When I run PBX and launch a table, the pinballX animation stays playing and the table dmd does not replace it. ill keep tinkering.
  3. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    thanks you Thalamus! Everything is loading and no errors yet! lol... pindmd3 loads in vpx but not color (Gonna deal with that next, not a big deal right now) and pinballX loads the video and graphics in the dmd for each table. My new problem is that when I launch PBX and then a VPX table, i get a Pindmd3 not found error prompt. I am using your dmddevice.ini and my pindmds3 is port3 too. Is there a way to force this to see my pindmd3? Ima keep tinkering as see if I can sort it out. Thanks again!
  4. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    Thanks Thalamus! I deeply appreciate your patience with me on this and will wait for as long as it takes. No rush at all. Ill keep tinkering around and see what I can get following your thread info. Super thankful and super appreciative of all the help.
  5. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    I have isolated it to this one file located in the PinballX folder only: pinDMD.dll.off If it is (pinDMD.dll), it shows pinballX and no table dmd. If it is (pinDMD.dll.off), No pinballX dmd but table dmds work.
  6. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    thanks. Ok, I think I may have made this more confusing than I intended. Apologies. So here is what is happening: 1, Launching VPX table and VP table outside of PinballX work 100% perfect. Color Rom work 100% perfect thanks to freezy and Lucky1s DLLs. 2. Double clicking and opening PinballX now shows the Pinball X and table Real DMD images and videos on my PinDmD3 perfectly and 100% accurate. Now for the issue I am stuck at: Launching PinballX and then select a table (for example The walking Dead LE) to play, loads the table, loads the backglass, BUT the real dmd image or dmd video from PINBALL X does not disable or turn off to allow the table's REAL DMD to show on my Pindmd3. It stays stuck on the graphic of image that PinballX shows. It nevers shows the respective tables DMD. Hence, I am unable to know the score or see any animation that is related to the table. Only the PinballX DMD image or video that is shown when scrolling through PinballX. It never resets or turns off to allow the table DMD to load. Putting Luckys1 files in the pinballX folder, then disables the pinballX dmd from showing graphics and real dmd videos, but allows for the table to display the table dmd on Pindmd3. So currently, I have to choose between having pinballx show graphics and videos on the pindmd3 and not have the tables show any dmd, or have the tables dmd work in color and have nothing show for pinballX when navigating through the tables that are available on my cab. Thanks,
  7. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    Yup. It is checked off. Im still tinkering around. For some odd reason Im starting to think it maybe the vpinmame.dll, within the vpinmame folder. If I go back to the original one that does not do color roms, it works. But then all my color roms stay orange.
  8. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    So I decided to go with a clean install of PinballX. Good new: 1. the video and dmd images now show when scrolling through the tables 2. The VP tables show color roms when playing 3. DMDtxt works perfectly in Fx2 Bad news: When I load a table via pinball X it doesn't turn off the dmd image or video and does not allow the table dmd to play or show. It seems like PBX is locking the pindmd3? If I load the vp table outside of PBX, the pindmd3 works perfectly. If I load the Steam games through PBX, they work great too. Lucky's files are working. Just cant get PBX to release the pindmd3 when it loads a table. Ima try some settings in PBX to maybe load after the game is selected. More to come and thanks guys for all your patience and help!
  9. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    ok. im going to go back to this post and try it again. from scratch.. Thanks! https://vpinball.com/wiki/visual-pinball-knowledge-base/pindmd3-replacing-pindmd-dll-for-dmddevice-dll/
  10. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    Good and bad. lol. No more crashing when i I launch PBX, but if I move your xmd files over it wont launch at all. I have to have the larger , original xmds to get it to launch. These are the files I have within my PBX folder. But still no DMD images or videos when scrolling through PBX. They display and even do color on roms when I am in the table itself. DmdDevice.ini dmddevice64.dll DmdDevice.dll XDMD.dll XDMDNative.dll
  11. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    thanks ! sure do. But I noticed multiply instances of msvcm90.dll. is that correct?
  12. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    Thanks! I am running windows 7 64 bit. As soon as I move the x dmd files and try to run it, it says... PinballX has stopped working. I put back the original ones, it launches. here s my pbx ini and dmddevice.ini DmdDevice.ini PinballX.ini
  13. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    Hi Lucky, Tried it all, no joy =( XMDs crash PBX can only seem to use the originals to launch. 1. Moved over all the dmddevice64.dll and dmddevice.dll 2. Made virtual DMD in .ini file true 3. Disabled all others dmds in the .ini file I think it would work, but it seems that I can not use the xmd files as it crashes pinballX before it loads. Always gives me a "PBX has stopped working. Thanks again! "
  14. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    so i did it all and when I load PBX it says PBX has stopped working. If I remove the xmd files back to the originals it loads PBX but the dmd is gone. One the table rom dmd loads correctly.
  15. pindmd3 + dmddevice.dll almost there

    Yup. just the standard dmddevice.ini that has the pindmd com port and all the other dmds, yes? Very cool! Gonna try in about an hour.