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  1. What to if i wanna disable nudge and plunger on the clone ??? when i connect together with my kl25z (who control already nudge and plunger) ... table shakes and act strangely .... ledwiz part control everything nicely without any prob. (kl25z control nudge/plunger/contactors , lwclone control everything that produce lightning so far ,,, i did'nt have any trouble except on 3the contactor who do not fire up everytime (surely a cable who is'nt correctly connected)) If someone have already a compiled version/.bat for it ... thx
  2. Any news to get this on visual pinball ?
  3. What ajustement did you do ??? i really dislike this version , prefer vp9 version so far
  4. Hello, always awaiting info to make a full package order (Did'nt see any présentation threat .. So.... hi everyone, i'm from Belgium .. I'm 38 ....)
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