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  1. freelunch

    script error line 136 game not found

    You need the ROM for the table you are trying to play http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/category/15-pinmame-roms/
  2. freelunch

    Tables that I would like to play someday on VPX

    Yes, I just tested this myself (I'm a desktop user, but I have a second monitor I used to check it out). The cabinet feature and one table (Time Machine) are free, so you may as well try it out. http://store.steampowered.com/app/444930/Zaccaria_Pinball/ Edit: To start, load Time Machine, then go to Options > Camera > Cabinet. There's more information in the link @Thalamus posted if you decide to integrate the game with your front end.
  3. freelunch

    Tables that I would like to play someday on VPX

    Have you tried Zaccaria Pinball, the commercial video game by Magic Pixel? I'm not a physics wizard, but I've read some internet strangers' opinions that their physics are pretty good. They're definitely better than Farsight's The Pinball Arcade. I like them, but I can't say how they compare to the real deal.
  4. Are you using this update? http://vpuniverse.com/forums/forums/topic/2728-sam-build-with-modular-dmd-drivers-for-pindmd123-and-pin2dmd/?do=findComment&comment=33674
  5. This fixed crashes I experienced when I launched a table with command lines from a front end and when I alt-tab. Thanks! Questions: A user somewhere else on the internet with a 2 monitor setup asked if it was possible to have per-table positioning for the virtual DMD. This way they could correctly position the virtual dmd over backglasses that don't have the same design standard on their second monitor. Is this currently possible or planned? Softfish discovered the virtual DMD avoids being captured in OBS Studio, an open-source screen recording software. I was able to capture the virtual DMD with X-Split (a freemium recording software), so there's some incompatibility with OBS Studio. While I don't expect you to cater your development to compatibility with OBS Studio's bugs, do you have an idea why that might be, like something unusual about how the virtual dmd window works?
  6. edit: Huzzah! I have successfully replicated the problem. I can't help beyond that, though. For now, you may have to shop around for another capture solution or wait for OBS Studio devs to improve the software. Oh right, yeah, I was testing on a non-SAM table. I didn't realize the output window would be different. Maybe when I get around to getting a colored ROM I'll let you know if I have the same problem. I capture "Window" sources instead of "Game" or "Display" capture, I have problems with the latter on my PC.
  7. I can record the virtual DMD fine with OBS Studio. Perhaps you don't have the source for the virtual dmd layered on top? In OBS studio I just make sure the virtual DMD window is the first listed source.
  8. This is probably a problem with how you're capturing your gameplay footage. The Virtual DMD is a separate window, so you have to make sure you're capturing both windows. For example, if you use OBS Studio to record footage, you would need to put two sources in your canvas, one for Visual Pinball, and one for the Virtual DMD.