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  1. xantari


    This looks so great. How is this progressing?
  2. It think I missed something very important here. Surround sound functionality was back ported to VP9?!
  3. Disregard. I found the code (MJR helped me find it)
  4. Thanks, I did just do that
  5. @swisslizard Could you update master or add a branch to your github repository that contains the MinUpdateIntervalMs and other updates that were made while diagnosing this issue? It appears to be beneficial for some folks. Thanks man!
  6. What program are you using to do that VST routing? I've never done that before and would like to look into it...
  7. xantari

    SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    Quick question since I've been out of the loop for a few months. Is Freezy's DMD-Extensions compatible with this version?
  8. xantari

    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    Thanks Carny!
  9. Set the grill height in b2s designer. That was easy!
  10. Link to media pack doesn't seem to work. I'm getting this error one start: Line 612 (null) sw6p.RotX = -(sw6.currentangle) +90
  11. xantari

    The Avengers Premium (Stern 2013)

    Thanks, I thought backglasses were programmed with specific roms in mind to receive know events from VPM.
  12. xantari

    The Avengers Premium (Stern 2013)

    Quick question, can you use the Premium B2s with say the Avengers Pro version of the table? If not, what goes into changing it? Do you change the rom name in the VP table, then change scripting in the table itself to mimic the added/removed events in that new rom?
  13. There is a newer build that adds a delay to the pacled64 devices. It would be nice to know if the delay setting works for you as I ended up not having time to try it without my USB hub option. Here is the documentation on where to put the delay settings: http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/outputcontrollers_builtin.html#use_DirectOutput_Cab_Out_Pac_PacLed64 MinUpdateIntervalMs is the value. Here is a link to this build: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B__g7EhWQEETZDA5TjdWQjg0NVU