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  1. This is a project I started this winter, a co-worker had built one and it sparked my interest. It uses a 27" monitor for the play field and a 17" monitor in the back box. Overall size is about 16"W x 30"D x 60"H, play table height is about 38" high. The cabinet body is maple ply, trimmed with cherry. I purchased several actual pinball cabinet parts, such as the legs, back box hinges, and some light lenses. I wrote my own controller using ardunio based Teensy 2.0, which will emulate keyboard and joystick commands. I also programmed it to keep track of coin door credits so that one insert coins even when not in a game and just have to push start when a game starts. Most of the work was done using regular woodworking machines, but a few items I used my CNC for, such as the name plate, speaker holes, and lighting lens cut-outs. All of the project pics can be found here. Here are a couple of you tube videos, an overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ii97JYIxJI (sorry didn't see a way to embed these) One of some recent lighting additions, a set of Addressable LEDs that light up when the ball needs launched, and the flashers (also using addressable LEDs) on the back of the play field that light up when bumpers and kickers are hit by the ball. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkDrgaox010
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