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  1. Actually bill77, the URL to see your images is https://postimg.cc/gallery/3b18lwccc/. Having fixed that up, unfortunatley I cannot help you with your problem until I can resolve mine, which is not having any backglass image save for a black screen and on EM tables, small square lights where the reel images sit. Anyway, good luck. I'm sure the knowledgable folk here can help you out. Cheers, Nursie.
  2. Greynurse

    Wip - Groni Pinball - Stern - Family Guy

    I know I'm about 18 months behind here, but, as DJRobX suggested, I've updated the VP9 table to have the mini-playfield lights and it's working well. Should I upload the table or would it be a bit too dated now? Nursie.