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  1. @slippifishi ... thank you for the updated files, cant wait to try them out.
  2. Tried the new code from pinballcode and I really like it, amazing work Chad!!! I tried using these pin2dmd files with the updated code and did not work. Looking forward to official support for this code, in color would be amazing!! keep up the good work!!
    Great work, I just never really got into the original artwork. Have you seen this alternate back glass? I think this looks much better. what do you think?
    Thanks for the update! looks great!!
  3. that would be great. I cannot help because I am not familiar with the sw, but maybe someone else could take over.
    new update, 2.0 looks very nice. thanks.
  4. thanks for this upcoming update. I always dont say it. but I notice and download almost all of your updates. So thanks for the constant updates and they are appreciated
  5. haha, I love how the raptor dips down and moves, when yours and wobs credits appear.
  6. hunter killer explosion??? not sure exactly what scene that is, can you be more specific?
  7. so since there is a vpx out now for this game, I have been using your color dmd, and its great. however. i have noticed a couple times the color takes a while to 'pop' in, kinda like a trigger issue. example, in the beginning when godzillas foot comes down, its gray, then at the last second before the frame ends, it turns green
  8. thanks for the update. if anyone can figure it out, its you, but... if its not possible, then thats ok too.
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