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  1. that looks great..never gave this game a real good play before, but a color dmd will sure make me learn the game and play it.
  2. awesome work.. big thank you for all the time you put into this hobby.
  3. wow, you guys are machines... and you all are getting very good and efficient at coloring
  4. ohh yeah!!! thanks for the work. enjoy the summer months and make some memories with the family.
  5. good news. looking forward to this, keep up the good work.
    very nice. thanks for the great work
  6. that would be great. how close are you to completion ( if there is such a thing )
  7. that would be awesome..you guys are getting efficient at these.
  8. what do you think of pinball browser?
  9. im using pindmd3, thalamus stated that pindmd3 have issues with lag, so makes sense i have lag, and you dont since you are using pin2dmd....thanks for the repsonse
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