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  1. adamstillman

    Star Trek: The Next Generation

    thank you sir for your work.. and everyone who helps in creating these works of art..
  2. adamstillman

    Star Trek: The Next Generation

    what can i say... captain, the great pin gods are hailing you to the hall of fame of coloring.
  3. love the table,, however with the newest vpx beta 10.6, vp 3660, the monsters faces on the play field, and part of frankenstein on the play field don't light up.. any ideas??
  4. adamstillman


    wow, thats a lot of frames to color.. do you by chance keep a time log on how long you spend on projects?? looks great too, im using this on the LE table, ( because theres a vpx version ) and it appears to work ok, i will try it later with a pro ( PM5 version ).
  5. adamstillman


    oooh yeah... this is going to be great..looking forward to it. thanks in advance, ( i will probably thank you again too when its out )
  6. adamstillman

    Star Wars

    interesting... were can one fine the color patch for 1.8??
  7. i like the blue that matches the playfield
  8. very nice cab you have there, looks amazing
  9. ohhh boy... got a whole day ahead of me, but then im gonna fire this up and give it a try. thank you and its gonna be a real treat.
  10. question...is it possible to color the snake completely green ( instead of striped green and brown ) in the baskets during the skill shot scene. ( before you plunge the ball )?
  11. update is nice.. noticed some nice changes
  12. adamstillman

    Johnny Mnemonic(Williams 1995)

    great work as always. thanks and much appreciated
  13. adamstillman


    looks great. question.... are you coloring this on a specific rom?? .. or should i say, pro or LE?
  14. adamstillman


    agree, not too familiar either... also, earlier when i seen the juggernaut...come on. who else has, im the mother effin juggernaut bitch stuck in their head.
  15. love the red lips too...btw...comparing your work to the others companies... you win!!!!