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  1. foaming at mouth.. just a thought.. isnt the jewel on her neck supposed to be red. like on the playfield??
  2. Pin2DMD Jumbled on Super Mario Mushroom World

    hey there, forgive me but do you have the rom on a sd card or something to get the pin2dmd display to work with this pinball? or is it running off the hardware/rom in the pinball machine itself?
  3. There's already a great vpx table out, if you are efficient and know the program well, why not do it and get it done?? But by all means take your time though and don't burn yourself out because you are a asset!! me and this community appreciate your work.
  4. you are a coloring machine!!! great table too. my wifes favorite. this will be a nice surprise for her.. thanks for the work.
  5. very cool... kinda off topic.. but what did everyone think of this movie?? I thought It was weird, i saw it at a very young age, i remember the eels and saving the birthing fluid from pregnant women... and then the end scene when frankenstein ( not the monster ) dances with his stitched together wife was weird too. i left the movie with a off feeling. not for me.
  6. looks great. question though.. how would this look on a pin2dmd , or pindmd3 display??
  7. thanks for the release, love the added details on the trolls.. I've been playing the heck out of this game lately because of your work.. again.. can't say how cool this is.. curious though... i wonder why for so many years the pinball manufactures never put out a game with a color dmd before.. it took fans to do it.
  8. love the detailed work in the trolls....i must not be that good of a player, i have never seen that treasure room before. time for more practice is in order i see.
  9. ohhh my gosh!!!!! what a treat!!!!! I played it and it looks amazing.. my wife sat down and watched me and she finally noticed there are different damsels to save. having it colored makes it pop so much, she noticed so much more in the dmd than before.. which means i have a second player to play with now. what a amazing job... please keep up the work. this will be a master piece when its done.
  10. Ripleys believe it or not

    hand raises high!!!!
  11. great work so far, cb3 does great work... dont forget his offer to help.. wish i could help.....time... its a problem.
  12. TMNT

    sent a beer, and thanks again for the work
  13. Royal Rumble WIP

    thanks, sent a beer your way.
  14. TMNT

    hey there, just wanted to give my test..using latest of everything, and freezys 1.7.1. with pindmd3.. sorry for the horrible camera and compression.. but i do get the custom 32 pixel tall images sometimes. the video happend to catch them this time. but if i restart the game i will only get 16 pixel tall images. seems to be a timing thing. TMNT.MOV
  15. TMNT

    thanks for the work so far everyone, truly great...since the vpx table just got dropped...any word on this project?? framing??