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  1. adamstillman

    Data East Hook Colorization

    looks nice. i wish i could help but i dont have access to a real machine. is there any other way to obtain dump files?
  2. adamstillman

    Royal Rumble WIP

    nice.. what table is that? is that vpx or vp9
  3. oh yeah, this and the table remastered by g5k are looking great..
  4. adamstillman

    Star Wars

    this is gonna look good. amazing colors and work. if only i was better at the game i could see more of the scenes you did..
  5. the original coloring company just released their version. looks pretty good.
  6. looks great... and a new awesome table coming soon too... and.......this will also compliment the NEW munsters table coming out from stern. question...hows the update status with MM??
  7. thanks, enjoy a beer on me.
  8. looks very nice... what has been the most difficult dmd to color so far?
  9. nice updates!!! looking really good.
  10. the scene with the girl in the bottle, when its in the treasure room, you have some items in there colored blue. i think those are stacks of coins... heres a picture from " another company that colors them things " for "inspiration"
  11. foaming at mouth.. just a thought.. isnt the jewel on her neck supposed to be red. like on the playfield??
  12. adamstillman

    Pin2DMD Jumbled on Super Mario Mushroom World

    hey there, forgive me but do you have the rom on a sd card or something to get the pin2dmd display to work with this pinball? or is it running off the hardware/rom in the pinball machine itself?
  13. There's already a great vpx table out, if you are efficient and know the program well, why not do it and get it done?? But by all means take your time though and don't burn yourself out because you are a asset!! me and this community appreciate your work.
  14. you are a coloring machine!!! great table too. my wifes favorite. this will be a nice surprise for her.. thanks for the work.
  15. very cool... kinda off topic.. but what did everyone think of this movie?? I thought It was weird, i saw it at a very young age, i remember the eels and saving the birthing fluid from pregnant women... and then the end scene when frankenstein ( not the monster ) dances with his stitched together wife was weird too. i left the movie with a off feeling. not for me.