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  1. DMD Colors incorrect after upgrades

    is this the new mars attack game you are testing it on? also,, did you test the other tables to see how they look also??
  2. World Poker Tour

    ok,.. i think i patched the english rom correctly, and i have a pal file in my altfolder ( renamed the .dat file). i tested it and i see some color and works ok. however... after reading the latest comments.. is it true i am also missing a VNI file in the altcolor folder also???? if this is true...how can i get the vni file??
  3. World Poker Tour

    thanks, i got the pal file but i cant get the rom to work, i tried renaming the English bin file to french, renaming the diff file from french to English, and vice versa, still.... when using vpm to test.. vpm pops up a error saying to check rom path... can you guys tell me exactly what you renamed to get this to work?
  4. World Poker Tour

    did anyone ever get the proper English files?? i tried patching it with the English version but no success.
  5. Jurassic park color pin2dmd

    thank you so much for adding to it and putting out the vni and pal files... i spent the whole day installing my pindmd v3 today with freezys dll and adding as much color games as possible, including this one... i must say.. going from a 3 lcd screen cab, to a 2 screen with pindmd3 is such a massive upgrade. and these color roms are soo much fun..... thanks again!!!!
  6. Hello everyone, not sure if anyone knew about this but found it on pinside, someone starting coloring Jurassic park https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-colorization-of-jurassic-park Im not familiar with the editor, but Im sure some people are here, I just wanted to bring it to peoples attention. perhaps just export it to a vni file for testing now, maybe finish?
  7. Guns N Roses

    what ever happend to this project?
  8. Tee'd Off

    awesome work
  9. TMNT

    wow.... that is amazing work...
  10. Shark (Taito 1982)

    dont tell you often, but i appreciate all the work you do, thank you and keep up the great work.
  11. Family Guy

    hey, i got the rom and patched it fine, however, when i go to pinmame to test it i dont see the family guy in the list of roms that have the color rom, i have spiderman and metallica working fine, and those have the colored roms in the test list with all the other roms, but no family guy. how can i get the pinmame version that has all the color roms in it?
  12. Classic Batman

    how does one have the b2s work with this table, am i missing some scripts?
  13. Classic Batman

    hello, so far the table looks great. i have put it on my cab for testing and its a fun experiment for now, in full screen. however is there anyway to turn the dmd and scoreboard or to move them? thanks
  14. Wip - Groni Pinball - Stern - Family Guy

    i played the pm5 version, but had too many glitches in it and felt it was unplayable. so just normal 9.9. is great, however there is a patch to add the mini pinball lights. if thats what your talking about. vpupatcher and the update, and the lights and center stop work great.
  15. i use hyperpin, i like the graphics, animations, etc, it has a certain nice simply look to it that i really enjoy. i have played with pinballx too, and its also nice, i just think hyperpin is the ogirnal frontend.