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  1. oh man, do you ever stop??please dont!!!. seriously. thank you for your work, and this looks great so far.
  2. thanks, found her? on here too i think....sent a PM to her, hopefully get a answer.. will wait and see, hopefully its nothing simple someone could just tell me right now?? maybe roll back to a earlier backup version and retest.
  3. thanks carnypriest for response, sorry, but who is Mjr??
  4. thanks for the continued support as always, however, as others have noted, ever since i updated vpinmame, ( the one that made addams family voices and sounds, sound much better ) other tables music are playing very fast, the tables are tmnt, back to the future, and I am sure some other older tables like that.any ideas???
  5. tried it last night, color to the dmd always adds so much to the game. im sure you are aware of the triggering issues, so i wont mention the problems I saw, thanks for sharing this work so far. keep up the good work and looking forward to finished project.
  6. that looks awesome!! and getting v.1 up by tomorrow would be killer... I think the chopper looks good, like it is, but a little grey for the guns maybe... also, i never even got to the chopper. so time to start playing and getting good. lol
  7. thanks for the update.. coming along good, triggers need some work, but im sure you are aware of that...good job and I enjoy the work.
  8. that looks great..never gave this game a real good play before, but a color dmd will sure make me learn the game and play it.
  9. awesome work.. big thank you for all the time you put into this hobby.
  10. wow, you guys are machines... and you all are getting very good and efficient at coloring
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