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  1. that would be great. how close are you to completion ( if there is such a thing )
  2. that would be awesome..you guys are getting efficient at these.
  3. what do you think of pinball browser?
  4. im using pindmd3, thalamus stated that pindmd3 have issues with lag, so makes sense i have lag, and you dont since you are using pin2dmd....thanks for the repsonse
  5. yes, i am using pindmd3... I did not know this has been reported before, thanks for the info... hope a firmware fix is coming soon. also... 1.5 seconds is probably longer than it is actually, its more like .5 - .7 seconds.
  6. hey there, tried this out and it looks really good, one question, during the video mode, shooting jet skis and boats. it is really laggy and when i shoot a misssle its about a 1.5 second delay, and when its over its still playing on the dmd ( catch up ) then finally resumes the game.. possible problem with my system??
  7. hey netzzwerg....I understand your position... just giving my personal opinion...i Never had a problem with the donate button, and in fact have pushed it before and sent a couple beers, i recognize your time you put into it and i thank you for it... All i can say is you are a asset here and dont let a couple bad apples spoil this great community. because the good out way the bad. if you do decide to not share openly, would you consider me on your special vip list of color roms for some beers??
  8. thank you sir for your work.. and everyone who helps in creating these works of art..
  9. what can i say... captain, the great pin gods are hailing you to the hall of fame of coloring.
  10. love the table,, however with the newest vpx beta 10.6, vp 3660, the monsters faces on the play field, and part of frankenstein on the play field don't light up.. any ideas??
  11. wow, thats a lot of frames to color.. do you by chance keep a time log on how long you spend on projects?? looks great too, im using this on the LE table, ( because theres a vpx version ) and it appears to work ok, i will try it later with a pro ( PM5 version ).
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