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  1. adamstillman


    ooohhh yeah!!! this table should always have a color dmd, soo much amazing animation. you guys know exactly what games to color
  2. thanks for this cool b2s..
  3. hey there, you dont have enough memory.. you probably only have 4gb of ram, and or not a great video card... sorry but thats the problem.. seen it many time.
  4. adamstillman

    The Flintstones WIP

    looks really good...color dmd is the biggest upgrade recently to the pinball experience.. thank you, and thank all for their work.
  5. ooh man this looks great.. sooo many good scenes in this game.
  6. adamstillman

    PIN2DMD Tutorial

    thanks for the video, and i guess a peak at to what you are working on..mb will look great, one of the greats. and deserving of your talents...
  7. what rom are you using in your machine?
  8. adamstillman

    Pin2dmd help with fx3...

    hey freezy. i have your mirror dmdext.exe working on my system for cactus canyon continued. but i need to manually click on it everytime for it to show on my pindmd3. do you know of anyway to have it work automatically for this table? beside using pinball x front end, my front end btw is hyperpin.
  9. adamstillman


  10. adamstillman

    Data East Hook Colorization

    looks nice. i wish i could help but i dont have access to a real machine. is there any other way to obtain dump files?
  11. adamstillman

    Royal Rumble WIP

    nice.. what table is that? is that vpx or vp9
  12. oh yeah, this and the table remastered by g5k are looking great..
  13. adamstillman

    Star Wars

    this is gonna look good. amazing colors and work. if only i was better at the game i could see more of the scenes you did..
  14. the original coloring company just released their version. looks pretty good.