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  1. thanks for the update. if anyone can figure it out, its you, but... if its not possible, then thats ok too.
    thanks for the update, looks nice and more authentic..
  2. awesome idea. love it, since 32a just released his vpx version....any update on this. does it work properly?? thanks.
  3. what a nice present, thank you , get your wife some flowers on me, thanking her for allowing you the time to work on this excellent coloring job..
  4. such a nice friday surprise out of no where.. awesome work. thanks a whole bunch
  5. thanks buddy for this update. keeps getting better and better. much appreciated
  6. thanks for this little update. adds a lot to the joker, now i can look at his crazy male pattern baldness with that crazy comb over he has going on.
  7. ok, will try it out later,, also.. thanks for the help. i do not do computer stuff for a living, like some of you may, but i dont mind learning new stuff. I just ask to keep that in mind, that basic stuff for you guys, I may not know.
  8. ahh, this maybe? Sub table_Init ' VPMInit Me InitVpmFFlipsSAM UpPost.Isdropped=true With Controller .GameName = cGameName If Err Then MsgBox "Can't start Game " & cGameName & vbNewLine & Err.Description:Exit Sub .SplashInfoLine = "Metallica (Stern 2013)" .HandleKeyboard = 0 .ShowTitle = 0 .ShowDMDOnly = 1 .ShowFrame = 0 .HandleMechanics = 1 .Hidden = VarHidden On Error Resume Next .Run GetPlayerHWnd If Err Then MsgBox Err.Description End With
  9. thanks, will do and test, and as far as the script having fast flips enabled, with this game it should look like this? Const UseVPMModSol = 1
  10. sorry for ignorance, but how does one tell if fast flips works or does not in Metallica 1.8? also, how would one "turn it on" beside downloading the latest sam build here, any other steps?
  11. oh man, do you ever stop??please dont!!!. seriously. thank you for your work, and this looks great so far.
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