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  1. Ok....the .dll you attached worked in conjunction with dmddevice.dll(v2) when placed in my VPinMame directory! encouraging progress? Im still unsure about whether I have the Windows7 update installed correctly or whether I even downloaded the correct one.There are quite a few Windows 7 updates to choose from. Once I downloaded the file and copied it to my Windows directory there was nothing that I could see to click" run" or "execute" I did some reading in the support topic but to be honest what they tell you you need to do and what really happens seems to be two different things. I downloaded the file called"Update for Windows 7" no idea if that's correct or not..there was another choice called"Update for Windows 7 for x64 based systems". Is that for 64 bit systems? Did I grab the right one? Anywhoo....when I go into the Windows folder and click on the download file I placed there it does a quick search and says it's already installed on my computer. Is that telling me that I'm good to go? Edit: I got it! Went back and discovered that I had to "unblock" the update file. Tried out a handful of the latest tables and they all seem to be working for me using the lates VPM version 121616. Thanks so much Lucky......you really saved my bacon....and thanks to you DJRobX for passing me along to Lucky. You guys are a real Godsend to the community...so awesome to have a support group like we can find here.....hope the day comes where I know enough to be able to help others out. I'm going to say the problem has been resolved and close out the work ticket!
  2. Yes.....it was stored there but when in the download process I was asked if I wanted to "run" the file. I'm not an IT guy by any stretch of the imagination. In IT lingo is "run" the same as "install"? I said yes when prompted. To execute files I'm used to clicking on the .exe extension and clicking "run". I did not do that as I thought that happened automatically when I was asked if I wanted to "install" the file. Do you feel confident that this is the 100% fix to my problem? The reason I ask is once this is installed correctly if I go back and try to install the latest versions of VPM it should work? If it doesn't work then that would mean I don't have installed properly. or once this is installed correctly are there additional steps necessary? i apologize for my lack of knowledge in the IT field.....and want to thank you for you patience while I wade through this. there's a reason that the IT folks are professional and do this for a living. This is complicated stuff.....sorry to be a pain
  3. Ok....I installed it in Computer/local disc/ windows is that the right place?
  4. I'm sorry.....32 bit, Service Pack 1 not sure where to find the Patch level....if you can tell me where to look I'll get it.
  5. Yes.....I'm trying all the available DMD device.dll drivers that DJROBX suggested I try and I continue to get the "no DMD device driver found" error. I also just tried freezy's "DmdDmevice.dll" that is supposed to work with any version of PinDMD with no success. I don't know exactly what's going on here....I must have something in the wrong place or missing something and am not experienced enough to recognize that fact? When I install the latest versions of VPM like ver121616 I get the "no device drive error found" I've tried all the drivers that DJROBX pointed me to. The latest version of VPM that I can get to work is 102416b dated 10/25. The latest builds dated 121616 Just will not work for me regardless of any dmddevice.dll I try. Always get the no DMD device driver not found. I'm running VP10.2 rev2877 samPinMame ver2.45d. Earlier builds of samPinMame work as long as the VPinMame.dll packed in the zip file is dated before 10/25. I guess that not a huge problem for now but I'm going to be missing out on features that are built into it moving forward. the dmddevice .dll and the VPinMame.dll are both in Program Files/Visual Pinball/VPinMame directory All .dll files are unblocked. Do you see something out of the ordinary here? Thanks for being willing to lend a hand here because this is above my pay grade...?
  6. Thanks Lucky.... any chance you've read the above postings from myself and DJRobX's attempts to help me get the latest versions of VPM running? If so do you have any suggestions that would help? The only version that works for me yet is ver102416b which I installed to get Frens Star Trek backglass to work. That seems to work just fine on all the tables including the Stern LE tables. Though it probably doesn't enable all the features. I am seeing the color changing LEDs in those table though. Without being able to run the latest VPM I guess I'm not able to take advantage of the recent features like modulating flashes. thanks for any and all help you can offer. ?
  7. Nu Thanks I'll give that a shot a little later. I understand what your saying about the correct .dll for the hardware type. Another problem of mine is determining what hardware type I have. How is that determined? I bought the cabinet...didn't build it. It's a Virtua pin cabinet. Maybe some other members can help me out where with that info. I have a two monitor setup with a real pin DMD....does that narrow things down at all. This is something I've wondered as long as I've been at this which is a bit less than a year and a half. That's something a guy needs to know.......to eliminate problems like this.? Thanks for your continued patience and persistence.?
  8. Ok... thanks for making it easier for me to get the link. I'm really grateful for your sticking with me here. I tried all of the possibilities one at a time with no success Still get the no DMD device driver error code.I forgot to unblock the files and thought that was the problem. I went back and tried each one again one at a time making sure to unblock them once installed. still no dice....dang it.. Just to make sure I did this correctly I unzipped the download....then took the contents of each folder and placed them in to the PinMame directory. That is correct? I've got to be doing something stupidly wrong over and over again. At least for now I can continue to play on that VPM version that I mentioned above. ?I'm afraid that sooner or later my luck will run out if I can't update to the more recent versions of VPM.
  9. Ok......still learning how to add previous posts in quotes here too,but think I have it finally figured out. I did go back to a smaller playfield image and there was indeed an error dialog box which said "No DMD Device Driver found". I believe that's the root of my problem. Not really sure why all of a sudden I need a new DMD driver with the new VPM but I see that I'm not the only one here in that boat. Maybe if I research the thread some more there will be some clarity there for me. Jerperpark....this issue pretty much affects all of my Pinmame tables. So thanks for the great advice DJROBX! I would not have thought of looking for an error box under the playfield on my own. If anyone can point to me to the necessary driver that worked for them I'd be most grateful. I have a two monitor setup with an actual pinball DMD display.I don't really know if the requirement are different than a three monitor setup.
  10. Ok,I went back to to a smaller playfield screen temporarily and there was indeed an error dialog box. It said " No DMD Device Driver Found" so that was great advice DJROBX! Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to find the correct device driver. My setup has two monitors and the real DMD display. Not the third monitor. I did see some references above to someone else also needing the DMD driver. Can anyone point me in the right direction? At least I'm making progress here. I'm going to look into the thread a bit here for hopefully the answer. Also wondering why I suddenly need drivers for the lates version of VPM to work. Have never had a problem till now. I apologize for knowing next to nothing about all of this. Thanks for your patience and help.
  11. Are you using true fullscreen mode? If you are, go back to windowed fullscreen temporarily. You may be getting an error dialog that you can't see. If you are using B2S be sure and update with the one in the first post on the thread. More details about your setup and configuration would be helpful also. Yes I am using true full screen mode.......I'll do as you suggest and report back. I did already update the b2s server last week and since doing that I no longer get those "unexpected errors occurred " like I was prior. Thanks very much for that update.? What additional setup and configuration details do you need . I'd be happy to let you know...just am unsure what details you need. I'm running Windows 7 32 bit 4 gigs of ram. The latest 10.2 beta build ver2877. I'm not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to this stuff.?
  12. Sorry, somehow I ended up with duplicating my post above. Not sure how to delete the duplicate
  13. Hello all and Merry Christmas.. I'm having problems getting the latest version of VPM to work for me......specifically the latest version 121616 and the previous version 120616-2010. Once installed in the cabinet I cannot launch and play the most recent tables like Gilligans Island and Medieval Madness. The tables load but when I press the credit key or the start keys on the cabinet there is no response and the image of the table just remains displayed on the playfield monitor. I always have to revert back to the version of VPM that has been working for me which is 102416b. This is the version that I needed to get Frens Star Trek up and running. I think it was needed to get the BG to display IIRC. I am running the latest 10.2 version 2877 Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I haven't seen anyone else having this problem. I need to get it resolved as I think moving forward it will become required to run the latest VPM to take advantage of all the great new features. Thanks much!