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  1. Based on your previous work I am super excited for this one!
  2. thanks again very much sir! All of your hard work with these colorizations make the tables just plain POP out when you play them.....curb appeal goes straight through the roof. Thanks again!!
  3. This is looking really good! I continue to be amazed at what you’ve done with MM and TOTAN.....those two tables just shine now with the final piece of the puzzle(color DMD) in place. I can’t believe my eyes now when I play those two tables. This is all just too good to be true...yet it is true.😍 Thanks so much for sharing your amazing work.....you are a skilled artist at this and congratulations on your impending Fatherhood!
  4. Magnificent!! To the untrained eye such as myself this looks complete and absolutely gorgeous. A triumph of the highest order in colorization! Thanks for sharing your beta sir!!
  5. Looking amazing! This is going to really dress the look of this table up....much like your colorization of Medieval Madness ....curb appeal through the roof!! Thank you sir!
  6. Love your choice of colors....these colorizations really add a nice new shine to a cabinet.
  7. What Thalamus said goes for me as well......love your MM colorization sir!
  8. Also request for Vpin.....thanks for this work. Excited to see this. All of these colorizations bring a new level of fun to playing the tables.
  9. This looks amazing! That is an amazing amount of work in what appears to be a short period of time. (Seems like a short period to me anyway.) I think that the demand for this colorization is unprecedented..... The community is really excited for this....thank you very much....
  10. Wow! Just wow! The colors you have used are just perfect and look incredible on my pindmd3. This takes playing this awesome table to a whole new level. Thanks for all of your hard work! Its very much appreciated. So unbelieveable.....my eyes are so happy.
  11. This is looking truly fantastic....some very inspired work! Thanks and enjoy reading about the WIP.
  12. Love this table...nice choice. Please keep us posted as your WIP progresses. and Thank You!!
  13. Awesome works! Thanks very much for sharing. Beautiful color choices!!
  14. wow....just wow....Malenko you have done a teriffic job of colorization here. Really just spectacular work. Thanks so much for sharing!!
  15. Beautiful job! Looks spectacular on my pinDMD3 display. Thanks for taking this on and sharing your work!!
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