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  1. Westworld: it works and it's awesome ! Thanks !!
  2. Thanks but it doesn't work. That EM reel sound must be coming from the directb2s file and triggered by the b2sserver. Maybe something to change in the B2S.vbs ? Sub b2sScoreTimer_Timer() Dim i Dim ri If b2sPlayer>0 And b2sTilt<3 Then ri=(b2sPlayer-1)*6 For i =6 to 1 Step -1 If ReelPulses (ri+i,1)>0 Then PlaySound b2sScoreSounds(i) ReelPulses (ri+i,1)=ReelPulses (ri+i,1)-1 ReelPulses (ri+i,2)=ReelPulses (ri+i,2)+1 If ReelPulses (ri+i,2)=10 Then If i=b2sRollOverReel Then ' Overflow ' This is where you turn on the rollover lights If b2sRollOverLights= TRUE Then SetB2SData b2sPlayer+23,1 ReelPulses (ri+i,1)=0 ReelPulses (ri+i,2)=0 PlaySound b2sScoreSounds(7) Else ReelPulses (ri+i-1,1)=ReelPulses (ri+i-1,1)+1 ReelPulses (ri+i,2)=0 End If End If SetB2SData (ri+i-1), ReelPulses (ri+i,2) 'Check replay scores If i=b2sRollOverReel+1 Then If ReelPulses (ri+b2sRollOverReel,2)=b2sReplayLevels(b2sAddBall(b2sPlayerPlayer)+1,1) Then If ReelPulses (ri+b2sRollOverReel+1,2)=b2sReplayLevels(b2sAddBall(b2sPlayerPlayer)+1,2) Then b2sAddBall(b2sPlayerPlayer)=b2sAddBall(b2sPlayerPlayer)+1 'Action replay level reached ReplayAction 'This Sub must be present in the table script '=====================
  3. I'm wondering how to do that as well, I want to disable the EM reels sound which is way too loud... Any help appreciated folks :-)
  4. Managed to get it work, the bin inside the rom is potc0600af.bin and VPINmame needs potc600af.bin... so unzip, change name of the bin, zip, name the rom change it in the script (replace potc_600as with potc_600af) et voilà.