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  1. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    Aaaannnnd yes it was! I've de-installed STM32 ST-LINK Utility v4.2.0 and re-installed the previous version, 4.1.0 I've flashed the ST card Firmware to the old V2.J28.M18 (replacing the new V2.J29.M18) open cmd, c:\DMDEXT\dmdext test and boom!!! works, get the image displayed on the pin2dmd. pin2dmd is now found automatically.
  2. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    I'm also trying to troubleshoot this with Freezy on his Github, @Lucky1 you may have an idea about this, see my last comment here: https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/issues/85#issuecomment-380707469 Could the ST card FW upgrade be the reason of the problem?
  3. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    I've upgraded my pin2dmd from 2.41 to 2.55 and now dmdext doesn't work anymore. I've tried to downgrade to 2.41 but same issue. I use the last dmddevice.dll and I paste it in every folder... Any idea of what happen? auto: doesn't find it / forced: found
  4. I can't wait to try it on my pin2DMD :-)
  5. Yep you're right it works with soundmode 2 and PinSound Studio running, but not with soundmode 1 and IMO it's annoying because it's simpler and it works great with my others tables. Actually I've found a second table whose soundmode 1 doesn't work either, that's StarWars Trilogy (and this one clearly deserve a sound remix ;-)
  6. Well, I'm a big fan of Pinsound. I've met the 2 French brothers behind it at the last Texas Pinball Festival, and as a French myself we had a good time :-) So I'm really impressed by their job. It's just that VpinMAME can directly make my roms sound better, so why should I run another software in the background if it's not necessary? There's already a very busy VPinMAME-VPX-DOF-B2s foursome and PinballX who eats 15% of my resources itself. Someone - whose nickname is very close to "Toxic" - said on another forum that: "option 1 is the same as the experimental stuff i posted earlier in this thread. i kept it around, because a) why delete if its already there? because PinMAME likes open source code c) for people that are too lazy to use PinSound Studio but if you can, use option 2, as this has the original PinSound code support, same as the hardware." As of today, I have 15 tables that run with the pinsound soundpackages simply unzipped in VpinMAME/altsound, and the corresponding roms are set up with "sound mode 1". It's as easy as that. No software. And for some reason, LOTR is the only table where I don't get any sound using this method. Anyway I'll investigate and will try to make it work. Maybe I should delete the nvram or try with another romset?
  7. Hi, Did someone manage to get the sound packages from Pinsound to work with the lotr Rom set at "sound mode 1" in VpinMame ? (with the sound package unzipped in VpinMAME/altsound/lotr folder) It's the only table that I can't use this way and the rom sound is very bad... thanks
  8. Hi @DJRobX I'm running a pincab with the latest softwares (VPX 10.4, Sam 3.0, DOF R3, etc.) with lots of toys including a teensy clone controlled led matrix (8x72). I was playing the awesome TT/ninuzzu Monster Bash table recently and had a solenoid over firing every time the mummy's coffin was open. This problem was also described lately here. So I've tried to update my directoutput.dll with yours (the one in dof120616), and the solenoid now stays calm just as your fix was intended. But then my led matrix doesn't work anymore. At least two of my French fellows have the same issue (discussed here). We're using a Wemos D1 pro as a teensy clone and everything works the same. Apparently a different/older version of the DOF source code was used/modified to make our matrix work. So do you think it'd be possible to have your source code of the directoutput, so that we could include/compile our modified code? Or if you prefer we can send you our modified code so you can try to include it on yours? yeah I know it's a long shot ;-) and I'm not the one who wrote the code so I might sound like a complete noob but hey, if you can help on this that would be awesome, thanks in advance :-) edit: your last code (github) was used, the modifications were added and now everything works fine. Thanks.
  9. Terminator 2

    Hi. Not sure if it's me only but when the game set in Free Play I don't get any score. It's stuck at Ball 1 and score is 0. Last VPX, vpm, SAM, scripts etc. I'm running it on a pin2DMD. I've tried the Vpin files, the 1.35 and the 1.35 beta and it still the same. Great work anyway, thanks again!
  10. Westworld: it works and it's awesome ! Thanks !!
  11. Thanks but it doesn't work. That EM reel sound must be coming from the directb2s file and triggered by the b2sserver. Maybe something to change in the B2S.vbs ? Sub b2sScoreTimer_Timer() Dim i Dim ri If b2sPlayer>0 And b2sTilt<3 Then ri=(b2sPlayer-1)*6 For i =6 to 1 Step -1 If ReelPulses (ri+i,1)>0 Then PlaySound b2sScoreSounds(i) ReelPulses (ri+i,1)=ReelPulses (ri+i,1)-1 ReelPulses (ri+i,2)=ReelPulses (ri+i,2)+1 If ReelPulses (ri+i,2)=10 Then If i=b2sRollOverReel Then ' Overflow ' This is where you turn on the rollover lights If b2sRollOverLights= TRUE Then SetB2SData b2sPlayer+23,1 ReelPulses (ri+i,1)=0 ReelPulses (ri+i,2)=0 PlaySound b2sScoreSounds(7) Else ReelPulses (ri+i-1,1)=ReelPulses (ri+i-1,1)+1 ReelPulses (ri+i,2)=0 End If End If SetB2SData (ri+i-1), ReelPulses (ri+i,2) 'Check replay scores If i=b2sRollOverReel+1 Then If ReelPulses (ri+b2sRollOverReel,2)=b2sReplayLevels(b2sAddBall(b2sPlayerPlayer)+1,1) Then If ReelPulses (ri+b2sRollOverReel+1,2)=b2sReplayLevels(b2sAddBall(b2sPlayerPlayer)+1,2) Then b2sAddBall(b2sPlayerPlayer)=b2sAddBall(b2sPlayerPlayer)+1 'Action replay level reached ReplayAction 'This Sub must be present in the table script '=====================
  12. I'm wondering how to do that as well, I want to disable the EM reels sound which is way too loud... Any help appreciated folks :-)
  13. Managed to get it work, the bin inside the rom is potc0600af.bin and VPINmame needs potc600af.bin... so unzip, change name of the bin, zip, name the rom potc_600af.zip change it in the script (replace potc_600as with potc_600af) et voilà.