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  1. View File 4x4 Atari Here is 4x4 pinball 1.0 for Visual Pinball 10.0. Game has sound effects and has been tested. Game is for slower PC's If you want to enable all 8 playfield knock balls open scripts and remove the 'Line 1093, 1094,1095,1096. the color should change from green to dark. Then Save the file. If your pc stutters you will have to removethe 4 top balls by putting back the ' in the front of the script lines.Having all the balls on the playfield caused my pc to stutter and run slow. Submitter theGhost787 Submitted 01/13/2017 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod VP Version  
  2. Friday the 13th VPX.. UPLOADS January Friday the 13th
  3. Just some previews of next years pinball games in the works.
  4. Hope everyone has a good New Year and Christmas. Just a small preview of Next Years Work in Progress games. Up First is Bart VS. the Space Mutants. Just finished the apron art. Follow this thread to see more. I found some very funny sounds for it as well. Game should be done sometime January.
  5. Its looking really good. I re drew the playfield today in a few hours. I also added a candy caine plunger topper and some cool blinking christmas lights around the table. Excited about this one. As it also will have a moving snowball target, falling snow backround. present bumpers. and some new stuff. Right on time for the holidays. The lights on the right side still need adjusting. (not the final product)
  6. I have exported the Future Pinball version and will bring the VPX version this month. They wont be exactly the same but I will try to improve on it. Silent Night Deadly Night VPX
  7. Thats cool about playing it on a cab. In the editor you can turn off the visibility of the DMD, and the score. It lets you drag it around for movement, but It might not let you drag it to a B2S for your cab. Someone said they will fix it up for a CAB version. If you want to mod it go ahead. It does need a real DMD. the animation is only using 20 timers if you click on background they are all there. Also if you want to get rid of the looping animation. You will have to get rid of the script. It will look similar to this. Just delete them and You should be fine. I am sure a better version will come along. Sub Timer1_Timer scorereel1.image= "x 008" End Sub Sub Timer2_Timer scorereel1.image= "x 009" End Sub Sub Timer3_Timer scorereel1.image= "x 010" End Sub
  8. i use it to offload and have all my .. stuff in the cloud. I look through most this stuff and have deleted about 150 gig worth of crap. sending the cool stuff to the forum. 300 posts now. and growing. lots of pinball stuff in there too.
  9. Also on there you can find rare pinball resources. I did a 4x4 Prototype re draw. FREE. it needs work. There are only 2 of these so finding images for it are less than none. There is also a backglass for it. Just do a search and type in 4x4 backglass. Nice maybe we will see a 4X4 for VPX. someday. http://pinball-ninja-forum.2363522.n4.nabble.com/Pinball-Playfields-td12i18.html
  10. no offense taken. Yeah there are plenty of forums. i never really made one before so that was fun. Mine might be a little more liberal than most. I will keep adding to it. See where it goes. I made the color arrangement. I really like black backround with white text. I only posted the link here. This site is very slow as well.. Well compared to vpForums. i like using all the sites equally. This place is more quiet and for more seasoned players. Each site has a personality of their own.
  11. check out this forum. It was started yesterday. if you guys want to join it. we will see you there. here is the link to it. Join if you want. post some stuff, check it out. http://pinball-ninja-forum.2363522.n4.nabble.com/
  12. I think my first pinball game I played was Bride of Pinbot. It was during the 90s. I do know what you mean about some of those sounds. Sometimes silence is nice. I was pointing out that MODS are all over the place. When some old machines would break we used to turn them into other machines. It is still going on today.
  13. Yes. There are many VP9 tables that can be vp10. Yeah ROMS are fine. They are usually very small files containing info that relates to the scripts. Although have you ever played a pinball game with original music and found the music terrible. I find a lot of the original tables to have boring music, Some of my mods have much better songs. Some pinball games that were made in the 70's dont even have music just bell sounds. Sure a few can be relaxing at times. But that is why i made the mods. To have better music and sort of go their own way. An upgrade to the original. Some people even mod real pinball games.. EXAMPLE MoonWalking Dead Pinball Machine featuring Michael Jackson
  14. i will look into it. I thought ROMS were just for the original games. Like Terminator, or Scared Stiff. I know its a RAR file., the script extracts files from the RAR file during game play using PinMame. Making my own Roms for the games ? i would not know where to start. I did notice now that VPX 10.1 and 10.2 have Ultra DMD built in. I have played some VP9 games with roms and they play great. Many people always have difficulty with the roms, this is why I made a NO ROM version. Some people don't know what folder to put them in and such. When I started playing these I didn't know there was a SOUND file that needs to be placed inside PinMame/sounds folder. So that was also difficult.
  15. I need to bold things because I have bad eyesight. lol. If you guys know how to make it Full Screen for your CAB's go ahead, You can export the stuff I have already and make it for CAB or improve on it. I don't mind. I play them on my computer. I don't have a CAB. I really wanted to add more sound effects from the episodes but it is very time consuming recording them. Thanks wildman.
  16. Yeah Houdini is nice and colorful I wont be making it, but I put it out there to see if anyone wants to give it a try. All the plastics are there. Oh the mods. Well the originals have original music, and original DMD and stuff. That is fine for people who want to play the "original" game. My ghost mods include different music, and i did internal scripts fixed some scripts. I never use ROMS. I find it easier to just double click 1 file and play the game. It is a HUGE hassle when you feel like playing a game, and the ROM is missing, then you need to log in, locate the rom, wait for the slow connection to download the ROM. NO ROM = Simple. I like simple. I know some noobs always come in and they don't even know where to place the rom, then you need VPinMame and all that mess. DMD addons and extra files. It gives me a headache just thinkin' about it. So thats why I made MODS. I like them. Sort of fun, but its all a matter of taste.
  17. for vpx. Rob Zombie's Spookshow. I re textured playfield from 2 images. and got some sides and apron. This wont be done anytime soon. PUBLIC NOTICE. This game will not contain any of Rob Zombie or White Zombie music. or voice. However will include instrumental mixes made on keyboards and instruments. will not incude copyright music. This is just out of respect for the artist. All images obtained legally.
  18. game has been uploaded. here, vpforums, and pinball nirvana. Pinball Nirvana has it early because these 2 sites need authorization.
  19. Version 1.0


    Our last FP pinball game.
  20. SilverHawks pinball. Free to use. I had some spare time.
  21. Expect it next year. Build has begun. Crane is from Last Action Hero. Same bat time, same bat channel.
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