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  1. Love this table. Plays great. However, I went into my DMD to alter the colors a bit and exited as I normally do, and now I have no DMD. I deleted my NV ram, and even redownloaded the table, but no DMD. It's not in the background It seems to be simply gone. Any ideas???
  2. Star Trek

    That's a version of the ship I had been working on
  3. Star Trek

  4. Doctor Who (Bally 1992) (Db2S)

    It's here. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9622
  5. Thanks Fren. Outdated VpinMAME was the problem. Loaded right up. Thanks again
  6. I double checked, and I am running PhysMod 5. Still no ball in the trough
  7. Looks great. but after it loads 4 balls into the ark, it will not put one in the trough for me. Even if I try to put one in manually. ROM seems to be working ,and I tried deleting NVRAM and starting over, but still have the same problem. Any ideas ??? Thanks, and thanks Fren for another beautiful table
  8. 85vett Thanks for the great tables. I appreciate all the hard work.