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  1. Thanks Thalamus, It's not the game name I am concerned about so much as the in game events. There are labels for the various events and if you want them to be compatible with the DOF entries, you'd need to make your event labels the same.
  2. How did the mappings (naming conventions) in the DOF config tool come into being for EM tables? Did Arngrim contact the original table authors to get the table scripts updated? Did table authors contact Arngrim and thus the mappings were first come first served? Did Arngrim edit all the tables? If so, which version? If someone were to desire to reauthor an EM table, how could you ensure compliance with the mappings already in the DOF config tool? Is there a key? Spektre
  3. I fell off on my blogging of this as the build drew to a close. So without further ado.... Crisis on Pinfinite Earths!
  4. I would like to propose a new feature for the DOF config tool. The ability to merge 2 outputs into one channel. This would be helpful for those who do not have toy configurations that match the preferred configurations in the tool. (I, for example, use a 3 flasher setup which is blank for most profiles.) Spektre
  5. Thanks. That's unfortunate. 3D with head tracking would be great.
  6. So, I haven't kept up with VPX. but when I was in the DX7->DX9 development thread there was discussion about whether or not to still pre-render some things or do competely realtime rendering. What was the final on this? Is VPX fully rendered real time? Might there be a chance at head tracking with this?
  7. Did these table authors ask the original machine artists and designers before they ripped off their work? No? Sounds like you are asking for "respect" to be received where none was given.
  8. 1. I agree. They are doing something illegal. I disagree it is "more illegal". Perhaps you'd like to argue being "a little pregnant". Thus if someone with standing makes a claim, there might be problems. To however claim that a table author is that party is foolish. 2. A "rational person" should have no problem with either, unless they condemn the VP world and all its various copyright infringers (table authors). To do otherwise, is irrational.
  9. Fren, I like ya, but you are going down the wrong path. I don't care WHY you put the time in you do, nor if you feel people should see the pearly gates of these or other forums, or have a nice chat with you, before getting tables. You are engaged in an illegal activity. Do you have any idea what went on in the engineering and design meetings where the original decisions were made? Have you spoken with the original artists to see if they approve of your recreations? Hopefully, you make tables because you like to make tables. Full stop. If receiving some type of compensation is important to you, you should try a different creative endeavor, as there is currently very little way to receiving any for VP tables. Perhaps market your skills to a software company making for-profit software instead of releasing freeware VP tables. The VPCabs of the world provide a valuable service people are willing to pay for. I wish them continued success.
  10. Sorry, I had not seen the request. With VP10 have any other file names been changed?
  11. Have you attempted recovery tools? ntfsgetdataback is a personal fave.
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