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  1. OK! Tankyou!
  2. Today there are already memory mapping files for Pinball FX2 control other toys such as bumpers and shaker motor, would it be possible to create the same memory mapping system for TPA tables? Because the effects I'm having with Pinball FX2 using the mapped memory files is fantastic! I think it would be the same with TPA.
  3. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Hello, I'm having some doubts about how to use the accelerometer in LWclone, just plug the x, y, z into which LWclone ports of the Mega 2560 Arduino? In the pinout that I have annotated for LWclone tells me that on the analog ports of a1 through a6, x-1, x-2, y-1, y-2, z-1, z-2. I was a little lost with that, in which arduino pin should I connect the X, Y and Z of the accelerometer sensor? Another question, in my CAB I have a shake engine, can the vibration affect the reading of the accelerometer and does it understand that we are giving TILT? Thank you very much!
  4. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Rav, count on my help! If I can help in something, I'm available.
  5. Hello everyone, I am Brazilian and have built some CAB's with future pinball, I am now trying to build a Pin2000 model and want to use the Future Pinball BAM + + Lwclone. BAM is already running and perfectly configured with the Kinect Xbox 360, I'm still having some trouble with the Lwclone here do not have much facility to purchase an original Ledwiz, so I will try to create the Lwclone with Arduino Mega2560. Below are some pictures of my three offices that I'm building. I used: Playfield, Panasonic Full HD LED 40 " Backglass, LG Full HD LED 27.5 " DMD Projection, LG Monitor 17 " Processor 3.2GHz Core i5 8GB DDR3 SSD 30GB ATI HD5830 256bit Kinect Xbox 360 LWclone Future Pinball BAM Actived Pinball FX
  6. Pin2000 Fp - Bam - Lwclone - 40/28/17

    Ending ... https://vimeo.com/156549197
  7. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    My CAB's FP BAM LWclone Working!!! https://vimeo.com/156549197 Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  8. Pin2000 Fp - Bam - Lwclone - 40/28/17

    Hello guys! I liked many ArtWorks I found here on the forum, but after studying some I ended up making my myself, then follow the result. My CAB is Pin2000 model, the head of it will have a rubberized finish in red. My cabinet will have FP, BAM, Ledwiz and Pinball X2. May the force be with you!
  9. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    FP were in the files, I found an update of the files in another forum, are exactly the same files. I replaced the files I had the new and simply worked! some bumpers are not triggering some relays, but that I should have to manually configure the settings of Ledwiz file, the outputs are tested and work very well. On the wires, I took apart an IDE connector of an old motherboard and pulled the pins same as the photo below, I soldered the wires on pins and plugged in Arduino doors. It was good. See the photo of my parent I'm adding an H bridge to control a shaking motor. but also want to control with the same bridge a gear motor. My H board has output for two different engines and provides up to 2A per channel. Should suffice. I bought 3 IC ULN2803 and will build a PCB driver board to connect the RGB LEDs to Lwclone doors. Do you have any tips on these?
  10. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Well, I would like to thank everyone for the help! Especially Cyclemat, I can call VPinGOD !! Yesterday I managed to do my LWclone work seamlessly with FP. Today I started building my control board, thank you !! May the force be with you!
  11. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Cyclemat, I would like to thank you all the help you gave me. You are a very kind person. thank you.
  12. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    OK!!! Did it !!!! I think I got !! kkkk
  13. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    avrdude: stk500v2_command(): command failed
  14. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Now I'm starting to progress ... but I still have errors and can not test the card.
  15. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    friends, I understand how the inputs and outputs electronically, now to test the clone I tried creating I figured what did not. My system is: Windows 7 X64
  16. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    I just find the image below, I believe this is the correct way to connect the signal input to the keyboard, right? I say only the signal input part ... this is the correct way to connect?
  17. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    still have not found information on connecting the keyboard in LWclone to keyboard input in LWclone, I need to use 0v on each keyboard input for control? I'm asking this because I read somewhere that the LWclone works as a keyboard controller, or it only controls the keyboard LEDs? I see people using the LEDWIZ to control keyboard LEDs and a IPAC64 board to control the keyboard commands, but needs it? I had understood that the LWclone control commands too .... I'm confused ...
  18. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Uncleash, thank you so much! I now have the clone pinout! electronically: the outputs are level 0v or 5v? to trigger a relay for example, need to connect the 0v directly in the relay and the + 5V output is in the LW or just the opposite? For the Arduino outputs are level 1, + 5v, if I use a shield relays to trigger a contactor I would have to connect the output of LW in the relay shield plate in the same way that I would connect it were with the Arduino? As for controls (keyboard), are among the entries "D2 ~ D21" .... they function as keyboard it? the future pinball will recognize the commands of controls related to LW entries? like me I trigger each entry of these between D2 and D21, which signal will connect these doors, + 5v? I understand everything you're telling me, I have many doubts but now I have much more confident in what I do this for my system to work. Thank you again, May the force be with you!
  19. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Hello, excuse my lack of information .... I'm really trying to do my LWclone work in my cab. I bought an Arduino Mega 2560 R3 and USBasp v2.0, used the .bat file to the main flasher chip. When I did this I had a mistake with FUSE but it looks like it worked perfectly, because then he asked me flasher the second chip with the file "16u2.hex". I did not need to use the USBasp, I believe that my Arduino is genuine, what I did was connect the Arduino into DFU mode and recorded the file "... 16u2.hex" successfully using the FLIP software. I'm believing that worked because along with LWclone2 configuration files came a file to change the LWclone ID, this file is recognizing my Arduino as a LEDWIZ ID 4, and I can perfectly modify any other ID from ID-1 and ID-16. The program LEDblink my Arduino is also recognized as ledwiz ID-4. Now I need to test the hardware to see if I really managed to create the LWclone in my Arduino Mega 2560. That is where my biggest questions: I use the Future Pinball and BAM, I add LWclone to be able to control the flasher LEDs and conctators and engine shaking, but still could not understand what pinnout the Arduino x ledwiz, ie which Arduino pin refers to which output of ledwiz. I know I have to create a power driver to control contactors and motor, initially will make using shield relays, then I will use drive with Mosfets, but so I can continue I need to understand how to send command to the LWclone and which Arduino is output if the actual outputs of ledwiz. I'm seeing the lists of pinmap.h who are here on the forum, do not understand how I edit and I upload to the Arduino. Can you help me? I'm really lost it, there is not much information about the lwclone, that there'm trying to understand.
  20. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    good, I bought and arrived here at home, 1 USBasp recorder and 3 Arduino MEGA 2560 units. Can direct me to a link with a step by step how to create the flashing LWclone? I need help with this because I am very bad with programming in general. thank you.
  21. Pinball 2000 Cab Ideas And Dimensions

    Yes, let's go! the design we have in this topic, there are rays of the head curves, but there is no description of the alignment of the curved rays. I do not know the alignment entres parties. I will make a proportion, for so I will admit that this drawing is scaled. At the bottom, in the center of the design there is an angle that goes up and then down until you find the right curve, there is also no elevation information and the angle of this curve. They are simple information but is generating confusion me. I like to do very well done. Else if they can help me in the FP to control Solenoids, I use LEDWIZ, right ?: Suggested any site so I can buy? I saw something about LZClone with Arduino, is already functional? Thank you.
  22. Pinball 2000 Cab Ideas And Dimensions

    unfortunately this is the same file that I downloaded, some measures are not available in this design.
  23. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Hello, congratulations, I'm reading all this topic to understand how to make my clone LEDWIZ with Arduino. This package works with Arduino UNO? I will be able to control solenoids with him?