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  1. one thing I noticed when I got my RFM, is that all the animations stop when the ball is bouncing around on the pop bumpers. Is that something that gets fixed with an upgraded comp?
  2. ok, now I finally got it. I gave up for a few days after I was able to get it to load the pallets in any other cmd shell except for the one that was loaded by VP. After comparing the environment variables of the different windows I noticed one main difference. __COMPAT_LAYER=NT4SP5 RunAsAdmin anytime I got rid of this variable it worked. took me a little bit before I realized, this was a compatibility layer running windows nt 4.0 (service pack 5). I installed vp about 8 months ago and went through the instructions and it said to do this with all the .exe's if you were running win7. of course as soon as I turned it off in the settings for the windows properties menu for VP.exe, it worked fine and loaded it from the script.
  3. ok, I think, I got it pretty much. I was able to get it to load the pallet with cmd shell. so I'm sure it's something in the script that pin2dmd doesn't like.
  4. yeah I downloaded the one that was a released recently, then got it again yesterday to make sure. I'll definitely try putting it in a folder with the others that I can't get working though. well I got a patched version of potc to work. I didn't type option b in correctly because I can't get the pallet to load. if I do what the script says If PIN2DMD = True then oShell.run "pin2dmd.exe /b potc.dat",,TRUE the window pops up and hangs on at main (string[] Arguments) then says pin2dmd.exe has stopped working before I didn't put in /b and just had "pin2dmd.exe potc.dat",,True and it loaded fine, but with the incorrect pallet. so does this mean I'm missing an option b file or a dll somewhere. I had a palettes_option_b, from github but I'm guessing that's probably not what that means
  5. yup, disabled. just keeps coming back with terminated before initialized, check rom path or rom file now that I named it the same as what's in the directory. so when I had it named potc0600af it just says rom not found like suggested. tried three different roms with the same result. I know I'm missing something. maybe I'll try patching it with the pinball browser next.
  6. I almost got everything working, patched the rom and loaded it in pinball browser with the smartdmd.txt to make sure it was the colored rom. moved the .dat file to the pin2dmd.exe location. added the lines in the table script and got that loaded without any errors now. the last thing I'm stuck on is anytime I patch a rom like shr_141_c to shr_141 and replace it. then try to run the game it says the rom is corrupt, or was not found. got some patched voice roms a while ago for walking dead and they seemed to work fine. is there a different version of pinmame I need to use?
  7. and now magically the torrent started to get seeded. phew now I need to test this on a Virtual Machine curious has anyone else run this software successfully before?
  8. nevermind someone was still hosting them on 4shared. forgot about that site. someone had it under the name nucore.tar & pinbox-dist-v5.iso hope they work, really hope they aren't malware.
  9. I was contemplating buying a revenge from mars, till I started thinking about the issue that could go wrong. I have a seller, but wanted to get the nucore software just in case. Since they are no longer in business, I tried to find the cracked version on the torrent site, of course no one is seeding the file. does anyone know where I could find this or another alternative. seems like there hasn't been much talk on it in 3 years since it was cracked so... thank you
  10. hello, I downloaded the ACDC a while back for PM5 and it started up every time no problem. Since then I've reformatted, reinstalled everything with the newest scripts etc.. this is the only table that has any issues in PM5. when I start it loads the table, b2s and dmd on the selected screens. The table and dmd don't light up. It's like everything is frozen for 5 seconds then it escapes out and closes PM5 completely. The table will only fully run if I open the script or select an item on the playfield, but I don't even have to change anything. I can exit the table and re-enter without issue, but if I close PM5 and restart I have to open or select something again. This is kinda of a problem if I'm using a frontend I tried it with VP9 just to see, and it starts every time no problem. I went ahead and re-downloaded-installed everything table, b2s, rom, sam, PM5, dll's etc. I verified run as admin, windows NT, unblock. I've tried all the normal stuff and then some but can't figure this one out. any help would be appreciated, ....nevermind, I just deleted the dx9 registry settings and reset every back to default, works again. I still would like to understand why this might of happened, especially to only one table.
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