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  1. Hi Everyone! I've followed Terry Red's terrific tutorials and I think I've gotten dmdext to work with visual pinballx, as I can see two virtual dmds when I test vpinmame (plus one on my real dmd), one of which is the nice looking Freezy virtual one. However I can't seem to get the dmdext.exe test to work. All files are saved in my vpinmame folder and I run cmd to point to the folder where dmdext.exe is and run "dmdext test". I don't see any dmd image on my screens or my real dmd (I have a pindmdv2) after running the test. It seems to recognize the command because I don't get a "...isn't a recognized command" message after pressing enter, just nothing else happens in the cmd. I followed Terry's guide which notes to only bring over the x86 files (v1.7.1). I'm running Windows 7 64bit, and pinballfx3 and steam are 32 bit. I really want to utilize my real dmd for fx3...I'm hoping you all can help me get over this hurdle! As far as I can tell I'm running all applicable .exe files as admin and all my .exe, .dll, and .ini files are unblocked. Before I try command line stuff in pinballx front end I want to run dmdext successfully. Also, just so I understand, does the PATH environment variable in Freezys instructions refer to making sure you point to the folder in the cmd? I just can't quite understand what that means. Thank you!!!
  2. Can someone please help me with where I can find the smb3 rom? I really want to play the vpx table and try out the PuP pack too!
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