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  1. Hi Dann, but between 1K or 2.2K there should be a difference ? in bright / speed or something else ? or is exactly the same ? If you have to choose now a value, would you choose 1K or 2.2K ? Thanks!
  2. A question... if I have two (2) stm32 boards, do I have to send 2 uid numbers ? and then have 2 keyfile ? so I have to change the keyfile for each board ? when I update the firmware...
  3. Hi, I want to do something like Dann but with the RC Filter integrated, but I only saw BRD and SCH without RC Filter on the same board. Is a BRD / SCH file to download with it already ? Thanks.
  4. Lucky1 I could test today the 1.27 with Addams Family and it worked perfect. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your answer. I think the last, that is 1.27 is correct ? or should I use an older version ?When I use the tool pin2dmd.exe I can write the pin2dmd.dat that sets "williams" ok on display and the colour I choose, but no palettes.dat is generated, is that normal ? And if I send him the vga mode (rgb) instead of blue, just the pin2dmd.dat file without palettes.dat is he going to see in colour the dmd ? Thanks!
  6. Hello! Testing the board with a real pinball Addams Family, is it enought to copy the file pin2dmd.dat to the SD ? to make it work for example in blue ? Once I put the SD in the panel the "virtual pinball" changes to "williams" all in blue, so the SD card is working. What happens if I don't copy the file palettes.dat ? I have the real pinball far away from where I'm testing, I have to send to my friend via post office. Thanks a lot !!!
  7. Hi freneticamnesic, what happened ? It suffered a hit ? or when you open the box was in that condition ?
  8. I sent you a PM Thanks !!! Enviado desde mi SM-N910U mediante Tapatalk
  9. Ok, thank you very much! Enviado desde mi SM-N910U mediante Tapatalk
  10. Hello lucky1 !!! I bought the panels a few weeks ago and everything is perfect. I know that the panels should be P2.5 mm, 1/16 scan, 160*80mm x 2 and 64*32 pixels x 2. But what about "refresh frequency" ? because some sellers offer >400 hz, others >600 hz and others >1000hz or 1300hz as refresh frequency speed rate. Which is the perfect refresh frequency ? and what modifies ? perhaps you know... Thank you very much! Enviado desde mi SM-N910U mediante Tapatalk
  11. Thanks a lot !!! It was in "ascii" as deafult when saving, when I switch to "binary" the image appear with pin2dmd.exe /i xxx.ppm Thanks !!! Enviado desde mi SM-N910U mediante Tapatalk
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