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Everything posted by sting932003

  1. im currently looking for chicago cubs triple play german rom (not freeplay) is that available?


    rom name (triplayg)

    1. ramon


      Looking for that one too, and the free play version.

    2. rwood2477


      It's suppose to be here but was removed for some reason.

      All the roms for Chicago Cubs Triple Play are gone.

      I suspect it's copyright issues with the new owners of Gottlieb.

  2. i know theres like about 16-20 roms that need dumped
  3. no complete romset for black belt?..... hopefully in the future its all fixed
  4. is that the squawk and talk for black belt bally pinball? cause thats my favorite table
  5. i sent a message earlier about it, like 3 hours ago
  6. im having the same issue since last night
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