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  1. Here are the tables and versions that I play and have found are the best IMO. Add: Star_Wars_VP9_1.0FS, this is another great table, I don't know how I missed it over the years. I just downloaded it today. Theatre of Magic is TOM, Johnny Mnemonic is JM and World Poker Tour™ by Stern is WPT on the list.
  2. You have to download all of the extra .exe's from VP. Like .exe 920 or .exe physmod5 and so on, for instance if you have 990 on your machine, just take the 920 .exe and put it in your Visual Pinball folder with the 990 .exe, then just make shortcuts to all of the VP .exe's on your desktop. I have 990, 920 and physmod 5 on my desktop, those 3 .exe's run all 48 tables that I have on my pc, depending on which one I need to load a table. So if you download a table and it says physmod, the table will only run with the physmod5 .exe and the others will say (9.9.something). The lower number tables like 9.1.6 or others will run on 9.2.0 just fine. To add, some tables you need to change the script or they won't run. You also have to change the script to rotate the DMD, you even have to go into the ROM's sometimes to get the tables to take credits or change the table volume, like the Flintstones has low volume but can be turned up in the ROM, if you don't know this the ROM will have low audio and you will think that the ROM is messed up, but it's not. Some tables won't load because the person who made the table has set the script to B2S server controller so you have to change it to the VPinMAME.Controller. Sometimes you need to change a #value at the top of the script for the controller you want to use, once you do these things a few times you get use to what to look for, like I said before adding a script line to rotate the DMD. Some scripts you need to comment a line for the controller and uncomment the other line and all ROM's don't work the same, like the keys you use to enter the ROM's menus. VP tables are tricky but 99% of the tables work just fine if you know what you are doing. The first link is to the .exe's and the second link is to download physmod5, http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=8792 http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416&hl=physics You need the second download of SAM to run Stern tables, (link below) http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2480-vpinmame-sampindmd-1-and-2unity-unified-version/ Later, if you have any issues let me know! Play more pinball
  3. I haven't been to the first link but I will go there some day. http://www.flashbackclassiccoinops.com/ Stonehedge in Cuyahoga Falls has the new Stern Kiss pin, Tommy, The Walking Dead from Stern and many other tables. http://www.stonehedgeakron.com/ Eastbury bowling toward Alliance has the Wizard of Oz, Adams Family, AC/DC and other tables. http://eastburybowling.com/ Buzzbin Art and Punk bar on Cleveland Ave. in Canton has Metallica, Elvis, Star Trek from Stern and many other tables. (cheap beer and odd beers, good music, fun time) http://buzzbinshop.com/ Enjoy and play more pinball.
  4. My pinball controller made from a old shoe storage box for $40.00. My next pinball controller will be made with a old military metal ammo box with led clear/white mame arcade buttons..
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