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  1. Hello - I'm having an issue with HyperPin. I downloaded the latest version yesterday (4/6/2013) and I have been facing issues when I attempt to exit it. HyperPin will start up as normal and I can select a table. But once I do I cannot exit back to HyperPin wheel nor Windows Desktop (sorry if I am using the wrong terminology...I'm a newbie). The only option I have is either to keep playing the same table or do a hard reboot or Ctrl+alt+delete. I can press ESC on my keyboard but it will only give me an option to exit editor (which is strange). Before downloading the latest version I would simply press and hold the exit button on my cab and I would see a countdown that read 3..2..1.. and it would return to the HyperPin Wheel where I could select another table. Does anyone know how to fix this? I really hope someone out there has some advise on this. Thank you By the way I am using Windows 7
  2. Yep gave you credit for the response. This fixed it. I changed it to 5 and it worked like a charm. Thanks again
  3. Oh and forgot to mention the backglass does show the regular backglass image which is what you are seeing. It's not animated or anything. I kept that in the backglass folder as I was told I needed it for Hyperpin.
  4. Hello everyone - I figured I would pose my question to see if anyone can help. I've received some feedback from some great fellow VP'ers but still no luck. I downloaded Elvis and it's components including DirectB2S. I'm a newbie so please excuse me if I don't use the right terminology. I got everything working on my cab but for some reason the animated backglass keeps showing up together with the DMD. And it's not because they are one piece together. You can actually see the animated backglass behind the DMD. I have a 3 monitor set up. I have a P2K cabinet style so technically monitor #1 is the playfield, #2 is the backglass and #3 is the DMD. I tried messing around with everything I could think of. Here are my screenres.txt settings: 1920 1080 1360 768 2 (my understanding is that this is the monitor number which in my case is #2 for the backglass) 0 0 800 400 1360 150 1 Nothing seems to work. I will attach some pics for you review but you will need to really look closely behind the DMD (it's on a reflective glass on the playfield). If anyone has any advise on what I can do please let me know. I have been busting my brain around this. Oh and I do have the latest VP 9.15 download. Eddie
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