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  1. would we be getting a section in downloads for this? tables, roms and backglass all i see in download tab.
  2. Looks great!!!! Thanks for all your hard work !!!!
  3. kool love to play new table and love to see the coloration with other site down where will table be released i wonder.
  4. looks great !! Look forward to seeing the progress
  5. Looks great!!!! I was playing around with tron but just starting at this.
  6. So I have an issue tested table without colors worked fine played .... added colors and tested in pinmame setup worked fine... loaded up table pinmame terminated ... turned off color options in pinmame etc. and now it wont load regular anymore crashes out pinmame. has happen on a few tables so far..... but this is one of them not sure how to fix it seems for every 1 or 2 tables i get working right...... one dies lol (edit) Just happens to be all data east tables for the most part im having trouble with ... wwf, tmnt, hook and st25th. So isnt really the color mod being the issue if i can only run data east games once then they error out. Off to have fun fixing this mess.
  7. Thanks so much for your work .... just getting into color mods and this is great!!!!!!!
  8. just started messing with them so far only sams are running in color on monitor while testing this was 1st none sam i have tried. so imagine I'm doing something wrong. only getting the 4 colors on the pinmame pallet. as far as renaming the files in the 1.1rar are named pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni didnt think i needed to rename them. (edit stumbled across a post from a few days ago about 1.7.2 breaking the lcd monitor colors so downloaded 1.7.1 and it works) now to see if my sams still work lol
  9. must be doing something wrong lol mine looks nothing like any posted pics. lol rechecking steps to see what i did
  10. going nuts with vp has been many years since i have messed with it lol ironman runing fine acdc running fine .... xmen and buck hunter no go. have yet to try the rest of stern tables. latest everything sam,vbs - pinmame.dll - physmod5 - xmen_150 getting a bunch of vbs errors on both can not load vpinmame activex component cant create object vpmame ver blah blah required sams 3.1 or better error line 44 object required controller line 1356 controller rom files test fine in pinmame uninstalled pinmame and reinstalled no help sams is up to date physmod nor vpin working same errors for these 2 games hitting head on desk ..... not really but seems its would do as good as reading the forums patched xmen the the DT version now works but others still dont .......
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