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  1. Awsome table wierd but awsome, glad to see you working on it !!!!
  2. Looking great!!!! Have fun, take time. is all good
  3. would we be getting a section in downloads for this? tables, roms and backglass all i see in download tab.
  4. Looks great!!!! Thanks for all your hard work !!!!
  5. kool love to play new table and love to see the coloration with other site down where will table be released i wonder.
  6. looks great !! Look forward to seeing the progress
  7. Looks great!!!! I was playing around with tron but just starting at this.
  8. Looks great! as always thanks for your work!
  9. So I have an issue tested table without colors worked fine played .... added colors and tested in pinmame setup worked fine... loaded up table pinmame terminated ... turned off color options in pinmame etc. and now it wont load regular anymore crashes out pinmame. has happen on a few tables so far..... but this is one of them not sure how to fix it seems for every 1 or 2 tables i get working right...... one dies lol (edit) Just happens to be all data east tables for the most part im having trouble with ... wwf, tmnt, hook and st25th. So isnt really the color mod being the issue if i can only run data east games once then they error out. Off to have fun fixing this mess.
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