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  1. Hi malenko, where are the latest files ... Don't see any update on the google drive share? Br Steve
  2. This Link contains some more recordings, but not cutted yet: https://mega.nz/#F!Ig5SDYgB!6wthBPEQFstrbhMBzhaCCA New files are frankst1.txt.gz, frankst2.txt.gz & frankst3.txt.gz Gruß Stefan
  3. I recorded some more of the movie like scenes this week. Need to cut them and then I'll send you. Looks very nice so far.
  4. Looks very promising. I've done some more recording recently, which also includes some of the movie scenes in the left half of the dmd, which wasn't covered so far. I will cut and upload it tommorow. Br Steve
  5. No. The live preview is meant to run on the real device to see real colors and the actual firmware running. A built-in preview that emulates the firmware is not supported for various reasons. And the editor is written in Java you cannot just leverage a dll
  6. You can actually debug using the editor. If you playback a recording when having the project uploaded to the pin2dmd device and "live preview" switched on, it should give you a nice preview.
  7. Funny: I was wondering what you mean by "normal pin2dmd users". Seems like this is depend on the view angle, to me having only real machines and also a MSF, the normal use case to have a device build in the real machine :-) Br Steve
  8. Very cool. I can also help with the keyframing
  9. Should indeed not that much work. Biggest hurdle right now, no testing hardware left :-( @Lucky1: do have a controller and shield left for testing? But anyway: do not expect new firmware soon. Its summer season and I'm quite busy, so not much time to create firmware for other boards. If you just want to build a goDMD I would recommend a VET6 board incl. shield and wifi. You can order the ready to use shield including all sensors and remote control in my shop https://go-dmd.de/produkt/godmd-controller-rgb-komplettset/ I can also add one of these VET6 boards (like this https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1-st-cke-STM32F407VET6-entwicklung-bord-Cortex-M4-STM32-mindest-system-lernen-board-ARM-core-board/32864003267.html ) if you like. Maybe that's a faster way to build something. Best Steve
  10. steve45

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Using paintbrush.app on mac and mark in transparent mode, it works like expected. So I would assume it's somehow based on what photoshop is push to clipboard. Sorry that I can help any further. Have you tried pasting transparent images in some other application other than pin2dmd editor? Thx Steve
  11. steve45

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    today I looked at the reports. What I see is: 1. The pasted image is recognized: 2. It has an alpha channel 3. BUT: alpha value for all pixels is 0xFF meaning opaque (nothing is transparent) Maybe you should somehow create the transparency mask in the source before doing copy / paste. As I have no windows system at hand I will try something on osx maybe using iPaint / gimp ... Thx Steve
  12. steve45

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Wrong link. It's Editor2 not Editor
  13. steve45

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Not any longer, I fixed that bug, so now you have to use the new menu item
  14. steve45

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Logging is added, please try again. To send me the logfiles, I also added an easy way to do this: there is a new menu item in the help menu that forces a "crash", so you can simply select that menu item after pasting and then click "upload report", so I will receive the last 500 log lines. Br Steve
  15. steve45

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    From what I see in the code, there's two cases: one for hi color target frames / scenes, one for scenes with up to 16 colors and a palette. For the latter the code is rather generic, saying "if the pasted image has an alpha channel, then use every pixel less transparent the 50% as mask. So either this threshold is wrong, or the pasted image format itself, or the target frame is hi color for whatever reason ... I will add more logging, to see what exactly is happening, then you need to try again ... Do you know how to extract a logfile. Its the newest log in the temp directory.
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