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  1. Loved your setup! Congrats on all the exposure, VPCabs!
  2. Anyone ever locate a solid cab version of it, or do we have to convert it ourselves?
  3. I'm really thrilled to see the booth, as well. My room's now booked!
  4. GLXB is about the only one I know that hears from him.
  5. I'll see if I can reach him via Twitter. Has that been attempted?
  6. Last year was my first, and it was an absolute blast. Can't wait to go again in 2015! Who's going?!? Dazz? Vette? I'm assuming I can count on you guys being in attendance?
  7. Can't wait to give this a go! Thank you so much for the work you've put into this release!
  8. Looks great! Unfortunately, the only one I've had a chance to play was pretty busted. It was probably a horrible example.
  9. You spoil us, sir. Many, many thanks!
  10. Loafer, didn't you end up getting a Hulk LE? How's that pin for you? I've only been lucky enough to play it once.
  11. Personally, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Mustang. It's certainly nothing groundbreaking and the code is still being fleshed out, but it was fast and enjoyable. It felt like a throwback to a Williams game like High Speed, but with a few modern Stern twists. I had a blast on the wedgehead row. Geez! Predator, for me, had it's good points and bad. It felt nice and tight, and there were some interesting shots. I keep coming back to the art as being the weak link in the Predator chain, though. The cab looks good, but the playfield and plastic art, to me, seems really amateurish. I'm also not totally sold on the whole black light thing. Just seems a bit tacked on. The dmd work on it was the star of the show.
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