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  1. Hi Sascha,

    I've sent you several PMs recently and not had a reply - are you receiving them?


  2. pin2dmd

    Send me a PM
  3. pin2dmd

    Yes thats right. About 80.00 USD. Send me a PM when you like to Order it.
  4. Pal file renamed to pin2dmd.pal and also the other file renamed to pin2dmd. (I forgot the right extension) Saved in the altcolor folder from sfII No patch needed, but newest Pin2DMD firmware and dll file.
  5. Hey Buddy... Checl the Pin2DMD.com page. http://pin2dmd.com/installation/ Section 1.2 is the manual to updgrade you spanish thing. Under section 2, you will find the Manual to Install the Windows Driver. - in your case, skip steps 1 and 2, just connect your ONE USB cable to the PC! and go ahead with step 3. When you like to buy a new Shield to replace your broken DMDST32, send me an PM and I will make you a great Offer. You can use the DMD Display, just a replacement from the Driver Board is needed! regards Sascha
  6. Sound like I am invited to bring up some Ideas, But, that Jumper Idea comes from @Rappelbox So sad that is not mine, because I really like the Hardware bypass and would be happy when it would be my Idea.
  7. Tool works fine on my side! Thank you @Dazz
  8. Good Morning Lucky1. Today I found some time to check back with your reference Design. And well.... just thought what I found in your Design... a Jumper for the Enhancer. But OK... mine is a bit different, that is really my fault... Pin1 and Pin3 is changed.... sorry for that... refernce Design: UncleSash's Design:
  9. But for a real Pin are you right. And the DC-DC step down converter is good thing for every real Pin owner. Reference link for that kind of converter: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192002048403
  10. In Roars case, is it a V-Pin with 5V from a good PC power Supply. No worries about power from the WPC board ;-)
  11. It is so sad, that you blame me all the time. Just because of your ego. I have no real pinball to try something and all jumpers are labeled. My real life job keeps me busy (yours may be not) and I don't check all the threads every day. We worked so good together and just because of your ego it is all gone... You say all the time "one phone call can fix a lot of issues"... so call me, when you like to fix it! And now you can blame me again, like every time...
  12. You are welcome. I am also excited to try it out.
  13. Yes. You can use the pindmd3 panels with Pin2DMD. Send me a PM and we arrange something to test it out!
  14. Donation goes to?? I told you, I will support you.
  15. The idea from the LEDs, was just to show any communication in the Rx or Tx line. It was just a nerd thing. In Lucky1's schematic is also no LED.