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  1. It is so sad, that you blame me all the time. Just because of your ego. I have no real pinball to try something and all jumpers are labeled. My real life job keeps me busy (yours may be not) and I don't check all the threads every day. We worked so good together and just because of your ego it is all gone... You say all the time "one phone call can fix a lot of issues"... so call me, when you like to fix it! And now you can blame me again, like every time...
  2. You are welcome. I am also excited to try it out.
  3. Yes. You can use the pindmd3 panels with Pin2DMD. Send me a PM and we arrange something to test it out!
  4. Donation goes to?? I told you, I will support you.
  5. The idea from the LEDs, was just to show any communication in the Rx or Tx line. It was just a nerd thing. In Lucky1's schematic is also no LED.
  6. pin2dmd

    Yes. I get it. Don't worry. I get back to you tomorrow.
  7. pin2dmd

    it was a boring day .. and so I decide to solder 2 Pin2DMD Shields, incl. ready for GO-DMD headers,.... the actual rev 3.2b US Shield.... rev 3.3 US Shield... also GO-DMD ready! the new one... I just arrenged teh CAPS for the MAX232 a bit, they was a bit close to the USB port from the STM Controller and I removed the OLD DS3231 RTC, just the small one is still there, cheers Sascha
  8. Do you use the libusb or winusb driver? Try to install the libusb.
  9. I like to donate to you, when it works out with Street Fighter colorizing.
  10. Is there any way, to use that in the VPin Version? My wife loves Street Fighter!
  11. Here we go... I bought a new PinDMD2 just before I started with my Pin2DMD support. so... I get the PinDMD2 deive and 2 weeks later I made the first Pin2DMD shield. That means... I never used my PinDMD2 Device..... And now it is for sale! A NEVER used and ORIGINAL PinDMD2 (price on VirtuaPin 84.65 + shipping) is for SALE! My price: 55.55 USD + Shipping (WorlWide) It comes with 2x7Pin flat ribbon cable and USB cable! ready to go!
  12. pin2dmd

    due to an request of measurment of the Frame.... here a picture from the mountinge holes and overall size of the frame.
  13. pin2dmd

    The actual Shield is all good to go.
  14. Small update... Today I finished the chime board of my 3pcs Pinscape Set. All 3 Boards are now completed, oh my gosch... that was a long soldering process for each Board. Here some pictures: All 3Board: Mainboard (including the Freescale mpu): The Power Board (i missed some stuff, because of an Soldering issue): And the Chime Board: This Project is really awesome. Big Thanks to@MJR , that he sold me one of his PCB sets. - Sascha
  15. pin2dmd

    That is the official PinOut. Correct.