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  1. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    Please send me a PM.
  2. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    First: Update to 2.50 with the USB (Pin2dmd.bin file) After V 2.50: Just place the pin2dmd.upd file on the sd card, card back in the pin2dmd, reboot the controller, update runs by itself. http://www.pin2dmd.com for more information. - Sascha
  3. LED WIZ RGBW resistor Shield

    I have some PCBs. But not assembled. Interested in some? Soldering is also possible. - Saacha
  4. problem pin2DMD power supply 5 volts board STM32

    Hey GranDD. Can you take a picture from the bottom side of the shield? I still do not understand why they just work with the USB. It makes no sense. But I try to understand the problem and to fix it.
  5. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    Hello VPU User. Tonight was the time to upgrade mit Go-DMD Clock with Ambi Light. My Go-DMD runs with a VET6 Board (the cheaper one) and not with the Pin2DMD Shield. Hardware for my Test: VET6 Board (FW godmd-stm32-vet6-v1.07-59) Shield (bei Steve) CD74HCT245E (THT IC for easy Soldering) with a small DIY dirty Adapter Board 8x8 Feld WS2812 Matrix field And I reached the Goal after 20 minutes. It looks very nice. The next step is, to integrate the WiFi, make it attachable directly to the LED Display and my Frame for P2.5 Panels (like the Pin2DMD). Is anyone interested in that? When YES, I will go forward and create a nice Shield for it. - Sascha Attached some pictures....
  6. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    Inventory clearance from some old Order V4 Shields. The very 1st official design has one missing connection. And now I have over 30 boards for V-Pin only. Anyone need some? 1.75 USD each (pcb only, + shipping) quantity discount possible 1 set of V-Pin only parts (NO WiFi, NO max232, NO real pin enhancer ) = 10 USD (WiFi is extra 5 USD, but not really needed for V-Pin, because of the uninterrupted USB connection) Nucleo 144 = 27.00 USD - Sascha Mail: Pin2DMD@yahoo.com
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A short instructions, how you connect your Pin2DMD WiFi Module into your HOME Network.
  8. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    I still have some V3 and V2 version Boards. Just PM me what you need.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    simple HOW-TO connect the DC-DC Voltage converter
  10. some small update... https://www.facebook.com/UncleSash/posts/698432687031029
  11. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    some small update... https://www.facebook.com/UncleSash/posts/698432687031029
  12. I think that you are able to handle that or? You just have to connect some wires for teh 5V DC! Disconnect your Power Supply! before you start working on anything like that!
  13. Not sure. I need more detailed pictures please.
  14. Feel free to contact me
  15. [mention=11434]vlgxejme[/mention] OK, to upgrade you System, follow this steps: 1st step: - unplug the 16 pin ribbon cable from the PCB! 2nd step: - connect the ribbon cable to the HUB75 on your V4 Shield! 3rd step: - connect +5V DC to this screw Terminal like it is labeld! - in this pic: - left (next to the nucleo): GND - right (on the outside): +5V DC 4th step: - connect a micro USB cable to this USB port and you PC, to hook up you Pin2DMD. - Maybe follow install instruction on the www.Pin2dmd.com side for drive installation! additional step: for a Firmware update, connect a micro USB cable to this port (I have all the time both ports connected) and your PC. Then follow the FW Upgrade instruction on www.pin2dmd.com for a longer 16 PIn IDC cable, check this ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Female-to-Female-16-Pin-IDC-Connector-Rainbow-Color-Flat-Ribbon-Cable/351117396361?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 regards Sascha