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  1. B2S Server - new feature - aspect ratio

    Oh man, thanks for bumping this thread, Terry, somehow I missed this issue getting fixed. Up until now I've been using a custom app I wrote to swap out the screenres.txt with the .res file I have for each table when it's launched from PBX. I have over 300 .res files which I created from about 8 different aspect ratios, trying to get as close as possible to the original backglass. I can share them if anyone is interested.
  2. Metallica Pro

    I too am curious about using this with Metallica LE. I see there is a mtl_170hc in VPinMame, but I tried to patch the LE rom without success. Does anyone have a working colorized LE rom?
  3. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    Thank you! I was having the same problem. Any tips for naming POTC? That's the only other one I couldn't get to work.
  4. Mostly everything seems good with my PinDMD3 now. Except there is a strange problem with Star Trek 25th Anniversary (Data East). On the external DMD, only the top half of the display is showing up, and it's duplicated on top and bottom. The virtual DMD does not have this problem, but it also seems to have different dimensions which could be causing the issue.
  5. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    So I'm kind of new to this since the support for PinDMD3 was just added, and I was able to patch some roms and get them working, such as Big Buck Hunter, Metallica, AC/DC, and Mustang. But for some reason I can't get Shrek or POTC to work, the tables won't even start with the error that it can't initialize, check rom path or rom file. I have the ignore CRC error option enabled, anything else I can check? Also, is there a patch for Star Trek available somewhere? I saw a video in the forums but I couldn't find any file download.
  6. Here's another interesting observation: it only seems to be an issue if there is a palette file present.
  7. Yeah PinDMD3, and in .ini file I have everything as enabled=false except [pindmd3], which I also have port=COM3. So now I disabled PinDMD3 in the .ini and enabled virtual DMD, and there is also no sound stuttering, so hopefully that helps narrow it down.
  8. This is latest SAMbuild 2.8b02 at http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/4236-sambuild/, but I also tried a few older versions to rule that out. Many ROMs seem to be affected, the most obvious ones for me are TOTAN and Gilligan's Island (easily noticeable in the theme song at the start of game). Can you be more specific about the display & config information you are looking for so I provide the right thing?
  9. Yes definitely DmdDevice.dll. There's no sound stuttering when disabling external display, nor with the officially released version of DmdDevice.dll (without the colorization support).
  10. Also these latest builds of DmdDevice.dll are causing stuttering/echoing in the rom sound for me. It's nice to finally see all the pretty colors on my PinDMD3 though.
  11. Sound Check Box Won't Stay Ticked.

    Do you have PinballX configured to use PinMAME in the front-end? If so, I've noticed that it turns off the sounds for each table as you browse, and then turns it back on when you launch it or move to another table. But... if you Shutdown from PinballX, the sound remains off for the last table displayed and the next time you play it you'll have to re-enable it manually.