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  1. i dont use Photoshop to build up the backbox, i use another vector program called serif draw plus or affinity designer, because is an easy program, easy to manage vectors, texture libraries and a lot of usefull tools.

    1. Blacksad


      Ok, thanks for your answer and many thanks for your B2s, I see there is a 1.2 version, I'll test it soon with the new AFM table.

      You should share your B2S on Monster Bash website too, the actual b2s looks to be your image and grill but withn't your cool reflection / animation work. (http://www.monsterbashpincab.com/forums/topic/attack-mars-vpx/)

      I'm still interested by your grill hd image if you're agree to share it (with no reflections), I will be interested using it in my futures B2S builds.