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  1. In the meantime you can turn off match in the vpinmame window. Press #7 to get into the rom settings and cycle through the AUDITS, then ADJUSTMENTS. Expand the ADJUSTMENTS when it asks by pressing #1 and then #7 then proceed to the match setting. Press #1 to change match to OFF and press #7 until the rom exits.
  2. Hmmf, thanks Carny. I guess we continue to play 1.70
  3. that would be a vpinmame emulation issue, it has nothing to do with the table.
  4. I have Metallica 1.70 LE color working on my vpin but is there a patch for the 1.80LE rom to get it colorized? Thanks in advance!
  5. ok, thanks I didn't know that, but this is the color scheme that is showing on my monitor. Is this correct or maybe I am missing something.
  6. I didn't see the diff file needed to convert the rom. The 4 color standard coloring looks good. Looking forward to converting the rom to see the rest! Thanks!
  7. excellent work! Also, there is a setting to turn on adult match mode which shows a bit more. color that too if you will
  8. Check “use external dll” OK uncheck “vpinmame dmd” OK Restart the table OK If I check Colorize DMD then I got 4 colors, but I don't think we want that right? This just uses a predetermined color pallete not the nice colors you chose per frame. Is there a color rom that I need to create? I remember a year ago when I had to convert a stern rom with some program to add the color data. I think this was for ACDC.
  9. ok, I removed the old version of dmddevice.* from the folder and replaced it with the 1.7.1 version with all files from the github. Same orange dmd virtual screen when launching the game (and of course original dmd screen too). There must me some configuration I am missing. Is there anything to check in the lotr rom setup of vpinmame?
  10. I copied the color files to \vpinmame\altcolor\lotr and launched the game. I was able to get the second DMD but there is no color, just orange like default. Is there some other step I am missing? Using Vpinmame from 2-28-2019 almost latest update and LCD monitor on cabinet (not pin2dmd). Thanks
  11. Thank you! It looks great, can't wait to load it to my cab and enjoy it fully!
  12. If I recall you hold the left flipper in and plunge the ball. Tribute mode is one of the choices that you have to land on as the ball rolls around in the whirlpool. You can select which tribute if you get the tribute during this skill shot. Heres some other settings you can mess with the enable/disable stuff https://soldmy.org/pin/ccc/index.php/Gameplay_Feature_Settings
  13. Metallica 1.80 was released! Can someone add vpinmame support so we can play this update?
  14. What path did you remove Dazz? I have the same R6043 error but everything works so I don't want to reinstall!
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