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  1. Try this. In the Cactus Canyon Continued TTNZ v2.0 table open the script and uncomment the optReset. then relaunch it and select options. 'optReset = 1 'Uncomment to reset to default options in case of error or keep all changes temporary. When done recomment again!
  2. Color Display X Offset: 4, Color Display Y Offset: 4 change these values to the x,y coordinates of your DMD. For example on my vpin Color Display X Offset: 2300, Color Display Y Offset: 833 you can figure it out by trial and error or look at your vpinmame registry to see where your other DMD locations reside registry key: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\default or another table that you recently ran.
  3. vpinmame isn't running with CCC. Pygame/Python is creating the DMD content. Thats why they window is controlled in the user_settings.yaml
  4. This thread is for MIssion pinball framework. CCC was created in the pyprocgame framework NOT missionpinball. Just don't want people misunderstanding. Both frameworks work with the p-roc and p3roc but CCC only runs on the pyprocgame framework.
  5. You control the DMD posiiton in the service menu settings. When you run the CCC press #7 to get into setup and there is an X and Y coordinate setting to move the dmd around.
  6. Nope. this is an electromechanical machine with REELS, no roms. 1972 - roms came out in 1978 for pinballs and started the digital displays.
  7. Great work man! Those sprites are very difficult to colorize.
  8. Fun table Kees! It reminds me so much of my favorite Bally from that era - Dixieland. Love to see that one get built in VPX someday! Thanks for another gem in the collection! Cheers.
  9. Yes, this was a new install from scratch. I merely copied over my working vp_game_map yaml since it has all of the games in it. Same folders, same everything. It looks like its bombing on the display window when its getting drawn. Getting this VP bridge to work is the hardest thing in VP, honestly. I tried the offline installer 3.4 and could not get the vproc.controller to initialize. THen I went back and started over again with the skeleton game installer (http://skeletongame.com/files/proc_env_installer_wHD_1.27.exe) and got the vproc controller to initialize but when it goes to load the LCD window it dies. So close.....
  10. So I had this game working on my old PC and I had a hard disk error so it was time to get a new PC. The new PC is running windows 10 64bit and I have vpx/vpinmame/skeletongame/python loaded and running. I can launch the evil dead from python and the display runs perfectly. I registered the VPROC controller and it says it registered fine. When I launch any p-roc game I get this error. I thought perhaps it was an issue with my vp_game_map yaml but it matches perfectly to my old PC along with every other file. Anyone see this error and fix it? I also tried the suggestions from Horseys page to no avail. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/proc-visual-pinball/blob/master/README_2.7.md
  11. This is a super finicky program to get to work. You must install it on the C drive. Are you installing to the C drive? This is where it will reside: c:\p-roc\games\cactuscanyon If you can't figure it out, try to run the commands in the batch file manually to see where its bombing. I can't tell from the teeny error window you posted.
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