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  1. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Thanks very much!
  2. StarTrek Premium / LE

    anyone have a screen shot what this colorized rom looks like? Is it 4 colors? I patched the rom, have the dmddevice under vpinmame, latest vpinmame, and the game still displays in orange dmd. I selected 4 color in the game options in vpinmame for this game too. First time running a color rom....
  3. Jurassic Park Unofficial 6.0 , Tales from the crypt unofficial 4.0, Star Wars unofficial 1.04/1.05/1.07 are already supported in the VPinmame. All you need are the roms. I think they are available on this site, I'm running all 3 on my cab.
  4. Are you referring to an update to the directoutputconfig.ini? I don't use the directb2s backglass for this game just to ensure thats not a problem. I have no other games with this weird issue.
  5. I like this LE version alot, however if I keep the controller for VPINMAME (cController= 1), the external flashers on my game won't work., If I set the game to directb2s mode (cController = 3), the external flashers work but the controlled playfield lamps stop working. Very strange.
  6. Can you run the rom in the vpinmame test? I just tried the table and it works fine with 160h rom. This is the LE don't forget, so you need the LE rom.
  7. PinMAME SAMbuild 2.8b02

    Sorry, I don't have any of these, I checked.
  8. Does VP9.9 (pm5) support lamp.color or lamp.colorfull? Any other way to do this? I am trying to set the RGB lamps of TWD LE like has been done in VP10, but it appears these are VP10 commands only? Sub SetRGBLamp(Lamp, R, G, 'dim IntensityValue 'IntensityValue = .2126 * R + .7152 * G + .0722 * B Lamp.Color = RGB(R, G, Lamp.ColorFull = RGB(R, G, 'Lamp.Intensity = IntensityValue *100 / 255 Lamp.State = 1 End Sub
  9. WOW Thank you GTXJOE!!!!! This is a great help for this table and others! LTA
  10. Love what Fren did with Star Trek LE and the RGB lighting. How do you determine the RGB lamp number? Looks like they are above 200. I'd like to update TWD and run it with the LE rom to get the RGB inserts working.
  11. version 111316 is working great here. Much improved!!! Love it, thanks for your hard work!
  12. Boy I am really enjoying the Star Trek LE table now that you have enabled the AUX board support (thanks Fren!). Things are playing smoothly with your VPM changes. Do you know if anyone is going to update the Walking dead table and add the LE specific like raising ramp/bicycle girl, crossbow, aquarium heads and lighting? The walking dead pm5 1.1 is my favorite table on my cab and even an pm5 update would be awesome!