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  1. DOF Config Question

    If I have an original table that I want to add flasher support via DOF, is there a help guide to show me how to do it? I have 5 flashers (no other solenoids, just the flashers) and my vpin is already configured with the latest DOF. Thanks, LTA
  2. Did you do the last step to register to vproc controller? Register_vpcom. py see the directions on chepas site earlier in the thread. If I recall he has this as the last step in his proc_env_fix
  3. SkeletonGameManager

    yes star trek le shows full rgb lighting in vpx, acdc le and twd le also have some rgb lighting there are original tables with RGB too like JPs Ghostbusters and Diablo to name a few. None of those are p-roc of course so that might not help. I added additional solenoids and boosted the colors to 16 so I think thats plenty of colors for my 16 game modes. I noticed you can't go higher than solenoid 63 for some reason but it doesn't matter for faking it I just used lower numbers.
  4. SkeletonGameManager

    Bummer. I wanted my arrows to change color depending on the mode and keep the rest of the inserts WHITE (like sterns star trek). I just watched your evildead youtube video and see what you mean. It looks like all of your lamps are one color and you have some lampshow effects running to turn off and on lamps, etc. I see. I've used the rgb lamp show tool to make a quick lampshow, though its way too difficult to use in its current state. I'll keep at this, you've been most helpful and at least I can now see color inserts.
  5. SkeletonGameManager

    ok! I added the line > self.game.coils.ledRed.enabled() to my SG python script and when the VPX table started (after attract mode) all of the lamps were RED. Awesome. Now how do I just turn a few lamps on RED or just one lamp RED, like this lamp for example - ArrowLeftScoop?
  6. SkeletonGameManager

    So, I can control the colors of the lamps from the VPX script but how can I tell the lamps to change color from the python routines? So for instance with the above setup. Currently I can turn on a lamp from the python script: self.game.lamps.ArrowLeftScoop.enable() How do I tell the VPX table to turn this lamp on as RED from the python script? Whats the syntax for turning ArrowLeftScoop RED?
  7. SkeletonGameManager

    ok, I am trying the RGB code. thanks. I added entries to my machine.yaml PRCoils: ledOrange: number: C53 ledYellow: number: C54 ledGreen: number: C55 ledBlue: number: C56 ledRed: number: C57 I added sections to the VPX table script to define the colors (sols)...... SolCallback(53)="SolColorOrg" SolCallback(54)="SolColorYel" SolCallback(55)="SolColorGreen" SolCallback(56)="SolColorBlue" SolCallback(57)="SolColorRed" I added the lamp color code section...... Sub SolColorOrg(Enabled) If Enabled Then For each lamp in AllLamps lamp.color=RGB(255,127,0) lamp.colorFull=RGB(255,127,0) Next Else End If End Sub Sub SolColorYel(Enabled) If Enabled Then For each lamp in AllLamps lamp.color=RGB(255,255,0) lamp.colorFull=RGB(255,255,0) Next Else End If End Sub Sub SolColorGreen(Enabled) If Enabled Then For each lamp in AllLamps lamp.color=RGB(0,255,0) lamp.colorFull=RGB(0,255,0) Next Else End If End Sub Sub SolColorBlue(Enabled) If Enabled Then For each lamp in AllLamps lamp.color=RGB(0,0,255) lamp.colorFull=RGB(0,0,255) Next Else End If End Sub Sub SolColorRed(Enabled) If Enabled Then For each lamp in AllLamps lamp.color=RGB(255,0,0) lamp.colorFull=RGB(255,0,0) Next Else End If End Sub In the table init, I added a call for all GREEN lamps to test. SolColorGreen 1 It works! All lamps were GREEN when I started the table. Now to get busy!!! Thank you VERY MUCH
  8. No, it looks like your evil dead is bombing on the machine config. Sounds are not a problem if missing. Did you modify the machine.yaml for evil dead? You should see it under the games/evildead/config folder
  9. SkeletonGameManager

    Ok I got this working but had to change my machine yaml into your format. Converter didn’t work, got through the errors and fixed it manually. Lots to learn in this tool so a guide would help. Since my games working already I really could just use pointers in adding the fake rgb lighting to my table. I changed all of my pd-led calls to lamp calls so I think my table is ready for the rgb in vpx. I see you add a solenoid (color) to the machine yaml and I guess there is an overlay color in the table? Can you explain one lamp and I’ll probably figure it out for the rest . thanks!!!
  10. SkeletonGameManager

    Hmm I tried this program and was able to launch it after installing dot net update. I tried to create a new game and get this error: Error creating game. The request was aborted. Could no create SSl/.TLS secure channel. So....I tried loading evildead and other games in my c:\proc\games folder and get deserialization errors. Perhaps there is a new version of the tool? I am using date 2/17/2018 evil dead: c:\p-roc\games\evildead\config/asset_list.yaml line 1289 col5 exception during deserialization this section is line 1289 Music: - streaming_load: True key: base-music-bgm file: MusicLoop1.mp3 I tried skeletongameVP...... c:\p-roc\games\skeletongamevp10\config/attract.yaml line 22 col9 exception during deserialization Here is the line causing the exception - Animation: Name: explosion and finally Knightrider..... c:\p-roc\games\knightrider\config/assetlist.yaml line 271 col5 exception during deserialization. here is the data: Music: - volume: 0.5
  11. Wow, I will check it out. Thanks. I already have my game working on my vpin cabinet, just need to sort out the lighting, so maybe this will help.
  12. These releases are really fun. I'm just mesmerized by the rgb lighting in this game. It looks like you used lamps in your config, but I didn't think rgb lamps would work in the machine yaml, I thought you'd need to use LEDS and add an address and r-g-b. I finally have my game setup to try my hand at a p-roc to VP creation but I'd really appreciate some ideas on setting up the rgb lamps. Thanks for the tables!
  13. Hah, it figures you had something like that! Nope I did trial and error, DOH! Now I know for next time, and everyone else knows too!
  14. Yes, for the directb2s, I'll just make a static frame similar to Evil Dead size frame. I upped the dmd_desktop_scale to 2 in the config.yaml and its a nice size for the backglass video so the frame will surround the display nicely. This size 2 for evil dead also put the frame exactly over the center rectangle so it fits perfectly. It was a bit of trial and error with the screen_position_x: and screen_position_y: values but I got them nicely aligned now. Great Stuff Dave!
  15. ok, good news! I got JAWS and EVIL DEAD working on my cab tonight. I ran the same directions on my cab as my dev workstation and the cab worked right off! I had to enable the b2s backglass in the game setup for both but that was nothing at all! I have the evildead directb2s backglass, but don't see the jaws directb2s backglass. Is there one? Man these games are so impressive, Well done Dave, truly great work! So glad I can appreciate them now.