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  1. Hi guys! Also posted this on VPF but as some pro guys isn't allowed there I just as might.: Have a friend who owns a real T2 which playfield starting to get a bit worn. Anyone have a highrez playfield scanned or redrawn? He would very much need it for the restoration. Thanks in advance! /Gustav
  2. Hi friend! You should be able to pkay your own custom clip aswell as long as it have the correct dinensions and is named (try to remeber here so I might be incorrect) no_real_dmd.avi Look in the setup wizard of pinballx and check the first or second page almos in the bottom. Use real dmd - yes and color. Think that default is red otherwise Hope you will get it going (and that you do not have a monochrome dmd or you'll be stuck forever *lol*)
  3. found the pronblem... The old SHARK codec previously used in PinballX trashed up my XDMD/UltraDMD functions. Un-Installing this and installed the LAV-filter codec worked for me. Thanks for the help once again!
  4. You mean I should also copy the content to PinballX's folder too? Hmm... feeling extre noob atm
  5. Yes. I copied the two dlls from the PIN2DMD folder to the vpinmame one also the one file from pin2dmd/32-bit folder out to vpinmame folder. Also installed from setup.exe Have I missed some step Sir? Cheers
  6. I get flicker on the PIN2DMD using this... also crash on LE versions of TWD and ACDC when testing the ROMs
  7. Your VPinMAME works fine for me Carny, PIN2DMD shows up just fine here in both PinballX/VPX
  8. wow! This thread is really interesting reading, Almos pissed my pants when I realized that this was not S.P.I.K.E. emulation, though this is awesome news indeed. Keep up the good work DJRobX
  9. +1 Great idea! I would chip in for sure
  10. Would be awesome @alistaircg, but I think the lack of good pics and other resources is not why a table recreation is not talked about, it is that the system its been running - the SPIKE system (Stern-Pinball-Integrated-Kinetic-Engine) has not been emulated yet (if ever) Game of Thrones Ghostbusters KISS Legends of Wrestlemania Wrestlemania Is all SPIKE tables and can not be emulated, but only in FP style, where you sample down the animations/sounds - job of a lifetime. But hey! Let's hope the SPIKE system gets emulated. I still keeps my fingers crossed for it
  11. Try not to max out the volume settings as it will distort the sound. A value of 22 is sufficient ant then you raise the volume on you speakers. Also, pressing F1 in-game and you change the sound to 48000. Might have some effect too...
  12. I ordered from Zeb to sweden without any import fees Quick as hell too, within a week! Maybe you can ask him to lable it as "replacement parts"
  13. can you film or at least photo your final setup afterwards Anders? I have the Siemens contactors (8 of them) but thinking of installing som yellow bastards so I can have some different feedback in the cab. Have 6 of them bad boys in a bag under the cab on hold
  14. Can't see it here Lucky? https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/commits/master
  15. Think this happen with the new vp10.1 beta as ut needs vp10.0 don't know how to fix this if thats the case... anyone?
  16. Thanks Joe! Tested it and now I could see some bleeding, not that much with full intensity I must say. But the test1 image produced to most bleed what I could see. Well noted if one would proceed with the mod to see the after results, great pictures gtxjoe Here is my screens of the 4 pics, also did a quick bat modded from the 'dead pixels rgb test' to run them easy, also attatched PANEL test - BLEED2.rar
  17. Thanks gtxjoe! Tried your pic with the latest FW 2.09 and with the highest intensity, did not get any bleeding(!) Anyone else feel free to ship in here. Would be great to nail down a good ppm-file to lure it out
  18. Anyone have a good .ppm image in order to force bleed so I can compare with before/after. Would be neat so everyone could post in this thread for others to see
  19. Thanks for the Picture Dann. I ordered some "SMD SMT 0603 Chip Resistors Surface Mount 2K2 2.2Kohm 222 +/-5% 1/10W RoHs". Will they work for this?
  20. +1 Which resistors needed and some pics of a soldered DMD or some schematics would be great
  21. Hi! Just want to announce my Launch Audio Project hosted on the PinballX forums >> Link to thread HERE <<
  22. Strange.. it worked great for me, with better frame rate. Tried it on T2.
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