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  1. ninuzzu, the ball gets stuck under roulette where the ramp start is on Who Dunnit, you have to raise "Plastics14" to 120 and 116 respectively. Should've tested it more, sorry about that.
  2. I have converted two tables to Desktop from that mega link in post 194. Who Dunnit? and Whirldwind, ninuzzu maybe you'll like to add them to your folder? Who Dunnit is almost a perfect conversion, I looked at the desktop version. Same with Whirlwind but it doesn't have wall, I don't know how to add them. Both tables had their em reels adjusted and restored. Oh and, they don't use the new plunger, I didn't know what mrj_plunger meant until now. These diff files are made from that mega folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/18ckqsln2r0n9ro/dt_difs.rar?dl=0 I've done many more conversions for myself but I don't think they are good enough to upload, some tables had their flashes way above the table instead of near objects and was real hard to adjust them to DT perspective. They don't look "perfect" enough.
  3. You can enable frameskipping for vpinmame, click on the dmd and press f9 or f10 try some of them can't remember exactly which. But it doesn't help at all, I think that is because the display part is the least demanding part of the emulation.
  4. I have a problem where the 3 drop targets in front of Sandman lowers after loading the table, goes back up after I reset pinmame. It alternates between dropped and upped position every time I reset. The gameplay breaks if I play when it's down as it never comes up unless I reset. I've tried deleting nvram file and the new table from that other author and it's the same. I'm using the latest rom 261, does it happen to anyone else? Not a big deal but I'd like to fix it if possible.
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