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  1. Fren, I also am a big fan of your indy table. But I agree on your favorite real life pins. My brother has two tables in his living room, Fast draw and black hole. Fast draw has never quite worked right but tinkering with those two tables and the awesome recreations on these sites is what made me build a vp cab for myself.
  2. My four I always end up coming back to are Xmen, The shadow, Congo and Batman(2008).
  3. Here seems to be as good of a place as any to make a request. Last night at PAPA I played Big Hurt by Gottlieb and was pleasantly surprised by it, but the only vp version available isn't anywhere near the standards that are in play today. Was just curious if anybody else enjoyed this table and/or had thought about updating it?
  4. THANK YOU! I played this at PAPA last time and have been looking forward to this since then. Thanks again!
  5. Didn't see this coming today, Great table! I'm about 5 games in and have had zero issues. Easiest SAM table I've ever put into my cab. Really amazing work. Thank you
  6. That looks awesome! You should do a video about getting a real dmd setup, as far as I can tell there isnt much out there in terms of information as far as wiring etc
  7. this table looks gorgeous! Can't wait to get off work and play it! Thank you
  8. http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/21278 or try searching for another open source 3d model?
  9. Oh awesome news! Very glad to hear it Thanks for the quick response too
  10. I would second this potential WIP, I played this table at PAPA randomly and surprisingly loved it!
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