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  1. thank you for the update! edit: it seems that wildman inserted the redrawn logo as a separate graphic, this overlaylogo now pops up during some animations, such as the attract mode.
  2. yes, i know. As stated it is currently at 60. That setting raises the global volume. I am talking about the relative volume of the music vs the fx, 15 still seems too soft. Maybe we can export the mp3's, up the volume and then re-import them? has anyone done that yet? I know you can add custom music, so it shoud be posssible.
  3. thank you for this wonderful table! Does anyone know how to get the music to play louder? I have table volume at 60, music volume at 15 (max) in adjustments menu, it would be great if it could go louder!
  4. really looking forward to this awesome table! Sad to hear that you are no longer having fun building tables....... Maybe VP10 or Unit3d pinball will reinvigorate the lust for building.... Anyway: thanks!
  5. I thought Vishay only did red and orange. Does it have the same partnr? where did you order it from? Is it the block matrix led display or the more expensive full led array display?
  6. wowter

    Star Trek

    Yeah, my wife also won't let me buy new pinball tables without first beta testing the unreleased VP versions....... lol
  7. just read toxie's remarks on vpforums. looks like VP9.2 does support 4k (or any other res for that matter), you just have to change it in the registry. This support was apparantly broken by the move to windowed fullscreen in the DX9 versions. so at least we can try it out then....on 9.2.
  8. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27854&hl=colordmd#entry267190 http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=21864&hl=colordmd#entry199126 so, no. But you could use the pinmame colorize function to achieve somewhat similar results.
  9. Ah, i guess we wait a bit then. Some VP tables already have 4k or bigger playfields in them (like stargate), so i thought VP could already display them. The way prices have come down already, 4k will cost only a couple bucks extra in the nearby future (just like 3d), and soon you will not be able to buy a high end TV without it. Also, for normal TV viewing i do not really care for the effect added by 'full LED local dimming backlit TV's' (or whatever you want to call them). Even with a fine LED matrix, the effect comes across as phony and distracting. You can clearly see part of the screen go extra dark, but is never the exact right part. Also, TV's with local dimming/full backlit LED matrices are thicker than your standard edge-lit LED screens. Looking at TV sales and your comment, i think most people agree with me. It is not worth the extra cost and thickness. Maybe it works better for non-moving things like virtual pinball?
  10. Personally i dont see the advantage of 4K in my livingroom, as most people are too far away from the TV to notice the improved resolution. In a cab however, you are up close and personal with your TV, and it would probably be awesome ... finally be able to appreciate the 4K playfield images some tables have, although it might jarr with the lower res table elements. The Philips BDM4065UC is a 40 inch TV/monitor which does 4K@60Hz via displayport! (older 4k tv's were limited to 30hz) and only costs 699, could be great right? http://www.tomshardware.com/news/philips-4k-bdm4065uc-monitor,27977.html Anyone have a 4K tv in a cab or tried it?
  11. modern cost effective design means that some TV's no longer have an internal frame holding the TV together. The outer plastic bezel, some tape and a prayer is what actually holds everything together. you can tell by the weight, you can lift a new 42" tv with one finger. This means that decasing is no longer a viable option for lots of TV's. I myself have ruined a cheap samsung in the same fashion as you described while trying (i was able to claim warranty though, dont tell anyone....). For my current TV, i DID shave part of the plasic bezel down with a wood shaver. Was surprisingly fast and easy.
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