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  1. X-Files Wip

    Hi Sharkky- Thanks for this. I have moved way past this issue. I have halted further work until we can figure out the issues with Masking. I am having somewhat similar issues -as your South park:
  2. Contrast

    Wondering if there is a way to set contrast? Below is a screenshot from the Pin2dmd editor. However, in-game the contrast between Elektra's skin-tones are indistinguishable. I know there is a brightness setting, but that does not help in this case. Pin2dmd Editor Screenshot from Ladies of Comics (Future Pinball):
  3. Pin2Dmd Editor

    There has been no new update released for the editor in quite some time. I have a couple of DMDs I would still like to complete. Several of which are FP tables. For these, I need the USBcap program to be viable again. Is anyone working on the editor code? It would be ashame if the editor has been halted for some reason. Lots of work put into so far...
  4. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Just tried the latest build (142) and doing some basic Mask testing. For some reason my mask is not triggering at all. It should be doing a simple palette change on Keyframe 3. I verified the Mask in the .xml for the keyframe is set to true. When you get a chance can you take a look at the attached project? (Xfiles_v7.xml) Xfiles_Mask.zip
  5. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Yes! You are correct about this. For those hoping to learn from this mistake, here is the sequence you must follow: 1) Mark Start | Mark End | Cut 2) From Dropdown on left select scene and Add Frameseq 3) On right hand side, select newly added anim. Color each frame as desired.
  6. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I have now successfully created a project with a Mask! However, when I added a color replace animation (without the mask)- it is not triggering. I looked at the XML and it looks to be in there. Could someone take a look? I am uploading the project: TEST_v2.xml xfiles_TESTv2.zip
  7. Pin2Dmd Editor

    So, I am making progress and have a good understanding of Palette switching AND Keyframe Animation (color replacement). Right now, I need to get a better handle on using the masks. Like most pinballs, I need to use a mask for variable data such as Bonus, Match sequences, etc. Here is what I am doing. I created a basic project, with a few (3) Palette switches. Now I am ready to try a mask (For all the various Scully animations - particularly on the Bonus screen). It would seem the first step would be to create the Mask itself. I check the ColMask and Show Mask boxes. I then proceed to mask off the areas NOT to detect. Next, I Mark Start | Mark End | Cut (without advancing frame). This creates Scene 1. From the FrameSeq dropdown, I select Scene 1 and Press 'Add ColorMask'. This results in + Keyframe Scene in the right side Keyframes. [ Its at this point, I am unsure if I need simply color THIS keyframe (for color replacement) or create a NEW frame with the color replacement. I have tried both methods, neither has replaced ALL scenes with the color replacement as expected. With that in mind, here is what I tried most recently. I do some basic color changes (face and hair). Once colored, I advance with the > symbol (to save changes). Save, Export. Upload to Pin2DMD. None of the color changes show up when her 'Masked' portion shows on the DMD.I am attaching the project (xfiles_v4sc.xml), but I suspect I am doing something wrong in the editor... XFiles_V4sc.zip
  8. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Looks like this fixes the 'Hanging' on keyframe issue. I'm assuming the keyframes were not being exported (the size of .fsq increased greatly with this latest version). However, I want to test a bit more before closing the isse.
  9. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I updated issue #39 of the editor (already created it 8 days prior Thanks for checking tho!
  10. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I have updated the editor's issue list on github.
  11. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I have created another test project. This time, I used a dump from vpinmame directly. When I try it, the display hangs - right at my first replacement frame and requires me to restart the display altogether. I am attaching the project- named Xfiles_v4m1.xml Xfiles_vM1.zip
  12. Vpinball Dmd Dump To Tmp

    Been using pcap files as my dump files to work in the PIN2DMD editor. However, since it is not supported for frame \ color replacement, I am trying to use Visual pinball to dump the files directly. I am not seeing any files show up in the the c:\tmp directory. Here are the steps I have taken to do this: 1) Install vpinmame.dll as my vpinmame (ran setup). I used the file from here: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/4179-vpinmame-sam-for-pin2dmd-editor/ it appears to be labeled as v2.7 2) created a directory called c:\tmp 3) For the pin I am running, checkbox settings: Use Pin2DMD and Show DMD. (note: mine show use PINDMD, not PIN2DMD). 4) Play a game for a while, then exit. Check c:\tmp . Nothing is in the directory Any suggestions for what else I can look at?
  13. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Thanks for taking a look. I am attaching all the project files. Let me know what you find out! project name is:Xfiles_V4m.xml Xfiles_vM.zip
  14. Pin2Dmd Editor

    How are things going with the editor? For the below, I used editor Build 135. Pin2dmd firmware 2.29 I just tried a mini-test project for my X-files DMD (with keyframes). The good news: I created just 4 keyframes (frameseqs) and saved my project. I reloaded the project and everything is intact! The bad news : When I try it, the display stops - right at my first replacement frame and requires me to restart the display altogether. I did renamed palettes.dat to pin2dmd.pal. Was there also a naming convention change for pin2dmd.fsq?
  15. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware