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  1. Hey Uncle Sash, all my problems are solved, it just had to update the firmware of the STM32, it works great, so no worries with the V3 shield....................................... I will soon test your V4 shield with the Nucleo for pin2DMD XL...................................
  2. It's working now you right i just installed the upgrade and it work well. All my problem is solved Thanks !
  3. I can see on your tutorial 2 different way of installation 1.1 Installation using ST-Link interface (STM32F407 Discovery Board and Nucleo 144) And this one 1.2 Installation using boot mode (custom controller without ST-Link interface) Which one i need choose for a real pinball machine ? At the begining i used the 1.1 process installation not the 1.2 So the STM is already flashed with the 1.1 step of your tutorial. And now i try the 1.2 installation and i can't do it because i don't understand the step 3 and 6 - 3) Set controller into boot mode (DIP2 off for DMDST32) and powercycle. - 6) Set controller into run mode and powercycle *When i lauch Dfuse Demo v3.0.5 i can't select any device (blank) I don't understand how i can flashed with Dfuse *When i lauch Zadig 2.1.2 i can't see PIN2DMD device but only 3 others like STM link or STM storage Thanks
  4. I already tried the terminal block and the black power plug, and the jumper was good on 1-2 EXT position. I exposed the problem to Uncle Sash and he does not understand why it does not work I tested two shields and two STM32s and it only works when I plug in the USB power supply of the STM32.
  5. yes lucky 1 I flash the STM32 firmware 2.51 activation key installed that you provided me the pinball works, but I have to put the mini USB of the computer for the STM32 to work, any other power supply the STM32 the led 5VOLTS is not lit and it turns on again as soon as I remove the 5 volts of the leds panels. I tested another STM32 and also another shield ditto remains more than the LED panels. What I do not understand is that it works when I connect the STM to the computer via the USB port.
  6. Hello everyone , I use a shield V3 + STM32, here is my problem, when I plug the STM32 on the USB port of my computer and that I feed the leds RGB panels with the 5 volts everything works correctly. the three red leds on the board STM32 lights. view the photo 1. now I want to install the pin2DMD in my pinball, I feed the LED panels with the 5 volts and I power the V3 shield in 5 volts, and I have only two red leds that lights up on the STM32 and therefore no pin2DMD that works if I remove the 5 volts of the LED panels, the three LEDs of the STM32 lights up, I tried to feed the STM32 directly on the map ditto it does not work view the photo 2. so I did another test Power supply 5 volts LED panels + board QSTM32 mini USB on computer + board pinballsur shield V3, it works. so I tried to cut a mini USB and power the mini usb with the 5 volts, it does not work. two LEDs lit on the STM32 it looks like there is a conflis between the 5volts of the STM32 and the 5 volts of the LED panels. sorry for my English, I hope you come to understand me. Thank you for your help
  7. thank you Rappelbox, to help me improve the display of my Séga pinball machines, when do you want me to contact you by email end of next week ?
  8. Thank you Rappelbox for your answer and your advice do you sell good quality RGB LED panels at random?
  9. I just found link for leds RGB XL https://fr.aliexpress.com/store/product/HD-LED-Video-Wall-P2-Indoor-Smd-Full-Color-Led-Display-Module-1-32-Scan-128/709678_32824445518.html
  10. lucky1 thank you for your answer, you can have a link to control RGB LED panel P2.0
  11. Hello everyone is that leds panel RGB is compatible to make a DMD XL with the V4 uncle sash. ? https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/p2-5-full-colo-led-display-indoor-rgb-led-display-screen-1-32-scan-160-160mm/32813544457.html?spm=a2g0w.search0104.8.23.fxjPCv
  12. I will be interested in the framework for DMD
  13. hello rappelbox, package well received, a big thank you to you for your work, good continuation................ greeting André
  14. well played rappelbox, I eagerly awaits news.............................
  15. super rappelbox I go soon receive my set number 4..................... ................
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