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  1. I would install the SAMBuild 3.2 beta, like Thalamus suggested above. Find file here added as attachment in first post.
  2. Damn they all look great!!! Love them all!! Great work!! Carry on.
  3. I agree!! Top quality, from the master of Backglasses!!! Looks great!! Thanks for sharing!! Your work is appreciated!!! Carry on.
    Looks great!! Thanks for sharing!! Carry on.
    Great addition to a kickass table!!! Thanks my friend!!
  4. One of the best Original tables ever made!! You must have the Golden Touch syndrome like Hauntfreaks has!! Everything he touches turns to gold. Every pinball table you have uploaded to the pinball community so far, is GOLD!! I can't wait to see what you will bring this community next!! So thankful that you are a part of this community!! Thanks for all the work you put into these masterpieces!! It really is appreciated!! Carry on.
  5. Great movie and Great pinball game!! Looks and plays great!! Thanks rascal!!
  6. Here are some DMD extras that HiRez00 made for his cabinet to go with animated fireplace backglass. Included is a Color RealDMD 128x32 Video, and DMD Image, for your front end software like PinballX. https://www.dropbox.com/s/51w40vxenrjgsgu/Christmas-Pinball-RealDMD-128x32.zip?dl=0 Make sure to turn 'OFF' the 'Hide DMD' option in PinballX Enjoy!!
  7. So I just updated this Christmas table with some extra options, and goodies. (Wait until you see the dB2S backglass included with download!!) Here is what I did.. v2.0 Connected flashers to coin insert, and other events. Adjusted FS POV so table is wider. Fixed DT Backdrop lights. Added Plastics change to Left MagnaSave Key.(5 different colors to choose from.) Added Bumper change to Right MagnaSave Key.(23 different “Bows and Ornaments” to choose from.) Added GI Lights color change to 2 or Buy-In Key.(5 different colors to choose from.) Added GI effect to hit events. (Used JPSalas script method.) So now the GI lighting blinks if you hit Upper Kicker, and drain,(blinks while Santa says ho ho ho), and lower targets only when a new pic is displayed. Added coin sound on Insert coin event. Included 3 wheels for cabinet users. Included new animated Fireplace dB2S backglass, with table download. (28 frames of animation!!) (I want to thank my friend HiRez00 for animating the flames in the fireplace backglass!!) (He did an amazing job!! I think it is perfect for setting the Christmas Pinballin’ mood!!) Hope you all enjoy this table for Christmas!! Carry on.
  8. This table does not have any volume adjustments available through the service menu. This table used analog controls that were located in the cabinet of the machine for volume adjustment. You can get to 3 volume settings, by clicking on the dmd with mouse and hitting the Tilde key. (The key to left of 1 key.) ` This will bring up a menu right over the dmd which you can navigate with your arrow keys. Press left or right arrow to adjust volume. Press down arrow to go to next setting. There are 3 volume settings altogether. When you are done adjusting, simply click the Tilde Key. If this doesn't help you, try checking into PinVol program that allows you to set volume on all tables. http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/PinVol.html Hope this helps you.
  9. As you can see from the post below mine ...the administrators are looking into this. I am sure they will have everything working again in a timely manner. Patience. Carry on.
  10. Just noticed there are no roms available on this site. Can anyone else confirm this? Or is there an update in progress? Seems kind of weird. Hope its just an update. Carry on.
  11. If you come across that Fatal Error message again, try clicking Preferences tab at top of editor, then click Video Options. You will see in lower right part of menu a "Max Texture Dimension" section. (as seen in pic. Uncheck "Unlimited" and try a lower setting. This should help with the tables that are giving you that Fatal Error message. Carry on.
  12. Do you have the latest B2S Backglass server program installed, which was updated July 30th? (Little over a month ago.) Not sure about it giving rom error, but there are other errors you will run into with newer tables and backglasses, made for the newest Backglass server. Worth a try... Find newest Backglass Server program version here.... https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=12553
  13. I have heard of this weird ball behaviour, where it rolls uphill. Do you have any controllers plugged in to USB port? If so, try running table without it plugged in, as I have heard gtxjoe help others with this problem, by asking them same question about controllers plugged into USB. Hope this helps you.
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