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  1. Thanks senseless Edit : Add download link is my first post Don't forget : the latest firmware and tools of PIN2DMD are required Happy Christmas !
  2. This update is amazing Thanks a lot Lucky !!! You are a boss
  3. Spiderman's colorisation is finished Electro mod : I need to test it again If anyone want to test it to detect bugs, send me a PM I will publish it when I will be sure which it works well
  4. I made this project with a dump from French rom. It works fine with french rom I have not tested with English rom but I think you can simply apply macro.pbm on English rom with Pinball Browser (the frames are the same in both versions) Maybe it should redo the project of editor pin2dmd with English rom if some scenes do not have the right duration
  5. Avancement 80% Some screenshots Jack O lantern : Venom : Sandman :
  6. Hey Carny, If you want to test I made a diff patch without change CRC32 (original = 20EC78B3 , after patching = DD00BCA9) https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9zbmh1lug0ma3y/MUS145LENoFix.diff?dl=0
  7. Thanks Carny, I will send you a message soon
  8. Yes I understand thanks but in my pincab I have an error "terminated before initialized, check the rom path or rom file" If I do not manipulate the CRC32 If I check rom with mame setup "crc32 actual 0x00000000" "state not available" This is why I modify the CRC32 (Maybe just with the color rom which contains a "0" in its CRC32 I don't know)
  9. @bent Link works for me @Carny, all my color roms work fine if I put the same CRC32 from the original rom (just 'length mismatch' message if you test rom on Mame setup.exe) MustangLE conversion display some bugs (e. g. display 00 on the top left corner) and sometime pin2dmd loads red palette I do not master well the new pinmame and I think it should no longer use the script of the table to load the dat file but put this file in an altcolor folder or something like that
  10. Try this => https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zr860ctyxpg726/Mustang LE Color By Sharkky.zip?dl=0 Tell me if it works or not Sharkky Edit link @Carny : when I patch and zip rom its size is 63.098.052 in the archive But when I manipulate CRC32 checksum to change as the same of official, its size is 63.098.056 in the archive So the rom size in the archive is 63.098.056 but it works at my home (just "length mismatch" message when I check roms in VP )
  11. Hi comicalman, I looked at your project (XFiles_V4m1) The start point of your Keyframe scene 1 is wrong An example for your scene 1 : you must select xfiles_dump and go to the frame where you would starting your scene (right here it is frame number 644) Select "scene 1" in the "frameseq" combo box. Click on "add frameseq" button Export your project and if you have real pinball => rename files to pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.fsq The frameseq replacement is on the fsq file, so you must copy pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.fsq on your sd card Your corrected project is here => https://www.dropbox.com/s/4bsnkkfmspwumpe/XfilesComicalman.zip?dl=0 Good luck for the next Sharkky
  12. Hey Steve, Did you test Jurassic Park Projects which I sent you? I wonder if the project with "add color mask" works fine on your real JP because on my pincab it does not works correctly Thanks
  13. I made you a dump but maybe it does not contain all scenes https://www.dropbox.com/s/yypw2fhm3k30a5f/simpprty_dump.txt.gz?dl=0 Please share your project here when you have finish Good luck
  14. Hi Steve, Thanks for answer Actually after retesting the last release works with "add frameseq" option However it works bad with "add color mask" option : 1. The colors which I am using are wrong 2. Mask frames are not synchronized with original frames Result with add color mask : I will work a little on jurassic park and if you can test on your real pinball it will be pretty good edit : add link of southpark color mask project : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxcind5exgyrvxk/SouthParkColorMaskPin2DMDEditor.rar?dl=0
  15. Hi DJRobx, Thanks for your works it's amazing ! I make some colorizations of stern rom and I have some frames detections's problem on vpinmame with pinball browser For exemple with the same project of startrek pro colorisation : With vpinmame I have some bugs : But on real pinball with serial channel it works fine (thanks to Lucky who has tested on his real pinball) Look at 1"10 I wonder if you can make the UART2 implementation in vpinmame to use serial channel which will correct this problem If you can do it it will be fantastic for the rom colorization Thanks a lot
  16. I have succeeded to colorize the 4 colors rom with 16 colors It works with an old version of pin2dmd editor (v1.0.18.0) but not with the last version Steve, can you look that if you have time Jurassic park intro test South park intro and multiball (look at 1"38) You must use SD card and add in script pin2dmd.exe /u option to upload .fsq file
  17. About stern rom: you have need just "old file.bin" (original file bin) and file.diff When you use the bspatch command "new file.bin" is the file which will be created
  18. Hi, I have started to colorize spiderman vault edition (rom : smanve_101c) Edit : WIP : 100% The latest Pin2dmd Firmware and tools are required (2.36) Look this thread : Download link : SpidermanVaultEdition Color Patch I hope I have enough memory to complete
  19. Hey thebarto, Have you finished your project ? I also worked on WPT I mixed PinballBrowser and PIN2DMD editor Maybe this could be a support to your project I share my project here => https://www.dropbox.com/s/z00c3t1zcnzrgnq/World%20Poker%20Tour%20Fr%20Couleur.zip?dl=0 zip contains *.diff file for patching rom, macro and smartDMD for pinballbrowser, dump's files and pin2dmd project
  20. With a latest build of pin2dmd editor, i have made new version which correct Match scene and the loading of stern logo Thanks Steve for your work
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