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  1. How do we send freezy a couple of bucks for a beer for everything he has done for pinDMD3 and Virtual DMD users?
  2. You are blowing through these titles! Amazing work!
  3. This looks great! Thanks for your efforts.
  4. The only mess I see is on your windows desktop! Looking good Terry!
  5. Imploring someone to do something about their "absolutely horrendus" work is not often associated with someone who appreciates their efforts. Passive aggressive comments like "If real table uses rubber balls than ignore my comentary" will rightfully lead someone to to be offended. Rather than taking the feedback of others you double down and tell people to not be so sensitive to criticism? You then follow that up with what seemed like an attempt to seek empathy for all the time you spent testing and investigating how to make changes yourself pretty much insinuating your time is more valuable than that of the authors? Wow. I'd say I'm at a loss for words... but apparently I'm not
  6. I'm using this table: I forget what ROM it's running but I'm not having any trouble with the sound. It has been a while since I spent any time on a Temrinator so I am going to switch back to the non-coloured ROM though to get more familiar with it and then switch back to the coloured ROM to appreciate the differences better.
  7. I had to rename the .pal file to pin2dmd.pal to get it to work on my VP with my pin2dmd. Thanks for the efforts on this, just awesome! I'm experiencing some flicker in animation with red in it when I light the kickback on the pin2dmd.
  8. Thanks for the link to your thread on pinside... awesome! I am there frequently but I missed it and things get buried there so quickly.
  9. Well I like that very much... that's closer! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Cool... I'll add the dmddevice.dll and give it another go, thanks. I'll try and take some pictures of the difference I'm seeing... it isn't looking like a brightness difference. Edit: Added the dmddevice.dll to the ultradmd directory and I am off the races playing Stranger Things, Diablo and Champions League Soccer! Thanks!
  11. So P-ROC on the pin2dmd is pretty straight forward though things don't look as crisp as the did on the pindmd3 with the same settings. I haven't sorted out how to get pin2md working with UltraDMD yet. I tried swapping the XDMD.DLL in the ultradmd director with the one from @lucky1 github as well as the XDMD everywhere else that I can find it but I haven't quite figured out how to get UltraDMD working.
  12. I've got to wonder if it is going to become the standard upgrade. Right now the only thing pinDMD3 users are really missing out on are TSPP and SFII... the other roms in my opinion aren't worth the effort... and I believe freezy is capable of getting both of those working on a pinDMD3 with an update to his dmddevice.dll. With all that being said though I grew tired of the lack of support for the pinDMD3 in general. Initially there were talks of an editor that would be easier to use but it never materialized. I figured I might as well support the folks who are actively moving this scene forward. I now need to go find out why my pin2dmd keeps forgetting that it is registered.
  13. I made the switch from the pinDMD3 to a pin2dmd yesterday so I got to experience this effort on my virtual pin last night and my jaw hit the floor! Thank you so much, it is just amazing.
  14. My orange issue... I will grab better screenshots this weekend, I want to do a more controlled test between the pindmd3 and pin2dmd, same rom, same sequence, and also to ensure I didn't screw anything up in my install but I had these two shots on my camera. PIN2DMD - Orange PINDMD3 Orange
  15. This is a picture of my install... if you are adverse to bad hack jobs then you may not want to look I tend to be able to get things to work, they just aren't always the prettiest!