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  1. I've been watching the videos a bit to see if I can figure this out... hopefully your source files can aid in that process. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the message @UncleSash, can't wait to do the conversion from pinDMD3 to PIN2DMD!
  3. Thanks @gtxjoe, there is a 16pin cable under the pinDMD3 that I suspect I could use. I took a picture of it the controller removed. Looks like @unclesash sells the shield and the discovery board at a reasonable price all flashed and ready to go so that may be the easiest route, need to check his shipping costs to Canada.
  4. Thanks Dom! I'm guessing the the breakoutboard is the 'shield' that I have now read more about on the pin2dmd website. I found this picture online of the pinDMD3 controller.
  5. Without dwelling on the why I would curious to know if anyone would have any advice on what parts I would need to purchase and how I would go about converting my pinDMD3 to a pin2dmd? I hope my led panels and the housing they live in would be reusable.
  6. Very cool... looking forward to seeing if it can work on pinDMD3 too one day. I'm in a similar solution to @Thalamus and considering a move to pin2dmd.
  7. This looks really amazing, great work! I don't own a TSPP but if I did a $15-$20 fee for it would be a no brainer as the machine runs $5K+ Canadian... but on a my Virtual Pinball that is a more challenging price point I look forward to seeing it on my Virtual Pin one day if it does become free.
  8. @vbobrusev Your progress to date looks great! Looking forward to seeing more!
  9. @vbobrusev any chance you will have a public release? It looks great in the video.
  10. Well... if you want to spell Metallica with 2 "L's" then you might find that one... I couldn't find that one here, thanks @sliderpoint. Edit: I suppose the link I shared didn't require you to wait 10 seconds before the download would start though!
  11. Thanks for this! Patching now... I didn't see the ROM here on VPU... and stern isn't showing it on their main site... easy enough to figure how to access the file from their CDN though... If I shouldn't have posted that let me know, I can edit it out. Edit: With no entry in vpinmame for a coloured 1.64 I just used the 1.70 Coloured spot to get this running... looks great. Really like the new LE table... can't figure out how to get the Hammer activated, will need to play it some more.
  12. I actually forgot to put it in my syswow and just put it in my vpinmame with the updated ini. I'll update it over in m syswow64 too... but I would like to limit the number of places I put it.
  13. That's mine! haha, moving on to Mustang!
  14. Freezy that's hilarious... I am live streaming my DMD to your webpage now... brilliant.
  15. I do not believe there is a PM5 version... not one that I can find anyway. I wonder if this is on anyone's VPX list.