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  1. Don't have my VP any longer to test, but has anyone made it to Barnyard Multi-ball to test it? One of the more lesser known multi-balls on MM. Collect one of each item from the catapult to start it.
  2. @lucky1 Sent you a PM, hope you have a chance to read and respond. Thanks!
  3. Follow up to my own post... most all seems back to normal now. Don’t think I did anything special. Uninstalled and reinstalled vpinmame... by short of Ghostbusters which starts without errors and you can hear the rom running but don’t see it on the PIN2DMD all is good.
  4. Wondering if anyone has any idea's on this one... I moved my pin out of my basement where the pin2dmd was working just fine. I was reassembling the VP upstairs and played a couple of games prior to plugging my PIN2DMD back in... so I had no DMD to look at. After putting my PIN2DMD back in place now the ROM does not always display on the DMD. If I run the setup.exe from the vpinmame directory and test the game it works fine, if I launch the game from within VP it works most of the time, if I launch the game from Pinball-X I don't get anything on the PIN2DMD. I'm using the latest VPINMAME and my PIN2DMD is running 2.54. I deleted all my nvram and I'm currently at a loss. My Ghostbuster ROM is also not working at all, even in the custom vpinmame install. Just a black DMD. I can run the PIN2DMD tool and change the pallet colours on the DMD no problem, I'm at a loss currently. Should never have moved it... it was working and has been working fine for months and months.
  5. Wow! What a title to choose, really looking forward to this one.
  6. None of those games have been colourized... someone was working on TAF but I believe the project stalled... I believe this list is current: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-led-color-dmd-user-colorization-projects
  7. I finally got a chance to update my firmware and I do like the orange better, but the bottom of the colour spectrum is now really brown, need to play around with some custom colour pallets to get the bottom of the scale look more orange, but it is looking better, thanks!
  8. Looking really good Terry! I really need to add some addressable LED's at some point. Too many projects!
  9. Trying to follow along with the videos and there doesn't appear an 'apply' button for pallets anymore, have I don't something to make it not appear?
  10. Thanks Steve... I must have been looking at the nightly builds, I didn't see a mac build here: https://bintray.com/sker65/pin2dmd/Editor2/latest/view#files I'll check the commit logs on GitHub
  11. Looks like a new version of the editor got uploaded yesterday, there are no release notes or anything... I also don't see a version for MacOS, is one coming? Or is it the first file with no extension?
  12. Seemed pretty on point to me. freezy saved pinDMD3 from being a complete waste of its capabilities. I still can't get my orange to look as good on the pin2dmd as it did on pinDMD3 but I haven't really tried to be honest... what little time I get in front of my Vpin these days is spent playing, not messing around with settings! So many good tables coming out. I do need to turn it back on though and get the latest version of vpinmame on there and give Metallica another run to see if I can get that coffin lock acting right.
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