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  1. Indiana Jones (Stern2008) Hanibal's 4k Edition

    Thanks to freneticamnesic for there nice VP9 table and the permission for convert to VP10.
    And additionally special thank to GLX, gtxjo, Highlnder00 and anybody else where working on the previous versions before.
    In this table I have create some new scripts for an ballistic impulse to the "MAP" section and some sound scripts for moving parts.
    I have modified many Textures and Objects according to the real version of the table, and have created some special light effects, I hope you like it.
    Generally enjoy this nice table and have fun with 8 Ball Multiball



  2. Tron Legacy LE Hanibals 4k Edition

    Tx to freneticamnesic for the convert of the FP version to this nice table.
    Additionaly tx to using 85vetts script and adapted to work in VPX.
    Thanks to rom and Glxb and slamtilt for their FP Version!
    I have change this things:
    - new real playfield and decals
    - new physics
    - new lights
    - new sounds
    - some funny things 
    - Tron Arcade reacts on Game Over by pinball and has demo screens
    - New bumper cover mods
    - Bike and ship models have glowing lights 



  3. VP 10 Terminator 2 Judgment Day Hanibal's Chrome Edition

    Thanks to the nice work before to all people making this table for VP10.
    This is one of my favorit, so I must optimize it and hope you enjoy my work.



  4. Terminator 3 (Stern 2003) Hanibals 4k Edition 1.0

    This is the vpx version of the Terminator 3 table from Stern.
    There are a lot of Light and Flasher effects on the table, I like it  
    Have Fun with that.



  5. Pirates of the Caribbean Hanibals 4k Edition

    Tx to freneticamnesic for the permission to mod the nice table.
    Additionaly tx to using 85vetts script and adapted to work in VPX.
    Thanks to rom and Glxb and slamtilt for their FP Version!
    I have change this things:
    - new real playfield and decals
    - new physics
    - new lights
    - new sounds
    - some funny things 



  6. Cirqus Voltaire 1997 Hanibals 4k Mod

    In this Mod I have only modify some small thinks, because the table is really great.
    The playfield was updated for my 4k monitor and some graphics a replaced with another versions.
    - red disc graphics recreated
    - bumper update with small red light at hit
    - shoot again light changed
    - playfield increase in resolution and glare
    - yellow targets are more realistic
    - red target get another texture
    - yellow flasher graphics updated
    - small physic update
    - movable auto plunger
    - sound updates
    - Ringmaster swinging sound
    - Neon fluctuating lights
    - New physic test script for more ball reality
    - Neon global intensity adjustable by keys
    - Ball now moving script for ringmaster magnet
    - New ball rolling sound modification
    - New real Apron
    I hope you like it.



  7. X-Files Hanibal 4k LED Edition

    Based on X-Files Table from JPSalas and Sliderpoint, a nice work.
    I have changed the physics, they are now very nice.
    I have redraw particaly the playfield and update all the lights.
    Add some nice light effects, and ball relfection.
    Looks like  an LED modified table



  8. Lord of the Rings Hanibals 4k Edition

    Thanks for Coindropper for the permission to mod of the nice table from him.
    I have add a moving palantir and looking eye on tower.
    The moving and pictures of the Balrog has been changed.
    Many physics, lights and design updates.
    Enjoy this Mod 



  9. Star Trek LE Hanibals 4k Asteroid Mod 1.7

    This table is base on the nice Star Trek LE table of freneticamnesic, a very nice work.
    I have add 2 new asteroid, my first try to create 3D objects for an table.
    On the original pinball game they are 2 to cover the spots and I missed them.
    Additionally I update some lights, physics, and add the ball reflection for the game, because it looks like fantasic on this table.
    Now it looks like very nice on my 4k virtual pinball and I hope you enjoy it 



  10. VP 10 Monster Bash Hanibal's Style

    Have fun with this version of Monster Bash



  11. The Walking Dead LE Hanibals 4k Blood Mod

    Blood Mod of the very nice table from Dozer, and tx for the permission to mod.
    I have changed this things:
    - new Hires playfield
    - new apron
    - new physics
    - new sounds
    - new animation
    - new lights
    - new grfx
    - more blood 
    Have fun and enjoy



  12. Star Wars Trilogy Hanibals 4k

    Based on Star Wars Trilogy VP9 from jpsalas
    Improved physics and a lot of new realistic sound, graphic's and light effects.
    Add a new flash sound script and some new light features.
    Create a new swinging script with high frame rate for shaking the Tie
    Add a laser shouting animation for the big cannon
    In desktop mode you can activate a local DMD by using the 6 key.
    Enjoy the play and have fun with that.



  13. TOTAN Hanibals 4k Mod

    Based on Totan 1.1.1 shiny mod from flupper1 (Thanks a lot for permission).
    I try to update this nice Table to 4k Resolution, with improvement of many graphic's and physics.