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  1. Hi, @Arngrim could you put back these ROM versions in DOF please ? Thanks ++
  2. Thanks Lucky1, I will give a try tomorrow morning and report here. Thank you for your support Edit : well it's better this way, thanks Lucky1
  3. Hi, I noticed the same issue since a few months, can't remember when exactly, maybe since Pin2DMD firmware v2.50 I guess. I used to use the plasma-like settings you posted somewhere here on VPU Lucky1 for non colored-ROMs and I loved the result But now I've got greenish-reddish colors with or without activating Colorize ROM in VPM settings and whatever color settings I use, it looks like values are not sent to Pin2DMD. I'm using latest SAMbuild from Carny and latest Pin2DMD firmware with latest DMDDevice.dll you posted on Github 4 days ago. I have no issue at all with colorized ROMs, but the results I have let's say for AC/DC LE v1.70 are in the attached pictures. Thanks
  4. Nevermind for missing videos with PinballX, I just forgot to update XDMD's dlls Now it's working fine with WinUSB drivers ++
  5. Same thing here, no more display in PBX using DMDDevice.dll from Pin2DMD master archive, DMDDevice.dll from Freezy and an old Pin2DMD DMDDevice.dll. But if you switch the driver with Zadig to libusbK.dll then PBX displays videos again. Also when I launch Pin2DMD.exe and reset the device, I've got the boot sequence then Pin2DMD.exe displays an error saying Firmware version not supported! Please upgrade! I'm of course using latest 2.39 firmware. Thanks
  6. I did a quick test this morning with PinballX before leaving to work and I had no videos on my DMDST32 with DMDExt DMDDevice.dll. Putting back DMDDevice.dll from SAMbuild 2.9 and solved the "issue". It's not a big issue as PinballX only displays videos on PinDMD devices. I will do more testing ASAP ++
  7. @freezy just a quick feedback : DMDExt v1.5.2 now runs without any errors Thanks for your hard work ++
  8. Thanks Hanibal I also find that flippers are rather slow and not so reactive. ++
  9. Sorry if I am misunderstanding you, but here are my settings with the table leading to a perfect smoothness even in Klingon Multiball + PewPew=1 : My rig is : Asus B85M-E motherboard / Intel Core i7-4770 / 16 Gb DDR3 / Geforce 1060 6 Gb / SSD 240 Gb / Win10 x64 and latest versions of everything Please don't care about the green arrow, it's a screenshot I used on a french forum to explain that table user customizations override videos settings ++
  10. @DJRobX : thanks for the tip, disabling 4XAA in table options did the trick, now game is super smooth with PewPew=1 in Klingon Multiball mode ++
  11. Thanks guys I've just played Hanibal's mod and went through very important slowdown in Klingon Multiball mode with the red lights moving on the playfield. I'm running on a Core i7-4470 / Geforce 1060 6 Gb / SSD 240 Gb / 16 Gb DDR3 / Win 10 x64 / VPX 10.2.1 / SAMbuild v2.9, all softwares up to date. Can the moving red lights be disabled in the script ? Anyway thanks for this nice little piece of VPX art Edit : nevermind, I switched PewPew option from 1 to 0 to disable lasers and no more lights but smoothness is back ++
  12. Thanks Carny. I asked because I am writing a tutorial for a french forum and am willing to be as concise as possible ++
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