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  1. xantari I just downloaded the grander unifier from MJR how do I re-add this delay? http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/dll-updates.html
  2. I was having this same issue.....the link to this build completely fixed the problem. This is ideal since my motherboard doesnt have usb 2.0 ports
  3. HI Carny, Quick one I have installed 3.1 and it works beautifully thank you for that. The only exceptions my System 3 Gottlieb games run slow (Rescue 911, Tee'd Off etc) I know this was an issue earlier but I am not sure what the fix is. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. All updated my DOFconfig table settings and it seem to fix the issue! I may be talking to myself at this point
  5. I have been playing the spiderman with the colored dmd and I am seeing a bug where if I get the DOC Oc's magnet my DOF will vibrate the shaker motor and freeze my rear right solenoid and 3 lights on the light bar.. Could this pinmame related or just a bug in DOF config?
  6. Forget Question one just realized I had to change my dmddevice.ini to the following a DMD that renders with nice dots on a computer monitor [virtualdmd] enabled = false Thanks
  7. Hi Freezy, thanks for all the hard work on this! It is amazing to me how much this adds to the pinball experience Two questions I am getting a large dmd on the playfield when I use the 1..5 dmddevice.dll even though I have it turned off in pinmame. Any solutions on how to fix this? Also is there a list of games currently with pal files associated with them?
  8. I am using an external dmd (pindmd3). I have installed the latest Vpinmame that lucky provided....the dmddevice.dll is in the pinmame directory. I have reinstalled pinmame and it looks like it is using the latest pinmame build. However when I play any of the new build I get the error that Variable is undefined: 'SolModCallback' something isn't adding up any suggestions?
  9. Currently 2.39 is just for Non-Pindmd machines correct or did I miss the download somewhere?
  10. I think the issue was with using the maximum pre-rendered frames. Once that was turned off it started working great again.
  11. I have my v-sync set to 0 I am assuming this is what your referring to? Still choppy
  12. Hi Nate, I have changed all of my Nvidia settings to reflect your performance settings. The only difference is my Antialiasing setting can only be changed to 8x. Unfortunately I am still getting stutter on my end. Not sure if this information helps but at some point in the game the goalie stopped moving and the soccer ball stopped rotating and everything was smooth as silk. Josh
  13. All tvs are now at 60z...the dmd was not. I am still getting stutter without the backless running. In my animation window the dropdown was completely blank on my end so I am not sure what to change. GI Frame skip is now set to 1 and solenoids set to 3. Unfortunately I am still getting stutter. Thanks again for the help Nate!! Josh
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