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  1. Damn like what happened to the FP tables? I thought Dazz said he was joking. Oh the WIP's are under planet future pinball not funny!!
  2. One trick i did was if you have any other roms (preferably stern) just copy the whole zip file into the same directory (click to highlight then hit control + v you should see it say xxx.zip copy) and take your bin file put it in the copied zip file and delete the original bin inside the zip. That should work like a charm, just make sure you rename that zip whatever the bin file is called. I was having a whole bunch of problems getting twd_125 with the voiceovers installed and that fixed it. Another thing look in the script (line 29) and see what rom it's calling for. If it's calling for a different rom that hasn't been updated then you need to update it in the script to look for the current rom.
  3. Yeah i forgot all about this table. I have both the vpx and 85vett Metallica's. It's good to see and play each version and make your own decisions on what you prefer. I still think the physics is better in pm5/vp9.9, where the lighting is better in vp10. I don't think one is way better than the other. I'll probably keep both versions on my cab. So coolball, are we going to see desktop patches of the new tables on here? I usually port over the tables myself, but yours look better than mine, so I'm waiting and wondering if I should port over tables for myself or wait for you to do it. Call me lazy I guess.
  4. I don't think it should be removed just yet because it is still a platform to make pins. What kind of message are we sending to our future pinball builders? No we don't need more pins? As long as someone is out there making tables, then why would we discourage them from building tables. Plus with vp, if someone wants to use fp images and gets permission it allows them to build a table that didn't have resources before. So if it's not really harming us to have it, I don't see why it would be removed. Just think if we had no fp, we'd have no Jaws, WOZ, TBL, Knight Rider, Aliens legacy, gone in 60 seconds all of which are on my pinballx. While it may not be as visually stunning as vp10, it is an easier way to script original tables and this is future pinball's strength. While we might be gaining more space for vp we'll be losing fp's originals. My 2 cents.
  5. Hmm I wonder if we can patch Family Guy into a VP10 with lights and everything working?
  6. Weird in desktop mode the VPX The Rolling Stones ball hangs up by the left inlane, but in FS mode it plays fine. Great release!! Now I can fully enjoy this!!
  7. That's cool if you replace the Fg images with these you get Shrek plastics and apron. Playing around with the pf, I can't seem to get the size to match fg's build. Can't seem to change it either with Gimp. I wish I knew more about this, but I'm learning a little how Groni built the table. It should be simple to build once we get the right images sized to match.
  8. Thanks 85vett, I figured it out now last night and put in all the lights and it works like a charm. Is there a red flasher I could use for F68? If not it's not a big deal. At least now the game feels more complete. I guess I learned something in VP. Thanks!!
  9. Excuse the noob question, but how do you find the mini playfield in the editor to put the flashers on it? I discovered you can remove the layers, but the mini playfield is gone and it only shows the main playfield.
  10. If you don't have time to do anything else, at least release the FG beta. It looks really good and the physics are unbelievable!!
  11. If you want to read more about Wrestlemania LE or the Pro, Pinball Magazine has a free download that talks about the game with an interview with it's designer John Trudeau. He does mention the Classic LE will have Ultimate Warrior, Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. He says there's 8 wrestlers total in the classic LE. (he didn't say the other 4) The Pro will have 4 wrestlers. It sounds kind of interesting the LE, when you select your wrestler, the 5.7" screen which will be above the ring will show pictures of you're selected wrestler including his walk down to the ring. They also mention that they wanted to use the chair for one part of the game, but WWE legal wouldn't let them so they changed it to the Whip Arm. They explain quite a bit of the LE, very interesting!! http://www.pinball-magazine.com/?p=2440
  12. Damn they are already selling the Pro on the Stern website. Someone on Pinside said they will start shipping them on Monday. Now why would someone buy a Pro when the LE is coming out with a screen?
  13. yes, I think you're right. I don't think there will be anymore production on Metallica. As soon as Wrestlemania hits the purchasable stage, Metallica probably will get sent down to archives. And I was thinking with Metallica and AC/DC soon to be in the archives, they could really use a music pin. Wrestlemania is going to play with 10 different tracks from the intro of each wrestler that the player can select. Looks like they are trying to have the best of both worlds, a music pin and a theme of choice. Kind of smart on Stern's part.
  14. On the Stern website it says both the Metallica Pro and Premium are sold out so is that it? Master of Puppets LE is in the archives.
  15. I'm getting a line 1738 error it says permission denied, then it says in a second error can't load b2s server. This is in VP Physmod5 Weird I loaded it in VP990 (not physmod) and it loads, but I can't play it. Then I went back to physmod and it loads. Ayiyi!! So if anyone has this problem do what I did to solve it.
  16. I was having a few problems with Loserman76 tables, so i adjusted the max texture and it solved it. Strangely enough now I can play it at any texture. I seem to be having a problem I'm trying to solve for someone else that has me baffled so far. On a windows 8 computer why would most of the Sam tables display with a black playfield. It's weird. AC/DC displays correct and so does IJ but none of the rest do they all have this same problem. Changing textures does no good here. I hear the windows 8 computers are a gaming nightmare. I am so sticking with my Windows 7.
  17. You have alot of time to wait for it. With Stern doing two new tables a year, one possibly this March and one around Chicago Expo time. (Oct) It's probably going to be in the neighborhood of 2 years at least before release. Star Trek has been out now since Oct '13, (about 15 months) and Metallica has been out since around July '13 (17 months) I believe the Master of Puppets LE is sold out. So this probably will be the next table to hit the archives. Stern probably has a 2 year license deal, so it might make sense that that would expire in July. Probably though they should keep it and just finish off the Mustang license at 1 year as they can probably get more production from Metallica. AC/DC was licensed since 3/12 (33 months) before the license finally expired this month. On the other hand Avengers license was expired after 21 months, so anything is possible. It guess it all depends on whether the game is making money or not. I know they did real well on AC/DC, hence the long license. If I was Stern I would be making another music pin, but make sure it's something everyone likes. I hear Ozzy has sold 100 million albums.
  18. The Premium WD that's coming out is going to have the coolest backglass. Now why didn't they use that before? It has the best cabinet art and is probably better than the LE. In the news release they state that it has a special effect fish tank with illuminated zombie heads. Is that the topper their talking about or something on the game? Then they mention this player-controlled motorized crossbow pinball launcher. What is that? I have only played the Pro so I don't know. I have to get out there and check out an LE. http://www.pinballnews.com/games/walkingdead/index4.html
  19. Here you go, here's some beer!! enjoy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b9PH55EtJI
  20. And make sure you are using the rom acd_168. I was using acd_165 and the trigger on the diverter for the cannon was not working until I updated the rom.
  21. Is there a B2S anywhere for the ACDC Pro model? I can't seem to find one.
  22. Alright!! I got this baby working now!! I setup the desktop patch by Coolball to play and I downloaded the acd_168 rom and changed my selected rom from acd_165h to acd_168, I played it and what the hell!!, the gong sound was working on the bell, so then I hit it up the right ramp and the diverter starts working and it goes into the cannon and the cannon now works. I'm like damn Coolball must know his $hit, so then I'm thinking could it be the rom? So I put it into the FS and it works!! Now I can Rock N' Roll with AC/DC!! I noticed a few other things like the rollover lights are now working. I can't believe a rom change improved the game so much.
  23. yeah thanks, but the ctrl buttons were not doing nothing so I took a chance and remapped the controls to p and l and it works. I tried enter for the cannon and nothing happens. So I probably need to remap that control to something else. At least now I know what to reassign. No dice, the cannon will not fire still with a remapped control, I noticed there is a div1 wall. If i delete that then I could play the game without the cannon, but at least it plays. Seems there is a script problem between div1 and div2, neither wall disappears and it just traps the ball.
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