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  1. Try this thread: SAM Build with modular DMD drivers for pindmd1,2,3 and PIN2DMD End of page 19 start of page 20. Djrobx went into why this was happening, basically said Windows 10 fixes your issue. Going to 10 worked for me, I know sliderpoint and dozer were having same issues. Not sure if they were able to figure anything out, seemed to be random people had issues
  2. Looks and plays really nice. Like the blue ball idea. Thanks for sharing
  3. Hey neofr45 sorry if i came down hard on you, after all you did not know proper etiquette. I don't want to dampen peoples good intentions for a different perspective on a table. That said my biggest problem is just the lack of common courtesy, to minimally name the previous contributors. These type of actions intentional or not are causing some of the experienced people to become frustrated and walk away from this hobby.
  4. So this table is a mod, of a shite mod by hannibal, which was modded from Dozers LE table, when Dozer modded the original pro version done by everyone listed by dark. People please read the history and give credit where credit is due. There was a lot of work done by the original people so at the very least acknowledge them. Thanks to Fren, ICP, Dark, Ninuzzu, Flupper and Dozer...there could be more even. Sorry to the same people listed for having to see this kind of disrespect by thoughtless twits Also thanks to the VP Dev team for their continued work, along with DJRobX for figuring out the LE coding with VPM in the first place. Thanks to Carneypriest and Arngrim for VPM and DOF On the plus side any physics adjusting from a typical turd table hannibal turns out is an improvement.
    awsome thanks
    Looks good, great addition to the custom moon walking dead rom Thanks!!!
  5. Like BorgDog Mentioned the Camera/Lightmode is an easier way to set up you table to your liking. Here is a tutorial DryBonz wrote that will help explain what camera/lightmode does
  6. Hey at least he did not use the dreaded "this table in unplayable" I hate that statement. But well said Thalamus.
  7. @xantari Or anyone else in the know, was there ever a newer version released that slows down the USB transfer speed? I have zebs complete setup as well and just experienced the same issue, however I had version R3 running perfectly on Windows 7. Now this past weekend I installed Windows 10 and this problem started up for me. The only difference in setup is the Windows OS, which would mean Windows 10 is just too efficient. Also thanks for this topic, I thought I was doing something majorly wrong till now
    Looks great, thanks for the contribution
  8. Are you sure you are using the right acdc table? This one is controlled by the Rom which has the songs built in, No need for more music files. There I another table released on that needed music, the files should be there still I think
  9. Yes it will work with a 1080 monitor Pm5 table was a pro version
  10. Yeah i did not want to go into detail, as I am sure there are still hard feelings about the whole thing. In my opinion it comes down to 1 guy wanting all the power, control and all the money to be made from virtual pinball. Sorry to any people getting their blood pressure raised
  11. Really you did not realize no talking about other sites on VPF? Somewhere on VPU there is the story of Dazz getting banned, i think Wildman getting banned is on here as well. I missed the Rosove getting banned story. Getting banned vs no references to other sites is really a different thing. Basically VPF does not allow references to other sites especially here, or monsterbash. I am not sure on references to vpinball as I have seen them from time to time. I wont touch on the why this is what it is, for all i know i will get banned from vpf for typing this . Okay quick site name references o VPF VPUniverse - "The other site" or "the universe" - "Other Other site" or "randr's place" Monsterbash - "The Italian Site" or "MB" Rogue Pinball - " go Rogue" or "Itchies place"
  12. Yeah Good Call DryBonz, there is no real way to say thanks when someone like myself downloads another Wildman Backglass. Wildman your the man! Always appreciate your hard work, and amazes me that you either have a backglass already out, or ready to go right around the time a new table is to be released. Keep up the great work!!! Hopefully more of us show the love you deserve