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  1. Are you using the all in 1 Installer? Did you Install at the C:\\ level and not under programs etc (helps with permissions on Windows 10) Anything or games work, or is it just 1 game?
  2. Also what is it doing, not starting? any errors popping up? The more Information you can provide the better we can help
  3. I would suggest trying the release made by Dozer, see if you get the same result.
  4. I don't want to clutter this thread up too much... but I tested various tables in and out of PinballX and fast flips works correctly using PinballX and without for me. 2 ideas I have is first make sure your PinballX is up to date, also try using using the 64 bit version to help speed it up. Also since PinballX runs in the background maybe your computer is being pushed to it's limits? Like I said these are just guesses on my part
  5. Just out of curiosity, will Spiderman and SMVE be supported in the future as well? Guess I should just try them, but thought I would ask
  6. FastFlips for all Stern games?? Awesome work everybody Great to see all the people who had a hand in pushing the development, also keeping everything together over the years. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed
  7. So what they have it Pinballx set to start from boot, which means it is located in the startup tab. Google for which version of Windows you are running to stop that. Or if you exit out you should get back to windows screens Once you are in windows you need to find your PinballX folder, then the setup files?? (Sorry at a different cpu.) There you will find all the settings and which executable of VP9 or VP10 pinballx is running.
  8. Nice, I was trying to find a easy updated video, did not realize Terry covers the basics as well in these. Glad there are more references for people like Charlie trying to learn this.
  9. Okay so now you have 2 versions of visual pinball it seems, one at the c: root level and one in program files. The all in 1 installer most likely put everything into c: which is preferred Since you are a raw rookie maybe a few guides to read, there are others as well if you google. It is hard telling you what to do in 5 mins or less. Once you are halfway up to speed makes it easier
  10. Are you getting color ANY of the games? Games like Attack from Mars etc strictly use the color palletes to colorize, not any patched roms. If you are getting no color roms whatsoever then you have a setup issue
  11. looks like you need the rom file for this table. You need the table file which is the table, you need the backglass file, and you need a rom file which runs the pinmame dmd. Look at that error asking for the rom, download that file from this site and put into your piname/roms folder. Leave the rom file a zip file as well
  12. I don't recall seeing a Bus Stop for VP10, and google can't find one either. Just because a back glass is done, does not mean the table has been finished. I think Wildman is 3 years ahead of the table authors
  13. Yeah I figured as much, was waiting to hear back from the original poster, then forgot to just up it either way. Still working great btw I'l post it in the morning
  14. Are you running Windows 10 by chance? Are you sure you are not getting in VP? I had something similar and would some random firing when playing as well. Even if i let a table sit without playing it would trigger the odd time. I have a pacled and had to get a custom direct output file from djrobx with a delay built in to stop the random firing
  15. Well glad it's all worked out Flexo Okay so troll is a bad term, how about inconsiderate? I can see where you can get frustrated, especially when something works for so long then all of a sudden it does not. My point I was adding is you were being rude to a guy that takes time out of his day to help someone out. Nobody here gets paid to do this and we all help where we can, so man if you get some bad advice or maybe it's not the correct answer well sorry. Why do you think I read this post in the first place? I was thinking well I can help this guy out, read your post and thought a permissions issue, or something of the like. Then by the time you are finished I'm thinking what an ass All I can say if you have issues in the future, let us help you by giving as much information to versions you are running etc. Also be patient sometimes it's an easy fix, sometimes it's not And hey now that you have upgraded to VP10.31 you should take the next step and upgrade to 10.4 as it is out of beta today. Most of the latest releases need 10.4 to play correctly.
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