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  1. Okay makes sense, thanks for the clarifications.
  2. Okay I can confirm as well renaming the bin file was the issue. Although I have a question to why naming changes things If I name the bin file, the zipped bin file, and the color file mtl_180hc then I get the white letters as well as no fastflips If I change the bin file to mtl180hc and leave everything else the same then i get fast flips and the colored rom as expected. I guess I always thought .bin and the zip files should match, seems like this is not always true??
  3. Can someone confirm if fastflips is working with met180LE rom for them. 170 works fine for me but not the 180. I confirmed I have Installed and am running the latest pinmame (4838)
  4. Thanks for the continued ideas, I am confident I will get this figured out now. I'm not sure why i did not think of altering my dmd resolution. If not by dmdext the screen res will work @CarnyPriest something you may know as to why, but version 1 I could use a pixel size of 9.5. Then when version #2 or when the Betty call outs were updated I could not use decimals in the pixel sizing. Seems like 9 is too small and 10 too big. Just curious if you know is all
  5. My problem is my DMD screen is a 1920 x 1080 computer screen, where CCC was designed around a 1200 x 800 screen resolution (close from what i remember) so when i fill the width my height does not fill the screen. Like I said it's a little trivial but i'm a little OCD and it is one of my favorite games to play
  6. that helped, I have proof of concept now. Will play around with PinballY to get it stating and stopping without cmd window Thanks
  7. I still have my Pinballx so maybe I will try that way Is there a cmd line that I can try just using visual pinball without of a front end? Probably would help if I had the mirror working for FX3 but that will be next. As for one of those plugs I have that but I only have 3 HDMI ports so can't use (oops) Thanks for the help btw
  8. At the moment I'm using PinballY will most likely be moving to pinup popper in the fall
  9. Hey guys turning the virtual cabinet back on and playing some CCC. Is there a way to mirror, or how do I mirror the p-roc dmd to a virtual dmd using freezy's dmd ext? The size settings of the p-roc dmd has always bugged me (I know it's trivial) Thanks,
  10. The table is looking for Rom 174h, so take the Rom downloaded from stern and zip and name it 174h. Not sure why you are wanting to name it 140h.
  11. Are you using the all in 1 Installer? Did you Install at the C:\\ level and not under programs etc (helps with permissions on Windows 10) Anything or games work, or is it just 1 game?
  12. Also what is it doing, not starting? any errors popping up? The more Information you can provide the better we can help
  13. I would suggest trying the release made by Dozer, see if you get the same result.
  14. I don't want to clutter this thread up too much... but I tested various tables in and out of PinballX and fast flips works correctly using PinballX and without for me. 2 ideas I have is first make sure your PinballX is up to date, also try using using the 64 bit version to help speed it up. Also since PinballX runs in the background maybe your computer is being pushed to it's limits? Like I said these are just guesses on my part
  15. Just out of curiosity, will Spiderman and SMVE be supported in the future as well? Guess I should just try them, but thought I would ask
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