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  1. Like BorgDog Mentioned the Camera/Lightmode is an easier way to set up you table to your liking. Here is a tutorial DryBonz wrote that will help explain what camera/lightmode does
  2. Hey at least he did not use the dreaded "this table in unplayable" I hate that statement. But well said Thalamus.
  3. @xantari Or anyone else in the know, was there ever a newer version released that slows down the USB transfer speed? I have zebs complete setup as well and just experienced the same issue, however I had version R3 running perfectly on Windows 7. Now this past weekend I installed Windows 10 and this problem started up for me. The only difference in setup is the Windows OS, which would mean Windows 10 is just too efficient. Also thanks for this topic, I thought I was doing something majorly wrong till now
    Looks great, thanks for the contribution
  4. Are you sure you are using the right acdc table? This one is controlled by the Rom which has the songs built in, No need for more music files. There I another table released on that needed music, the files should be there still I think
  5. Yes it will work with a 1080 monitor Pm5 table was a pro version
  6. Yeah i did not want to go into detail, as I am sure there are still hard feelings about the whole thing. In my opinion it comes down to 1 guy wanting all the power, control and all the money to be made from virtual pinball. Sorry to any people getting their blood pressure raised
  7. Really you did not realize no talking about other sites on VPF? Somewhere on VPU there is the story of Dazz getting banned, i think Wildman getting banned is on here as well. I missed the Rosove getting banned story. Getting banned vs no references to other sites is really a different thing. Basically VPF does not allow references to other sites especially here, or monsterbash. I am not sure on references to vpinball as I have seen them from time to time. I wont touch on the why this is what it is, for all i know i will get banned from vpf for typing this . Okay quick site name references o VPF VPUniverse - "The other site" or "the universe" - "Other Other site" or "randr's place" Monsterbash - "The Italian Site" or "MB" Rogue Pinball - " go Rogue" or "Itchies place"
  8. Yeah Good Call DryBonz, there is no real way to say thanks when someone like myself downloads another Wildman Backglass. Wildman your the man! Always appreciate your hard work, and amazes me that you either have a backglass already out, or ready to go right around the time a new table is to be released. Keep up the great work!!! Hopefully more of us show the love you deserve
  9. Okay I'm terrible with acronyms, and why are pinball tables all known by 2 or 3 letters Anyway So what is JIT? What does it do if i disable? How do i disable? Thanks,
  10. I am getting similar results to Dozer except I was able to get mine to crash with or without the B2S Server Running, however I was completely exiting out of VPX each time, as I thought that is what PinballX does but i could be wrong on that. If I use a wndows 10 CPU everything seems to be good, but my pinball cab is Windows 7 which somehow seems to be a related issue?? The odd thing with mine is once lets say Metallica starts to work, i can start and stop the table 5 times without issue. Then once the crash decides to happen I can't get the PinDMD to work even on restart, buut if i switch to lets say Spiderman i can open and close multiple times without issue. It almost feels like once the issue it has is overcome, somehow everything starts to work for a bit until it wants to crash again. It's reminds me of my wife, you need to warm it up for it to work but when it does not want to work, there is nothing going to change its mind Don't get me wrong I think it's a great option and I appreciate the hard work by all, I just wish there was rhyme or reason behind the crashes, just does not seem repeatable but maybe Dozer is right and I missed the issue. I am working with all latest pindmd files from yesterday and everything else is up to date as well
  11. Here is my crash.txt Crash report VPX rev2884 ============ Process: vpinballx.exe Reason: 0xC0000005 - EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0023:0DA90002 Attempt to read from 0x0DA90002 Thread ID: 0xC44 [3140] Call stack ========== 0DA90002 (0x01670090 0x00000000 0x000026FC 0x0da90002) 23FB8FA3 vpinmame.dll (0x000026FC 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x243f2d88) 23EED099 vpinmame.dll (0x000005C4 0x243D3228 0x277BFF88 0x00000001) 23EFF632 vpinmame.dll (0x1FABA358 0x00000000 0x7625325B 0x00000000) 23EFF36A vpinmame.dll (0x277BFFC4 0x76FB58C5 0x01FA11C4 0xfffffffffffffffe) 76F6E40C ntdll.dll RtlInitUnicodeString + 0x164 (0x76F6E172 0x00000010 0x00000006 0x00000006) 76F6E40C ntdll.dll RtlInitUnicodeString + 0x164 (0x00000010 0x00000006 0x00000006 0x00000000) 76F6E172 ntdll.dll RtlAllocateHeap + 0xAC (0x00000030 0x00000008 0x277BFED8 0x277bfefc) 24070F66 vpinmame.dll DllUnregisterServer + 0x1CA86 (0x00000009 0x00000000 0x6EB5E832 0x1faba358) 24079575 vpinmame.dll DllUnregisterServer + 0x25095 (0x00000004 0x243CF300 0x243CF260 0x243306c4) 2405EE5C vpinmame.dll DllUnregisterServer + 0xA97C (0x00000000 0x1FE78F60 0x1FE78F60 0x243306c4) 2405EE5C vpinmame.dll DllUnregisterServer + 0xA97C (0x241FFF1C 0x1FE78F60 0x277BFF88 0x00000000) 2405EE5C vpinmame.dll DllUnregisterServer + 0xA97C (0x00000000 0x1FABA358 0x7625325B 0x2404db0b) Environment =========== Date/time: 16/1/2017, 21:22:16:72 Number of CPUs: 4 Processor type: 586 System: Unknown Windows version - 6.1 (Service Pack 1) Memory status ============= Total Reserved: 227976K (222M) bytes Total Commited: 1373552K (1341M) bytes Total Free: 2592712K (2531M) bytes Largest Free: 2096276K (2047M) bytes Registers ========= EAX=0DA90002 EBX=00000000 ECX=0DA90002 EDX=000026FC ESI=00000000 EDI=000026FC EBP=00000000 ESP=277BFF50 EIP=240558A3 FLG=00010206 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B Failed to save minidump.
  12. 8gb of Ram Windows 7 64 bit, I5 4690 @ 3.5 GHz 750 ti 2gb Graphics card
  13. So i have the color pin2dmd running on 2 computer setups, 1 is my pinball CPU with 3 monitors running windows 7, the second is my desktop CPU with just 1 screen running windows 10. Everything is playing fine on my desktop windows 10 machine without problems, all roms open great without crashes For my pinball cpu I duplicated all the settings, as well as files etc but I am having issues with a few of the patched games. Mustang is just a no go, VP10 stops every time. Spiderman vault runs some times great then will not run. The same issue for Metallica. It seems like if I am having issues with spiderman, then if i open let's say Attack from Mars then shut down vp10, then open and start spiderman then spiderman will play without issues. All the color palatte tables run perfect The only difference between the 2 cpus is windows operating system, number of screens, and not running B2S server on my desktop. Not sure if this helps or makes any sense, just reporting in.
  14. Woah Wait What? We can use this for colored Stern roms on a virtual DMD now?? Dang it I have to pay more attention Thanks to everybody involved in this, now i have more to do @TerryRed there is a program to easily import many colored roms all at once, I think it's Pinbulbs? Was made by BigBoss if i remember correctly. Sorry my cab is down right now so don't remember exactly but i do have the files to import into the program which changes totan and others not Stern quite easily