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  1. hi, this file seems to be corrupt for me.. can anybody confirm this for a current download? also cant find this anywhere else. anybody know where i can get a working copy? thanks
  2. i am also getting the ball falling under the plunger pretty often. when i pull the plunger all the way back, the ball falls down under the tip and shooter spring. when launched, it causes a "misfire" and the ball does not make it up to the inlanes, only a short plunge.. any ideas?// thanks///sparky
  3. outhere, thanks for the link. i just downloaded the file, and tried the vbs. it gave me the same problem. just to double check, i then compared the vbs files in the download that you linked to, with the vbs files that i had, and they all had the same date and size, so my files must have also been the same
  4. thanks outhere and thalamus. imy scripts folder did not contain any vbs files, so i moved them all from my tables folder to scripts folder. it still did not fix the problem. i believe i have the vbs files up to date, but just in case, can you point me towards the newest file, i always have a hard time locating them..thanks
  5. just in case, i just downloaded and retried. i only used vpinmame.dll, then went to pinmame setup file and hit install. it said installed successfully, but still does not start the table. am i doing it right? thanks/sparky
  6. hi thalamus, i have all my vbs files in my tables folder, should i have them somewhere else? thanks/sparky
  7. hi wildman, thanks for the help. i will look into those files, but i believe those are the ones i am already using. i will test again...thanks
  8. hi thalamus, just tried changing mt_145h \at91jit to 0, but i am still having the same issue..... any other ideas?/// thanks for your help...sparky
  9. thanks thalmus, i just tried your suggestion, and installed: official rev 4196 Make Mustang LE serial LED speed hack apply to color ROM also [DJRobX] Fix color patch ROM crash when JIT in use [DJRobX] ---------------------- but that does not solve the problem. i am still getting the error: machine 'mt145h'(mustang limited edition 1.45) terminated before installed, check the rom path or rom file! anybody have any other ideas?.. thanks/sparky
  10. hi guys, i am having trouble getting the newly released stern tables to run. i have the pinmame.dll capable of running the roms. i am having trouble with metallica LE, walking dead LE, mustang LE etc. i can run all 3 of these non LE titles. i can run the LE roms through the pinmame test, so i know they are all good. i have even run the LE roms on the pro tables, and they load up and play, although the lights and solanoids dont respond correctly, as i would expect. i have even tried running the pro roms on the LE tables, but the table will still not load properly. so for example , when i try to run mustang LE table Mustang (Stern 2014)_AUX_INVISI_D_RTM_1.1.vpx with vpx 10.2.1, i get the error message: machine 'mt145h'(mustang limited edition 1.45) terminated before installed, check the rom path or rom file! this would normally indicate a bad or missing rom. however, i have verified that the roms for these tables all work through pinmame rom test, or loading it through a pro model table. i am running mustang LE directly through vpx without a front end. can somebody please help me figure out what i need to do to get these tables running? i can run all other tables so far, except for these LE tables. i am running XP sp3 i5-3470 @320ghz 2.96 GB of ram nvidia gforce gtx 650 i dont want to start throwing hardware at the problem unless i can confirm that that is the issue. i can answer anything that i have left out here/thanks/sparky
  11. hi guys, i finally started playing this table......... there seems to be a glitch with the jukebox lights. songs dont light up and stay lit as they are collected. also you can notice that during game over mode, only the right side song light up on the jukebox. i also went into sterns diagnostics, and did lamp tests. in all lamps test, you can clearly see that only one song lights. in single lamp test, they all light up individually. however, i dont see lamp #'s: 16, 59, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 light up at all. not sure if these are related. i just checked stern manual, and these dont seem to be used for anything. in row test, only 2 songs light, and in column test, 8 of 12 light up. another poster in this thread, mentioned that the lights werent working also. does anybody know how to get them working?... im just starting to get into this game, and would love to get it fixed....thanks/sparky
  12. my cabinet now fails to load acdc and metallica smoothly as well...sparky
  13. after the table loads, wait for the INSERTS to start lighting. after the inserts have started changing, hit F3on the keyboard. hopefully it works for you. it is what i have to do Almost each time i load this table...sparky
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