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  1. Is anyone else having this issue? If I'm in a topic and click on the Follow This Topic button and select Receive Notification Instantly it doesn't take. After doing that I can go to Content | Follow section in my settings and hit Toggle Edit Options, that topic will be there but it states "No notification" when it should state "Notify immediately". edit: and why does it drop the first capital letter to lower case in the title?
  2. Slams tables are heavily modded. It's a personal thing if you'll like them or not. He is really good with the lighting effects that really make a table pop and does a great job making them play well with the new physics. A BIG negative for me is he changes the sounds of the games such as adding voices and music to EM's etc. He also adds lots of videos which look cool but drag down performance on my PC at least. So my normal routine with his tables was to move the videos off screen and or completely wipe out all the movie lines from the script. Then I revert the sounds back to stock. In respect to Tron the GP authors did an amazing job and it already has spectacular lighting effects and plays awesome on the latest physics. ROM as of late has been updating all his tables for 2.5 which is awesome.
  3. I'm using a 650Ti OC 1g with the latest NVidia 310 drivers and all is working fine with the backglass. I do get a few issues with VP though with these drivers so not sure if they're the best choice.
  4. I got room up top and suddenly I'm very interested, although I don't understand how to hook it up.
  5. You don't need to do much really. Flipper angles should be left alone, ball mass is already changed. You may want to decrease the table slope as the ball has more gravity and will speed up as it goes. I change my flipper rubbers to soft for a more realistic bounce. All that can easily be done in the editor, look around and explore it a bit.
  6. Just a little warning to those already getting PS3 Eyes specifically for 3D purposes using IR LED's. Not an issue for the current non IR PS3 Eye mode. It has been said that the IR filters will need to be removed from the PS3 eyes to make them work. A link to a video was posted showing how to do it. I was watching another video from the same guys and they state that there are two different PS3 eyes, one that the filter can be removed and one that cannot. I know many are already getting their Eyes so I would suggest looking at the video and making sure you're getting the right ones if PS3 3D is your goal later on down the road. The one that I picked up was the wrong one Link is below but basically you want the PS3 Eye that has a rounded lens and is all black. Not the one with the flat lens with silver showing through. Around the 0:27 second mark is where it's explained.
  7. I thought rav was working on the remote syncing.... I have all the IR LEDs and battery packs and WII remotes sitting here, just haven't been bothered to get it going that way as the other mode is pretty cool. I should try it though. As for the Kenetic I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later. I thought someone got it working no? too many pages in the threads to go through.
  8. Ya, the normal PS3 mode is the simplest by far requiring only one camera. I'm thinking of drilling a hole for the PS3 lens in my speaker panel just below the DMD. I don't think it'll look too bad, many won't even see it there. If you're going the 3D route then two cameras will be required and they will need to be separated from each to form a triangle with your head which will have an IR LED on it. Hiding those isn't gonna happen from I can see. Rav hasn't got the PS3 3D going yet though so things may change, so far 3D is only possible with the WII remotes. I'm perfectly happy with the current PS3 mode though so I may just stick with that.
  9. Wow this is kinda fun. Can someone help me get into the radio, I've set the rom to free play and enabled the attract radio mode, don't know what to do next. I've let it sit just doing it's thing thinking it may come active...
  10. Okay so we need to change this up a bit. Fuzzel the developer for PinSelect has brought it to our attention that we are doing this incorrectly. With PinSelect these settings need to look like the following but they also work in HyperPin and are a bit more proper: [startup Program] Executable = ledset.bat ; Just the executable here. Parameters = Working_Directory = C:\HyperPin\ ; Actual directory where your file is located. WinState = HIDDEN ; HIDDEN to hide the console window on activation. [Exit Program] Executable = ledoff.bat ; Just the executable here. Parameters = ; Actual directory where your file is located. Working_Directory = C:\HyperPin\ WinState = HIDDEN ; HIDDEN to hide the console window on activation.
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