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  1. ABBA v2.0

    First off let me thank you JP Salas and stat
    Thank you for all your help with this pinball could not have done it without you
    Thank you JPSalas for letting me use your table template and for the help with coding
    Thanks to STAT, for helping me with a bug I had With B2S and critiquing the game. Many of you may remember this group from the 70's and 80's they were, I think bigger than Kiss. There is an included Instruction card in the zip file. The Instruction Card is written with LibreOffice Writer this has been saved with the open doc format. You should have no problem in using it with Microsoft word .
    This table is built on Vortex a nice game from Taito 1981. I hope this VPX original will be a good addition to someone's  game list.
    Ibid: After a response from slydog43 I can only give you a link to music files and let everyone get there own music to add to the script. This is due to copyright restrictions.
    https://www.youtube....arch_query=abba. If you download music, it will need to be in MP3 format and placed in the music directory. Then change the script to play the files you have, remember to rename the files in music directory to conform to the script format.

    Gray Ghost



  2. AllInOneBackGlassIDFinder

    I don't know were I found this Back-Glass,but it has helped me many times in finding the Rom ID of some games. I added many new lamps as well as color coded the lamps. The original Back-Glass came from BlackSad or BlackSand not sure on the spelling, thanks BlackSad for allowing me to mod your Back-Glass. The best way to use it is to rename a copy of the table you are working on  to the same as the Back-Glass, then run the pinball in question. you can then write down the numbers of the lamps. And input them into the back-glass or pinball you are working on. 



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