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  1. Had a chance to try this out. It looks great so far! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks Carney, for the latest build (and all of the builds)! Thanks to DjRobx as well for this and all that you do for the community. Just awesome.
  3. I really enjoy following your progress on colorization projects. This one looks fantastic!
  4. You work so fast on these! I'm impressed with the quality of your colorizations and really appreciate you sharing with the community.
  5. Thanks for all that you do. Your colorized roms add a really nice touch to the cab. Can't wait to try this out!
  6. Really looking great. Thanks for sharing your progress!
  7. This looks awesome. Thanks for all your work and for sharing with the community!
  8. Carny, Thanks for keeping all of us up to date with VPM color rom support. It's greatly appreciated.
  9. Is this project still being worked on? I hope so, as what was done so far looks awesome. I wish I had the time and skills to do something like this. This is such a great table and would be nice with a color rom to go with it.
  10. Like others have said, your work on MM is awesome. I really like what you have done so far with Totan as well. Thanks for sharing your updates.
  11. Thanks Rob. I have been testing VP on my new system before I install it into the cab and I only have sounds on while I test in desktop mode. Once the cab is back up and running, turning off certain table sounds and turning on DOF should take care of this. Thanks again.
  12. Thalamus, thanks for the wiki spreadsheet link. The only note I see for Simpsons PP is it needs VPMinit Me added to the script and I have added that. It seems like FastFlips is working on this table, but I'm hearing what sounds like a double flip with the left flipper button only. I also get a read of 17-50ms. However if I press the left flipper and then only release it half way, I can then press it quickly (again, half way) and the double flip sound goes away and the top left flipper does not move. While only pressing the left flipper half way/quickly, I get a read of 0.5ms. I don't hear or see this behavior with the right flipper. I'm stuck here. How can I remove the double flipper sounds and higher flipper lag for this table?
  13. Thank you guys for putting in so much time on this feature. I have all the supported tables (that I have) playing with FastFlips, except Simpsons PP and Big Bang Bar. I tried all of the suggestions above for various systems (including the straight forward UseSolenoids=2) , but these two tables are not playing nice with FF. What I tried: Const cSingleLFlip = 0 Const cSingleRFlip = 0 Keycode suggestion that was used for Shrek/Family Guy, but I don't see Keycode section in these scripts. InitVpmFFlipsSAM (even though they're not SAM tables) ; ) What needs to be changed for these tables in particular? Thanks in advance.
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