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    Thank you, Wildman. Always appreciate your work. You never fail to deliver! Pretty amazing.
    Thanks you, Wildman! Your backglasses always deliver.
  1. Thanks so much carnypriest and DJRobX for all the hard work you guys do on vpinmame. We're totally lucky to have your expertise. Much appreciated!
  2. I'm thankful for DJRobX's work every time I look at a DMD in truefullscreen mode -- no more big blank bars!
  3. The one thing I didn't update was DOF. Perhaps that's the source of the double flip problem?
  4. Just a quick report that Mustang, Star Trek LE, and TWD are all working stutter free with latest builds on my machine. Thanks!
  5. Initial tests have been solid on my machine. Tried the following VPX tables: Space Shuttle, Road Show, Tom Tower's new Medeival Madness, JP's Ghostbusters and Lucky Seven. No more looping audio on tables. On one or two of the tables, I even got a few more fps thrown in. Great job DJRobX!
  6. Really looking forward to testing tomorrow. Thanks so much for the continued work, DJRobX. So many passionate dudes in this community. Very inspiring.
  7. Thanks for your hard work, DJRobX. We appreciate you! Looking forward to testing when you're able to post the next build.
  8. @peskopat To enable Vsync, open Video Options from the options tab in editor. Type the number 1 in the field for FPS Limiter. Yes -- I'm using the latest 10.2 and vpinmame.
  9. Guys, tonight I was testing out Gilligan's Island and I noticed that if I enabled Vsync, rom sounds were perfect. With Vsync off, I got lots of looping audio and a bit of crunchy distortion. I came to this thread only about two weeks ago, so not sure if relationship between Vsync and DJRobX's vpinmame improvements has been covered previously.
  10. Did some testing tonight with Diner WIP (which was really stuttering and looping before), and Funhouse WIP. Over the course of about ten or twelve games, I only had once instance of looping: "Quit playing with the clock......ock!" Major improvement!
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