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  1. Hannibal this version just kicks ass. thank you for making al already really fun table even better. the lighting on this is just wowsers. this and your walking dead blood mod are so good. i don't have any trouble with the lasers during nero multiball. system runs perfectly smooth, no stutter at all, i5 / 970GTX
  2. thank you hannibal i love the attention to detail with lighting on your mods, beautiful work, much appreciated
  3. this table looks fantastic and plauys great thank you hannibal
  4. well said. i hate seeing this kind of hair-trigger aggression in the hobby. brings it down for everyone.,
  5. i have sound issues with the LOTR table. it's like there is an echo

  6. Big Lebowski -----They Stole My Rug Lebowski

    wow, what a dickhead this guy is. Can't stand racism. Is the lowest, dirtiest form of abuse that only idiots resort to.
  7. Wip Original Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Vp 10)

    Man, i forgot about this, downloading it now but sadly then off to work. I'll give this a whirl tonight and post some feedback. Cheers Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  8. Wip Original Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Vp 10)

    I have a suggestion.... I love the arcade game and have played it through. I the game you have Armor, you take a hit the Armor goes, but you live on, but another hit will kill you. How about a ball save feature, where the Armor light is on for the first 10 secs of each ball, if you lose the ball within the first 10 secs, you lose your armour (light goes off, could have the Knight light lose Armor and look naked, just like the arcade game) but get the ball back.
  9. Tron Le (Stern) (2011)(85Vett)

    Have you got the rom named the same as the gamename line in the script ? Also, I was getting this error too but I extracted the rom and you get the .bin file inside. I renamed the .bin to match the gamename in the script, then zipped it up again using the same name, and that got it going for me.
  10. This is sooo much fun. The sound is fantastic and the lighting is great. I found some issues on my Pincab: can't enter initials into high score table - flipper buttons dont rotate letters, but start button does enter blank initial playfield doesn't fill whole screen if you have a captured ball, when game over the last ball gets spat out you can play around with even though it's game over, flippers still work, but there is no scoring it's frikkin awesome table though, going straight to my favourite list. THANK YOU!