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  1. Guns N Roses

    use SHIFT+STRG+V to paste over. mark the wanted area, CRTL+C, go to next frame, SHIFT+CRTL+V, press mouse button and move the overlay around until you found the correct position, release mouse button
  2. Guns N Roses

    yes, use copy and paste CTRL+C and CTRL+V if you only want to copy parts of an image use the outlined rectangular button next to the mask selection box. use it to select the wanted area. If you want to do some very quick coloring use the color mask instead of redraw.
  3. Guns N Roses

    If you need help feel free to ask
  4. Oh yeah, And I even didn’t build the chime boards!
  5. I finished some boards yesterday... unfortunately all sold already. I don’t really know if I would ever do this again... [emoji23]
  6. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Schematic is almost complete, only very few things left to do I’ll send them to you tomorrow morning
  7. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    If you talk about the mostly brown background then it’s the default non-configured start screen. In order to get it work do the following: Remove usb-cable and sd-card and power it up. While booting, press either menu or option for entering the menu. Go to „reset defaults“ by pressing menu button several times. Go to „save config“ and hit option button. After you have done this your DMD should reboot. If your color sequence in the upper part of the DMD isn’t like on the reference screen enter the menu again like I described above and change to the correct order by selecting it in the „rgb sequence“. Don’t forget to save! @unclesash: It’s not an antenna issue, the panels expect 5V for input signal, not 3.3V like nucleo and discovery normally pull out. Ls245 will help to get a clean signal. This was already discussed more then a year ago... So long, Dom
  8. Terminator 2

    Copy Pin2dmd.fsq and Pin2dmd.pal to sd, make sure you have actual firmware. Set correct device mode (Bally/Williams) and done.
  9. I think both! Complete Sets, single parts and of course V3 and V4
  10. I’ll have a booth there Bringing all the good things with me !
  11. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    No final price at the moment, but think next week is realistic. Shipping cost depends on weight and quantity. I use p2 panels, yes. But to be honest, you don't want to mess with the suppliers. Additionally you'll need a frame, power supply etc.
  12. XL Sega DMD and PIN2DMD

    New shield are already in production and soon available in my shop Link in my footer.
  13. Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    Yes, you could copy settings from one sd-card to another. i see buttons as essential, the reason is the menu
  14. Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    Adding 2 buttons and 2 resistors is maybe 50 cents and 10 minutes effort.