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  1. Working in vpin but only with real pin2dmd hardware.
  2. WTF!?!?! This looks awesome!
  3. They support their customers more then we all like! I had a request from a vpcabs customer that needed help in getting more tables on his Cab... no problem so far, but then I realized that he had absolutely NO clue about how things work in his Cab and a lot of tables came preinstalled that were NOT fx2 or tpa... now judge yourself if we like to support these companies. Helping guys getting their cabs to actual state-of-the-art is one thing, supporting especially these 2 companies is a very different!!! Greets, Dom
  4. That's because of a wrong keyframe. It will be fixed either by malenko or me.
  5. You are AWESOME!!! [emoji1303]
  6. Panels and frame should be reusable. Could you send be a photo of the controller on the back of the panels? Basically you only need a stm32f4 discovery board and a breakoutboard. Both at my shop in the footer below Greetings, Dom
  7. Find the pin2dmd.properties file and rename it. I had exactly the same issue with my installation and deleting that file fixed it for me. If you could send it to steve45 or open an issue on his GitHub: https://github.com/sker65/go-dmd-clock/issues It maybe helps him to fix that issue or whatever that exactly is Greetings, Dom
  8. It seem that you didn't use the SAMbuild pinmame.dll from this Forum...
  9. Please connect first and then start exe. Maybe that helps
  10. To show the menu on the display you have to temporarily remove the data cable coming from your pinball to your pin2dmd. Advanced coloring (smartdmd/pinball browser, pin2dmd Editor) is not editable or covered by pin2dmd.exe Dom
  11. My shield
  12. Depending on what Fronten you use you could also load a matching marquee to your arcade games! Use Pin2dmd.exe /i nameofyour image.pbm You can find sample images in the pin2dmd.exe folder If that's not possible then just load a single black image on starting arcade mode! Dom
  13. Yep, that's correct. The color data is stored in the pal file, replaced scenes or complex colorization is stored in the fsq file. Both are generated by "export project" General settings can be configured directly within the device itself by entering the menu, or by starting pin2dmd.exe and configuring it there. Dom
  14. pin2dmd

    Hold the blue button and then trigger the black one next to it, hold the blue one until menu appears on the screen then use menu button to cycle through the different options and option button to cycle through the various options inside the different entries.
  15. Watch closely what set you get from which supplier. I already changed to 12v supply, so there's no need anymore to deal with high voltages! About power consumption: 3-5A is sufficient and provided by all machines.