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  1. Hello Alejandro, Again, stop posting bullsh*t through your own and several other fake accounts. Your order has been already cancelled and FULLY refunded before this and several other posts. Your only intention with all your public posts is to blackmail me. You were never interested in a mutual agreement. The time wasted in responding your posts and correct your evidently false accusations distracts only from fulfilling other customers orders and protecting my business from such false statements. Kind regards Dominik Dancsó Ps: could an admin please stop that guy from posting further false accusations as his order has been cancelled and already fully refunded. Proof can be given at any time via PM as it’s not allowed to show personal information from my side as a shop owner.
  2. You already got refunded by amazon due to my advice! Stop posting bullsh*t and waste peoples time with false accusations.
  3. Hello Alejandro, You should also not forget all the other forums you tried to blackmail me in before I refunded you completely. Have a nice evening.
  4. Sorry if I sound like an asshole but you should console research, and I mean seriously research. We did some mistakes ourselves, some of them very expensive. You want to join the Pin2dmd experience then you should have a read. That’s what most of us did and lucky1 provided all needed information!
  5. I’m well aware of the the real concerns as well as the haters all around.
  6. I was talking to the audience in general. Unfortunately you may have had bad experiences but that’s not the usual case.
  7. Working hard to get everything out within next 3-4 days, some have already been shipped.
  8. You don’t have to pay 19% vat. If you take that into consideration it’s not that pricey anymore
  9. Yes, buttons and replacement will be sent within next couple of days.
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