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  1. AFAIK it’s just an editor limitation. You could already trigger normal animations and text messages and such, but not scenes with dynamic scoring and animations combined. At least that’s what my last knowledge is. With pinball browser you could also create different palettes and assign them to scenes, only memory space is the limiting factor, at least for twd.
  2. There are only single palettes available for both. A red/orange one for TWD and a white/green fro ghostbusters. Colorization for both ROMs could be done better with Pinball Browser instead of pin2dmd editor as the latter is currently not able to colorize dynamic scenes with more than 4 colors. But@lucky1 might correct me if I’m mistaken.
  3. If you have exclusive fullscreen turned on for vpx you won’t see the b2s menu probably. Turn it off and try again. What table are we talking about, btw?
  4. Sure, you can copy a part of a frame by selecting the rectangular icon, drawing a frame and then cops&paste it
  5. which game in particular? send me whatsapp for easier communication
  6. After a long break i decided to work on it again... STAY TUNED
  7. Without the constant support for the hobby from the various vendors there wouldn’t be that much PIN2DMDs out there... diy is not for everyone.
  8. Stay safe and all the best wishes for your business!
  9. I can help you with that. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  10. You only need the pal file because the coloring is done inside the patch/diff files and Pin2dmd uses only the pal to switch to the appropriate palette when triggered.
  11. I will start again on the project after I finished some more orders as these have highest priority. Most stuff from China has been delayed by at least 4-5 weeks and now I need to keep up again. I’d just like to inform you that I did not abandon this project.
  12. Only files you need are Pin2dmd.fsq and Pin2dmd.pal Pin2dmd.dat and .key are normally on your sd already
  13. Answer will be the same as in the other threads you’ll post and already did: Why would I send you anything you’ve already been refunded?!
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