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  1. Make an update of the ST-Link firmware and you should be fine. You can find the update tool inside of the st link utility.
  2. For addressable LEDs you can only use MX ending options in the dof config tool. Others won’t work.
  3. Soniq2 is a nice guy. I think it got a bit lost in translation as English is not his native language.
  4. I have another run of evos coming up, so if you are concerned to order yourself you might want to send me a pm.
  5. Im currently working on colorization for LOTR: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/4036-lord-of-the-rings-wip/ Dom
  6. Have a look inside the zip. If there’s a readme inside then that’s the new one. https://mega.nz/#!KQQwzKwD!TxoQHu5ubeKLhSK9lXuPlxY2Qo1U_3VH2IJaC9mn3iY
  7. Nope, just checked. You need to advance more to see the most recent changes.
  8. Released one more beta version See the link in the first post. Happy gaming and report back on issues... I know there are some, but maybe I missed some you might find. Dom
  9. I sell them completely soldered and ready to go, Plunger solution is also available from my shop... just in case you change your mind and don’t want to solder 7-800 solder joints if you go the full route. Shop in the footer Dom
  10. Well done!!! Very good choice of colors, can’t wait to play it.
  11. Your rom needs to be lotr, others won’t work. Also you don’t need to patch anything.
  12. Check “use external dll” uncheck “vpinmame dmd” Restart the table Setting my in your ini are correct?
  13. In order to get the full color experience you need to install freezys dmddevice.dll from his github But: Use 1.7.1 instead of the newer 1.7.2 as the later has issues with vni coloring.
  14. Please report back about colors. Triggers are not working properly and scenes are missing but please let me know how the colors turn out on your dmds or lcds. Greetz Dom
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