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  1. To show the menu on the display you have to temporarily remove the data cable coming from your pinball to your pin2dmd. Advanced coloring (smartdmd/pinball browser, pin2dmd Editor) is not editable or covered by pin2dmd.exe Dom
  2. My shield
  3. Depending on what Fronten you use you could also load a matching marquee to your arcade games! Use Pin2dmd.exe /i nameofyour image.pbm You can find sample images in the pin2dmd.exe folder If that's not possible then just load a single black image on starting arcade mode! Dom
  4. Yep, that's correct. The color data is stored in the pal file, replaced scenes or complex colorization is stored in the fsq file. Both are generated by "export project" General settings can be configured directly within the device itself by entering the menu, or by starting pin2dmd.exe and configuring it there. Dom
  5. pin2dmd

    Hold the blue button and then trigger the black one next to it, hold the blue one until menu appears on the screen then use menu button to cycle through the different options and option button to cycle through the various options inside the different entries.
  6. Watch closely what set you get from which supplier. I already changed to 12v supply, so there's no need anymore to deal with high voltages! About power consumption: 3-5A is sufficient and provided by all machines.
  7. It's not that hard... There are several options to buy from pinballsp, unclesash, my shop. And if you need help we will help you with your questions. ...and you don't need to burn some boards The new set is really easy to handle as it features some "power thiefs" like we say here. Get it on your 12v rail and you're done. Not that complicated Greetings, Dom
  8. pin2dmd

    I have a new reseller directly in the US, so if you'd like your pin2dmd-Set without big shipping cost and import taxes then feel free to contact me directly at info@germangamingsupplies.com . I'll put a order list together and prepare for a big shipment. Greetings, Dom
  9. Palette 8 in the pin2dmd.exe is the right choice for you! Plus, if that still doesn't fit your needs, there's a site colllor.com where you can create harmonic palettes, transitions etc. Greetings, Dom
  10. pin2dmd

    128x32 Pixels. Yes
  11. pin2dmd

    Hi all! New sets are ready for shipping... Specially made for vpins!!! No extra stuff, no wifi, enhancer etc. https://germangamingsupplies.com/RGBPINDMD-SET-V3-ready-to-go_1 Plug and play with connector, so you don't need to cut your cables or use external power supply. Works with every vpins as long as it's PC-based
  12. No, since the firmware is not open to public you won't find a place to load it. Additionally that's not compatible hardware.
  13. Hello folks, Since the first run had such a positive response from all over the world I decided to do at least a 2nd run. Also I'm really happy to announce that I found a reliable distributor in the US who will make life easier for all of you. No more Tax and customs hassles, native english speaking contact, faster and cheaper shipping etc. It's also very important to mention that I will only use PIN2DMD firmware in the future. It's to date the only reliable and stable firmware available for RGB DMD displays, except of course the much more expensive ColorDMD. Again, it's important to mention that we would not have the opportunity to replace all of our broken DMD without the hard work of lucky1 and steve45! So please keep in mind that all donations are forwarded to different charity organisations. Back to topic... 2nd run is being prepared and will feature some small and a big improvement. As a little suprise for all participants details are being revealed when they ship. Greetings, Dom
  14. It's ok if your setup is working well but I don't recommend it for others. It makes no sense to save 10 bucks on power supply if you blow your USB port or your whole mainboard.
  15. This will over time surely kill your USB! I don't recommend powering such current hungry devices from a single USB connector. These panels draw a lot of juice and if your USB is not secured it will blow up.