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  1. in fact, these panels are not old supply, you just bought a 160x160mm panel and split it into 2 parts, right? we stated severyl times that these are not good as you need to remove the plastic frame and you would only have the bare pcb and the mounting pins. these often break and the panels always come in different variants with their connector on different places. I STRONGLY suggest to only buy 160x80mm panels like from coreman or, of course, from me! Don't get me wrong guys, but always trying to save the last buck always costs you more in the end and brings you into trouble!
  2. That’s ok but only the pcb! For complete sets check out my shop
  3. Just look at lucky1 s latest post... Rename freezys dmddevice.dll to dmdscreen.dll and set Pin2dmd = false in dmddevice.ini Copy dmddevice.dll from official pin2dmd GitHub into vpinmame folder and you should be good to go.
  4. Thank you @lucky1 for completing the pin2dmd evolution line-up! Can't wait to have them in my hands
  5. You are probably lucky if you get Panels that can be divided into 2 separate pieces but the newest panels are fixed ones that can NOT be split.
  6. I doubt they are “rotten”, the series is from me as i checked on the number written on them. I have ordered 100 of that series and I strongly doubt you got the only 5 of that series that are defective! If you get signal from the pinball then how could the shield be defective? How do you connect the signal from ac/dc to the v3.1 shield? If you only get black and white then the reading of the palette doesn’t work maybe the sd card, the card reader or the palette is defective.
  7. Change the device mode to Williams in your dmd settings menu. Sent you a WhatsApp about that.
  8. Make an update of the ST-Link firmware and you should be fine. You can find the update tool inside of the st link utility.
  9. For addressable LEDs you can only use MX ending options in the dof config tool. Others won’t work.
  10. Soniq2 is a nice guy. I think it got a bit lost in translation as English is not his native language.
  11. I have another run of evos coming up, so if you are concerned to order yourself you might want to send me a pm.
  12. Im currently working on colorization for LOTR: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/4036-lord-of-the-rings-wip/ Dom
  13. Have a look inside the zip. If there’s a readme inside then that’s the new one. https://mega.nz/#!KQQwzKwD!TxoQHu5ubeKLhSK9lXuPlxY2Qo1U_3VH2IJaC9mn3iY
  14. Nope, just checked. You need to advance more to see the most recent changes.
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