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  1. Lol take my ball . Some needs moon on a stick.
  2. I don't understand your way of thinking that's for sure. If anyone does ask where is evil dead + guides + anything else from me, they can blame you. Cheers good night.
  3. Couldn't give a hoot to be honest and you can't read anyway, numpty. This was a public vent at your disrespectful beep. This was like 5 months ago? And all this time I just kept it to myself because I felt sorry for you because I knew you're "horse" not there.
  4. You've read this now Angrim, I took a picture but have to delete like a Clinton for employer.
  5. Bloody hell. It's like the blind leading the blind here. Go to the ED wiki and follow the first 3-4 steps to actually get the PROC installed and go from there. It's the same setup but you don't need to go through it all for CCC.
  6. You could be having this problem: VP ERROR 11 or 13:
  7. I have only just seen your post. If there's a problem or any additions, they need to go here. Try and be a bit clearer because I haven't got a clue what you mean.
  8. Use the wiki, check the logs/errors for common issues.
  9. Didn't know it was possible to close and load that way. It's never failed sending keys. It will be a better way but the difference is really non existent in speed surely if it works anyway. I don't need you coming back and saying it was faster by 0.1337.6969 Going to be minimal differences. The only other thing you may not get is the big "CHUNG" sound , which would be nice without.
  10. Try this, edit it or whatever you have to do. Here it's fine with pinballX, directb2s. There's 32/64 exes and it's ok just having AHK installed and running the .ahk direct from config.
  11. I will do it today for pinballX.
  12. Because you've probably removed the window management in AHK? I have something to deal with any proc window & with pinballX, but I will need to find it.
  13. Yes. The file hadn't been downloaded yet, which was mentioned earlier. You need some Timmy Mallets> ?
  14. Haha you're joking right? I spent a good 15-20 minutes adding it into the game earlier. I don't think you downloaded the edited post that I told you about with ^^^^^^. You probably will have to make sure AHK is not doing any window management on pygame. I could not tell you if it works with PinballX but it basically removes the need for AHK to move the window to the front. I have tested this and it's positioning more than once, so I'm putting it down to user error.
  15. Did you even Download the update?? It says zero downloads